10 best ways to get rid of belly fat!

Belly fat is not just another inconvenience; it is a wake call to make some changes in your life. Visceral fat, which is belly fat, has several harmful effects. The worst is the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart attack. Reducing belly fat is extremely tough. But with the right tips and diet, it is possible.

Here are the ten best ways to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

10. Fiber

Soluble fibers can be game changers to get rid of belly fat. Fibers can be classified as – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers get easily mix with water, while insoluble fibers do not. After the soluble fibers mix with water, they form a gel-like substance that slows down the process of food being released to the stomach. It lessens your food intake naturally and thus, in turn, helps in reducing belly.

Natural fibers also help improve digestion. Soluble fibers can be easily added to the diet as a lot of plant-based foods contain high quantities of grains. Foods like oatmeal, legumes, flax seeds, oranges, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, apricots are high in fiber.

9. Cut down on sugar

As per the facts, one tablespoon of white sugar has about 16 calories. But what is harmful is that we accompany sugar with fatty foods. Sugar is also termed as the sweet killer. Cutting down on sugar means not consuming foods with excess sugar in it. For example- Sodas, cupcakes, chocolate desserts, basically anything that has high preservatives and added colors and flavors. Sugary foods usually contain low fiber and high GI, which is terrible for your health.

If you have a primary sweet tooth and are willing to make some changes, here are some alternatives for your favorite desserts. Substitute soft drinks with water or fruit infused water, desserts like cheesecake with yogurt and homemade nut crumble, doughnuts with toast and fresh nut butter, chocolates with raisins. If you ever feel like eating something sweet, eat foods like dates, prunes, or raisins. It will help you to curb your sweet tooth.

8. Say no to alcohol

Alcohol has become a standard part of social and cultural activities. Sure, some alcoholic beverages have positive effects on the body like red wine is good for the heart. But it also has a direct relation with weight gain. So if you’re on a journey of losing weight, then you will have to forget your daily evening glass of wine.

Alcoholic drinks add empty calories in your body, which means that it’ll add calories without any nutrients. There are about 155 calories in twelve ounces of beer. The beer belly is not a fictional term. If you think to dilute the alcohol with fruit juice or soda might be better, than you’re wrong. Instead, the juices and drinks come with their calories. Excess calories that are offered by alcoholic beverages store the calories directly as fat, which accommodates near your belly and waist region.

7. Avoid eating Trans fats

Trans fat has the power to increase your belly faster than any other food, without consuming more calories. Even if you’re checking your calorie count and are still consuming a high trans fat diet, you are bound to find extra fat in your belly. Trans fats are impossible to break down by our bodies. Thus they will accumulate in our body and are a threat to it. Consuming high trans fatty foods will not only cause to gain weight but also increase the risk of heart attack, cholesterol, and many other dangerous issues.

Trans fats are found in foods like chips, cookies, cakes, vegetable shortening, and deep-fried foods.

6. Reduce your stress to reduce weight

Stress is a major and yet an ignored factor when it comes to weight gain. We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘stress eating.’ Let me tell you there’s a scientific reason behind it. When you are anxious, your brain will instruct your cells to release potent hormones. Your mind wants comfort and what better way to find happiness than jumping to comfort foods. Whenever you are anxious, your body will only crave junk food as it gives you a soothing feeling. This soothing feeling becomes addictive and thus will create a habit of resorting to fatty foods whenever you’re stressed.

A great way to fool your stress is by moving your muscles. Exercising helps in pumping the blood and making you feel refreshed. Meditation is the most recommended way to reduce stress, and it is highly effective. Take a break from your stressful life, close your eyes, and start taking deep breaths without thinking about anything.

5. Cardio

Cardio can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Cardio exercises are used to get your heart rate pumping and burn calories to the maximum. If you do cardio regularly, then you won’t even have to check your calorie intake that often. The best part about living in a world when the internet exists is that you get to choose from several cardio exercises present online.

The best high impact cardio exercise would be running, jumping, burpees, mountain climbers, and dancing to a fast song.

4. Switch to coconut oil

Coconut oil can be your best friend in this weight loss journey. Coconut oil contains medium-chained fatty acids that are sent directly to the liver from where it can be broken down as energy. Coconut oil makes us feel fuller, thus reducing our appetite naturally. Lesser the appetite, fewer calories we eat. Thus directly helping us lose weight. Coconut oil also fastens the process of metabolism.

Remember not to expect a drastic reduction in your belly region as coconut oil is merely a catalyst. Adding coconut oil to your diet will not miraculously cause your belly fat to disappear, but it will speed up the process.

3. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet

Apple cider is made from apples with yeast, which transforms the sugar into alcohol. Later bacteria are added to bring out the acetic acid. Acetic acid gets broken down into hydrogen and acetate into our body. That helps in burning fat, improving metabolism, lowering blood sugar levels, and several more beneficial effects.

Apple cider vinegar has similar effects of coconut oil. It also helps in naturally reducing appetite and thus lowering calorie intake. The cherry on the top is that apple cider vinegar is excellent for hair and skin as well.

2. Green tea

Drinking green tea daily can prove to be extremely beneficial for the body. It elevates metabolism rate; insulin activity improves, helps in getting a radiating skin. Matcha based green tea works most efficiently. Consuming at least 2.5 cups of green tea a day with a healthy diet can work wonders.

1.Good amount of sleep

It is proven scientifically that if you sleep for less than five hours, then you’re more likely to get belly fat. Lack of sleep may disrupt insulin. Because of that, leptin- an appetite-controlling hormone may get upset as well, thus causing midnight cravings.

Apart from that, our fat cells do not get the rest they should, thus slowing down the metabolism process. So for a flat belly, along with proper diet and exercise, you will also need a decent 7-8 hours of sleep.

These are the best ways which will help you to burn that belly fat. Try them and let us know which method worked for you the best!