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10 Effective Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Stomach Ache

Be it a bad case of gastric imbalance, some bad food or cramps, we’ve all been there – a tummy ache that just won’t go away. It disrupts your entire schedule and leaves you curled up in a ball on the bed. But don’t worry- we’ve put together a list of 10 effective natural remedies to get rid of that stubborn tummy ache in a jiffy. The next time you feel blue, use these foolproof remedies! You don’t even have to go to the drugstore for this; your kitchen has these trusty life-hacks that can make your pain go away!

10. Hot, Hot and Away!

This remedy works wonders for menstrual cramps, indigestion and intestinal cramps too. The heat soothes the muscles of the abdomen and helps in reducing spasms. Use heating pads to soothe the pain. Fill hot water into a hot compress and place it over your lower abdomen and the sides, taking care not to burn yourself. Gently move it around, dabbing it around the area. Refill as needed. If you do not have a hot compress or a heating pad at home, use a thick towel and dip it in hot water, squeeze it dry and apply around the area. This is only a temporary fix – you’d be much better off investing in a heating pad in moments like these!

9. Stretch Your Pain Goodbye

Although exercise is the last thing that you might want to do when in pain, stretches have proven to be very effective in alleviating pain. This doesn’t mean you have to run to a gym. Light stretches and Yoga poses are enough to stop tummy aches. Poses like the Balasan (child pose), downward facing mountain pose and Bhujangasan (cobra pose) have umpteen benefits to aid digestion. To perform Balasan, keep sit on your shins, raise your arms above your head, take a deep breath and come down till your head touches the floor, your arms are prostrated over your head and your abdomen rests on your knee. Remain in this pose for 30-40 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times.

8. Tea, anyone?

A soothing cup of tea is the perfect companion for every evening, but when your stomach is aching, this is a life saver! Herbal tea is full of antioxidant goodness. Combined with antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action, herbal tea is your stomach’s saving grace. Star healers include chamomile, cinnamon and lemon tea. Go for non-caffeinated, non-tannin options, as caffeine and tannin irritate your stomach. Try to brew them at home, so that you are sure about the ingredients in your concoction. Avoid sugar for sweetness; use honey instead. You can also make rice tea – use the leftover water after cooking rice, add honey and cinnamon for flavor and sip your aches away!

7. Salt is Bae!

Another super quick fix, this one is for the braver ones at heart! Although this combination may seem not that tasty, salt and warm water are a lethal combination for your stomach ailments. So the next time you feel a tummy ache, mix a couple of teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water, and drink away. Ironically, this also reduces sensations of nausea.

6. Soda-m close!

No, we aren’t talking about Kool-Aid or your other favorite carbonated drinks. For your tummy ache to vanish, drink plain, unflavored club soda. This is just carbonated water. This helps soothe your stomach and has an analgesic action as well. It also acts as an antacid. You can also opt for cola drinks, if you’ve had something else to eat before. Do not attempt to drink cola on an empty stomach, as that will worsen the situation. If your tummy aches after a full meal, chug some cola to make your ailments disappear!

5. CRAP or BRAT?

You can alleviate stomach aches by eating the right kind of food. Two combinations of food are recommended – CRAP and BRAT. The CRAP diet is full of goodness (ironic, isn’t it?) – Cherries, Raisins, Apricots and Prunes. These fruit contain fiber, which rid the body of constipation and aid in healthy bowel movement. The BRAT diet consists of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast – all individually recommended as a great fix for stomach ailments manifesting in diarrhea and nausea. This soothes your system and detoxifies it. Pro-tip? Burn your toast! The carbon in burnt toast absorbs more toxins, keeping your tummy healthy.

4. Ginger Fix

Ginger is always a household favorite in terms of both taste and utility. If you’re facing stomach pains after holiday indulgences, look no further than trusty ginger! Brew some hot ginger tea by boiling ginger or grinding it into a ginger smoothie, or chew on some pieces of raw ginger seasoned with honey. Do not overeat raw ginger as the taste is quite strong, but a couple of pieces will do wonders for your digestion. This is another reason to indulge in gingerbread cookies!

3. Baker’s Treat

This is another fix available right in your pantry. Grab a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, stir it in warm water and gulp it for a quick remedy from pain. If the taste does not appeal to you, throw in a dash of honey and cinnamon, and drink it. Repeat this twice a day to soothe your stomach. The soda acts as an antacid and rectifies all symptoms of gastric imbalance and acidity, reducing flatulence as well.

2. Yogurt Love

Yogurt is a surefire way to make your troubles run away. It is full of probiotics, which are a form of good, healthy bacteria which maintain a clean, balanced environment in your gut. Aches occur when this balance is disrupted. Even one helping of yogurt can soothe your pain, which is why many Asian households end their meal with a cup of yogurt. Remember to opt for plain, unflavored, organic yogurt, or Greek yogurt. Do not go for colored, flavored alternatives as they may worsen your pain.

1. Beyoncé’s Way

This is one of the quickest fixes for a stomach ache. Grab a lemon, squeeze it, de-seed the extract, add some water and drink up. You can add honey for some flavor, but avoid sugar. You can also season your drink with mint. Do not drink this with cold water – a common cold is the last thing you need. Use warm water, organic honey and lemons for this quick fix. The citric acid in the lemon balances the acids in your stomach, while the warm water soothes your muscles. In fact, make it a habit to drink a glass of warm lemonade every morning to keep stomach troubles at bay.

These remedies are household fixes, passed down from one generation to another. Which one worked for you? Let us know in the comments below! Remember that it is important to identify the cause of the pain, before attempting treatment. If pain persists, consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: Consult your general physician about allergies and other ailments before attempting these home remedies. Report symptoms, if any, to a doctor immediately.


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