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10 Beautiful Ways to Pay Tribute to a Loved One

Loved ones never die; they always remain in memories they have created. Death is Mortal, but the soul is immortal. Death is a combination of sad and happy moments that can never be adequately defined. Yes, the end of a person provides a tremendous loss and pain to his near and dear ones. Friends and relatives have to acknowledge the loss and need to say goodbye to the person. One can share the healing experience by paying tribute to a loved one. One can pay homage by making delicious and favorite dishes or by writing a book in the memory of the loved one.

Different cultures, countries, and religions practice this remembrance, ashes in the Indian Culture, Burials in the Christian and Islamic culture, etc.

Let’s look at some simplistic yet beautiful ways to pay tribute to the loved ones.

10 Beautiful Ways to Pay Tribute to a Loved One


10.| Hold a Memorial Service for a loved one

A funeral service is crucial because we need to grieve at a loss. But, it shouldn’t be the same case at a memorial service. Memorial Services takes place generally after the Funeral Services. Memorial Services don’t have to be a melancholic matter, as it can be a great way to pay tribute to the loved ones, by cherishing their memories and their gentle, benevolent nature.

A small and straightforward candlelight procession is enough to highlight the loved one’s life in front of our eyes, and immortalize their memory in our hearts. It is the best tribute someone can pay.

9.| Cooking Your Loved One’s Favorite Dishes

Ratatouille wasn’t wrong about the impact of food and smell on our sense of memories. Olfactory nerve and memories are strongly connected. A memory can easily get triggered by the presence of a familiar scent. That’s why cooking the favorite meal of a loved one is the best way to get to know them through our memories.

There is no better way to give a tribute to your Grandma, than cooking a cake your Grandma used to bake for you in your summer vacations. The aroma that fills the room would eventually seep through your heart too.

8.| Reading their Favorite Books To Pay The Tribute

A book is a window into the life of a person. The ability to relive the pristine and precious moments and understand them is beautiful. Reading the favorite titles of the loved one will connect you with them on a more personal, emotional, and intellectual level. A shelf dedicated solely for their favorite titles would be a tribute unimaginable.

Moreover, bringing over other loved ones and friends, and having a sit down is fantastic. With anyone reading the books, it will be a community tribute to the kind of person they were.

7.| Be Part in their Hobbies

Your Grandpa might love fishing; your Grandma might have loved knitting. And, as much as you might have seen them doing it, without even being a part of it, you will feel complete when engaging yourself in the same activities as them. Your loved one might have passed away, but a tribute to their way of living by enacting their favorite hobbies is nothing short of wholesome.

Science considers hobbies as your time away from stress. It is both emotional and scientific that hobbies are those activities that you can enjoy with anyone because it intrigues you and you enjoy. Furthermore, it is indeed beautiful that you can be a part of something they were in cheers with throughout their lives.

6.| Movie Night

The little emotion of memorializing a loved one in its purest form comes to down paying a tribute by enacting their way of life. If they were a total movie buff, you must’ve heard them re-enact famous dialogues from the Godfather or become Chaplin or Raj Kapoor. Whatever their taste in movies, might have been, watching some great old titles in their memory would celebrate their beautiful life. Furthermore, you can have a movie night paying tribute to them anytime in a week, month, or year.

You can also keep their favorite songs or anything for everyone to listen to in a playlist of sorts. It can also be on the good traditional tapes. Anything that drew them away to a more beautiful way of living their life can be your abode of reaching them in memories.

5.| Create merchandise in their memory

Don’t get mistaken when it comes to a commercial word such as “merchandise.” What I mean is, you can create anything that reminds you of them. Furthermore, a memory book solely dedicated to them might be a great start. The memory book might be a great way to immortalize the amazing moments captured in their lives.

A quilt or a pillow with their most memorable pictures would create an ever-lasting impact of their memory, and prove to be a small yet impact tribute to them. Maybe you can keep an old toy that they gifted to you as a souvenir dedicated to them, and the impact they had on your life.

4.| Keep a loved one’s accessory to wear

I read about a woman online, who kept her late Grandma’s sweater, interestingly by turning it into a pillow. She sleeps on it every night, and she does feel like sleeping in her Grandma’s lap. Furthermore, a cap or any simple accessory like even their ring would make you feel special when wearing it. Wearing their accessories, and carrying their memory in a physical way around the world, would solidify their memories in your heart.

3.| A Day, Just in their Memory

What can be better than making a whole day about your loved one? You can pack all the above advice and cherish their memories throughout the day, paying tribute to their beautiful, wholesome life. The method of memorializing the loved ones that passed away by admiring a whole day for them is universal. Various cultures have a day for it, including the Chinese which celebrate it in the form of the Zhongyuan Festival, and the Mexican who celebrate the Día De Los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”).

The day can be of your choosing, although it can the loved one’s birthday or the day of their memorial service. Regardless of that, it should be a day solely in their memory, with all happiness and no tears.

2.| Plant a Sapling

Life for life might sound depressing and barbaric, but taking it in a more positive, optimistic way makes it purely wholesome. Planting a sapling, watering it, and letting it grow might be such a primary mirror to their life. As the tree grows, provide everything for your comfort, it might be the most beautiful tribute you can pay to their life.

On the annual celebration, you can take out the flowers, fruits, or the branches in their memory and dedicated it to them. You can plant it in your garden, or even a nursey. A beautiful place might also be alongside a river, where it would grow in its full glory. Furthermore, each year visiting the tree might be an adventure in itself.

1.| Donate with Charity or Scholarships

The idea of helping someone, or letting someone grow, is also a beautiful way of paying your tributes. It isn’t coincidental that many of the private colleges, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon, share their names with their founders or benefactors.

On your annual day of celebration, you can host a charity event to collect the most goodwill in the name of your loved ones. You can donate it the charities they most believed in, or help a student or a needy person in their time of need.

While we have may have lost our loved ones, paying tribute to their memories with small things, or simple efforts, can a long way into memorializing their memories in our lives. After all, we don’t need any excuse to cherish their lives and the impact they had on ours.