10 Celebrities with Weird Demands

While stardom is an important position to be in, it can often come with a sour twist. With some of the strangest requests on and off the stage, here are some peculiar demands by ten celebrities that are going to make us all raise our eyebrows. From Jeniffer Lopez’s obsession with white to Cruise’s custom made thongs, there’s something here that none of us imagined in our wildest dreams.

#1 Barbara Streisand and Her Toilet Malfunctions

Followed by a not-so-memorable bathroom experience once, Streisand has decided that she would only have skin colored toilet papers in all her future bathrooms. That means that no matter where she is shooting or with whom, she needs to have peach-colored toilet napkins that would go along with her complexion. That’s interesting because Daily Mail tells us that she has peach colored towels as well. Additionally, she is also seen to demand rose petals in her bathroom, and this is often written down into her acting contracts.


#2 Beyoncé and her Pepsi

Promoting a brand is one thing, and being loyal to it another. Beyoncé has decided to take her contract with Pepsi to another level where she demanded that she should not be given Coca-Cola as she didn’t want to break the deal by drinking it. Her contract with Pepsi also clearly states that she cannot be seen or photographed with a Coca-Cola, which necessitates that the drink is kept away from her at all times. She made it clear that she likes her chicken baked and heavily seasoned. Not just that. She wants to maintain the room temperature of her dressing room at 78 degrees at all times for reason we can only wonder about.


#3 Busey Busy with Heaven

While working for the movie Quigley, Gary Busey made the demand that all mirrors to be removed off the heaven set that was created for a scene. The actor reasoned that he had been to heaven before and the game looked nothing like it. He didn’t approve of the sofas either and made it clear that he wouldn’t shoot the scene. It brings multiple questions to the viewer’s mind, and one can only hope that Busey would let us in on his secret sometime.


#4 Van Halen and the Brown M&M’s

When the metal band Van Halen wrote down the instructions to its organizers, they gave in a list of snacks they would like backstage with a special mention that there should be no brown M&M’s given to them at all. The rider of their 1982 world tour has it in bright block letters the instruction for the same. Rumors go that finding a brown M&M in their bowl could be enough of a legal reason for the band to not appear for a performance that was scheduled before. From when did brown become a color of bad luck, one can only take time and wonder. However, there are beliefs that this was a simple check to see if the instructions in the contract were read with attention given to the technical details.

#5 What’s Going On, Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez, for her appearance in a remake of the song ‘What’s Going On’ demanded that there be a 45-foot trailer with a minimum of two doors. Upon a compromise, she agreed that this could be 40-feet but no less. Adding on, she also wanted a trailer to have a white room with all white things inside it- tables, flowers, drapes, couches, candles. The demands seem all the weirder when one gets to know that the song was deformed for charity.


#6  Cruising Through The Stunts

Tom Cruise is the Hollywood actor who does his actions for the movies. However, to enable him to do them more freely without feeling restricted, the actor often asks for rather strange clothing – a thong. It is also rumored that this is to keep his fertility intact. Though he did feel embarrassed to ask for it at first, he soon got around it. His wardrobe staff has them custom made for him and about fifty are made at once so that the actor has a new one to wear each time. Well, that’s a use of thongs we never knew about it.


#7 Perry Merry Driving Attributes

Katy Perry has a long list of demands written down in her contract, interestingly, for the driver. These include him or her having to stay behind the steering wheel at all times, not starting a conversation with her or any of her guests, and always asking in case of doubt, not assuming. She also has it written down that the driver is not to stare at the back seat through the rear view mirror. The driver is not to ask for autographs or pictures and especially not when he or she is still driving. Being a legally binding contract, the page count goes on to a forty-five in number. There are twenty-three points just for drivers which are supposed to be followed by chauffeurs in all the countries the singer would visit as a part of her world tour in 2011.


#8 Getting Over the Ex

It is not easy to get over one’s ex, be it a commoner or be it a celebrity. Selena Gomez took her ‘moving on’ a little too sharply when she decided that no member working with her could have the name ‘Justin’ after her 2014 break-up with the singer Justin Bieber. When the situation came that a few crew members did have this as their name, they were given a different name to be called by to help the actress in her dealing with the sensitive period. That was one celebrity we thought is calm and low.


#9 Beach Hut and Basketball for Clooney

During the shooting of the film Gravity in which he plays a minor role, George Clooney demanded that he built a beach hut and a basketball court where he can pass away his time when he is not shooting. Written down into his contract, the surprising factor is that the makers of the movie, in fact, did do as he had demanded them. Clooney does look relaxed and stress-free in the movie.

#10 Jay-Z’s Dressing Room Deals

For everyone out there who thought it was just the women who were obsessed with dressing rooms, Jay-Z will prove you wrong. For a spring production in 2009, the rapper demanded that he be given seven dressing rooms. Is that like one room for each day? One would never know. During his time there, he was also seen demanding for some “good quality” peanut butter and jelly. Well, the heart always wants what it wants, we guess.