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10 Easy Tricks to make a Baby Laugh and Like you

Babies are the perfect amalgamation of cute, beatific and naughty. But it’s the kind of naughtiness we all laugh at. The influx of a brand-new member in the family is something that is looked forward to. A new baby in the house is always a festivity that is filled with happiness, delight and pure bliss. Infants are a blessing and everybody wants to see them contented. They look breath-taking, specifically when you find them chuckling or erupting into fits of amusement. It is nearly similarly off-putting to see an infant unhappy or distressed and when the child doesn’t seem to enjoy your company. And if at all this were to happen, it is up to you to take charge and change the situation.

Who does not adore a joyful infant? Nothing compares to the feeling of when you see a little baby laugh and melt into riotous giggles. That feeling is untainted, especially if you are the reason for it.

Thinking about how to provoke those valuable baby belly giggles and be the little angel’s favourite person?

Give these 10 easy giggle persuaders a spin and let the laughter fits commence!

10. Make bizarre noises

Children are indeed tuned to hearing every event that is occurring around them. Infants can hear from the time that they are in their mommy’s womb. Therefore, studies have revealed that listening to calming tunes, while pregnant, can have an extremely comforting effect on the child. Thus, kids understand what is normal and what is abnormal. Hence, if you are truly energetic and end up making bizarre noises around your baby, then he or she is bound to react to it. Sounds of slurping, bursting mouth bubbles, making fart noises, etc. can really make the baby crack up into fits of laughter! They get to know when their favorite humans are playing the chump and they unquestionably enjoy it. You can also attempt reading to the baby with a number of appearances and hums. It is a great bonding practice which can additionally inspire the child to learn to talk sooner.

9. Sing a joyous song

Little babies absolutely adore it when the people around them are happy. It really has an effect on them and hence it is very important to be joyous around them. Babies can sense happiness and singing a happy song is what you will need to do to make the baby burst out in laughter. Pick up a kindergarten rhyme, a Christmas jingle, or better yet, come up with a tune yourself. It can be anything, from Frere Jacques to Hush Little Baby to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, just add a lot of joy and warmth in it and see the beautiful little baby react marvelously to your antics.

8. Tickle the baby

Tickling is a sure shot method to make not only babies, but adults laugh as well. Just scratch the baby’s belly or sway your fingers lightly on their feet and watch the angel laugh and chuckle. Babies absolutely love the attention given to them and hence will react happily to it.

7. Blow raspberries

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, blowing raspberries simply means blowing loud kisses into the baby’s belly. This tactic to make a baby laugh never fails since it triggers all the right spots. The child feels extremely happy and hence the giggles begin. Doing this is like opening the doors of uncontrolled chuckles.

6. Make funny faces

Making funny faces is yet another tactic you can opt for to make a baby laugh. You can stick your tongue you, make fart noises with googly eyes, or make a puffer fish face, all of it is bound to make the child laugh. It can be as random as pretending to sneeze or letting out a funny groan.

5. Fix play dates with other babies or older kids


Little toddlers or babies gel really well with other infants. Perhaps they communicate in a language that only they recognize. Hence, fixing a play-date for your little angel can turn out to be a great method to get your child to acquire societal skills along with enjoying some amusing play time. Infants also tend to find it side-splitting when they see their elder brothers or sisters hum or dance. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, their mischievous acts like dropping things or drawing on the walls are bound to make the baby laugh.

4. Let the baby interact with animals

With their sudden actions, furry and fuzzy coats and weird sounds, animals are tremendously entertaining for babies. It may be as simple as a dog yawning or a cat cleaning itself, the baby will find it rather amusing. Furthermore, animals make great companions and it is best to get the child accustomed to animals since they are babies. It is perfectly fine if you don’t have a pet. You can always visit the zoo or the aquarium every once a while!

3. Bounce the baby

Babies absolutely love this! It is a tried and verified way to pave a path for those riotous giggles. Just place the child on your lap and bounce him or her. You can also hold the baby up in the air and make a bouncing motion. Furthermore, you can also hum your favorite tune and bounce the child in sync with the tune of the song or rhyme. This is a sure shot method and is bound to make the baby laugh. You can do this gently if you want to put the baby to sleep. It has a bit of a calming effect on the child.

2. Pretend biting

Pretend gnawing or pecking your baby’s arms or feet or fingers. Say, “I am going to eat you up” in a very funny tone and plant tons of kisses on the baby’s belly, neck or cheeks. Pretending to nibble on the baby’s body parts is tremendously puerile to many children. The baby is bound to react hilariously to this.

1. Play peek-a-boo with the little one

The typical method to make any baby burst out into a fit of giggles is to play peek-a-boo with them. All you have to do is shut your eyes and place your hands over them. Then, just uncover your eyes suddenly and say “BOO!”. Looking at your googly-eyed expression, the baby is sure to laugh and chuckle. They will understand that its play time and will respond back or try to imitate you. This game is very old and many countries have several variations to it.

With these 10 methods to make a baby laugh, you will never have to worry about a baby liking you. Juts give these a whirl and see how marvelously it works out for you!