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10 Adorable Things Babies Do

Babies are a huge responsibility and taking care of them is not everyone’s cup of tea. From changing diapers to bothering about feeding them on time, it is a full-time responsibility that not all of us maybe ready to take up. However, one cannot deny that in spite of all this, babies do some of the most adorable things that would leave anyone feeling melted. Here are ten adorable things that top this list which would invariably make anyone of us pick up the child with an ‘aww…’.

#1 Hold Your Finger with Their Hand

One of the cutest moments while taking care of a baby is when they grab a single finger with all their hand. It not only leaves you strangely surprised at how tiny their fingers and hands are but also make you feel this heightened joy because of the attention they are giving your finger. Try wriggling your finger off their hands and you can feel their tiny fingers hold on tighter to not let you go. Not only does it make you realise the amount of trust that tiny human being is placing in you but also make you feel at ease and comfort.


#2 Smile in Their Sleep

Granted that putting a baby to sleep is mammoth of a task, but once they do, it is relaxing to simply see them lie there with their closed eyes. Its especially overwhelming when you see them smile in their sleep, at a possible dream, and their mouth open into a toothless crescent. Nothing you do when they are awake can compare to that innocent, natural smile they find for themselves.


#3 Clutch on Your Clothes

When you are nursing your baby and she or he extends their hand and clutches on to your shirt gives you a feeling of responsibility and happiness like none other. It is as if the tiny human being in your hands has trusted you with everything and your pressure to fulfil them just took an adorable turn. Clothes are favourite anchors even in sleep – hair being another toy – and if you’ve ever had to wriggle yourself free from such a clutch without waking them up, you know that the struggle is not just on the physical level.


#4 Sticking Their Hands in the Air

When you see a baby laugh and play in their crib and they suddenly put their hands up in the air only to realise that they actually belong to themselves, that is perhaps one of the cutest things you will ever see. The blank stare they give at the hands and then go back to playing with them is a sight worth a watch. These little realisations of self make you want to go back to those days when life was less complicated and you had others to look after your every need.


#5 Attempting to Say a Word

When a child tries to pronounce ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ or some other word that they picked up from everyday conversations, it makes for a huge task for us to understand what he or she is trying to say. Their failed attempts at articulating this properly makes you want to pull their cheeks and plant a kiss on them. These developmental changes definitely make for adorable times in the growth of a child.


#6 Rolling Over the First Time

When your child is still in the process of their physical developments and they roll over for the first time, what this milestone also gives scope for is an adorable video or photograph. The baby’s expression after having rolled over is plain confusion and they just lie there not knowing what just happened until you pick them up and let them lie on their back. It makes for one of the cutest moments in a child’s growth that will make you glow as parents.


#7 Toothless Smiles

In that cute phase before they have developed their teeth, it is simply adorable to see a baby give a wide grin. It is, perhaps, one of the most innocent things you will see. While making a baby smile is not an easy task at all, the outcome is equally rewarding. Rattle a toy or make that funny expression and don’t forget to grab your camera for a click that can go up the frame.


#8 When They Put Their Toes in Their Mouth

For one thing, the plushy legs of babies are so little and cute, we can never get tired of looking at them. But it’s one thing to see them kick their legs and a totally different matter when it comes to them playing with it. When they squish their toes inside their little mouths, it is a sight that will leave even the hard-hearts melting. Simply the effort that they put into it will make you stare at them in awe.

#9 When They Yawn

When a little baby is feeling all sleepy and decides to give out a little squirm, it is one of the cutest things to witness ever. They stretch their hands and give out a yawn that will make any uterus skip a beat. When you see a child feeling all sleepy, before picking them up and singing a lullaby, remember to shoot a video that you can show them when they grow up. Don’t leave them hanging for too long for it wouldn’t take them long to go from being completely adorable to an absolute mess of a crying child.


#10 When They Fall

While most people are running behind their babies to save them from falling down or getting hurt, what one often forgets is that this is a normal phase of a growth and is even healthy. They fall; they will learn to pull themselves together and get up. This could form one of the crucial points of self-development where they learn to move on from failures and learn to take care of them themselves. Above everything else, it is an adorable sight – in spite of being a little painful to the ones watching – and one that will make us want to pull their cheeks.


Granted that having a baby at home changes your entire lifestyle and way of things, it is these small things they do that leave you feeling why it is all worth it. Watching a child grow comes not just with responsibilities but such moments that you will go on to cherish even after they have grown up into adults. While clicking photos and recording them is always a good option to keep these moments timeless, there is nothing comparable to experiencing it completely in the moment, whole-heartedly.