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10 Foods to Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Ho ho ho! Winter is here and so is the Christmas spirit! But that’s not all that’s keeping you up, is it? With global warming on the rise, winters are getting colder and colder. The end of the year is a time to cherish with family or embark on a new adventure. It would be a shame if you got sick during this time. But fret no more! If you’re not heading to the Equator this winter, you’ll be needing our tips to keep warm! Go through our list of 10 best foods to beat the winter blues so that you’ll never be under the weather this holiday season!

10. Red, Red, and Redder

If you’re from way up north or way down south, you’re probably used to the tough meat of the catch there. The meat is that way for a reason! The components of red meat stimulate your thyroid gland, which increases body temperature and metabolism rate. This is why it is advisable to eat red meat in colder regions, and not so much in the warmer regions of the world. Although increased intake of red meat has been indicated as a triggering agent for diseases, as long as your meat is organic and not processed, you ought to be good! Try to cut down on fattened and processed meat, and adopt home-grown meat practices to keep yourself cozy this winter.

9. A Cup of Coffee

Nothing spells a magical winter than sitting by the fire, wrapped in a quilt and sipping a hot drink. Indulge your caffeine fantasies by brewing a hot cup of coffee for yourself and a loved one. If you like it black, nothing like it! The caffeine stimulates your hypothalamus which is your body’s thermostat, to increase pressure and temperature, keeping the winter blues away. The energy shot also increases the rate of metabolism, keeping your body warm. If caffeine doesn’t agree with you, sip some hot chocolate with marshmallows to get into the winter spirit, guilt-free.

8. Cheers to winter *hic*

Here’s another reason for you to indulge in eggnog! Certain types of alcohol are known to boost body heat and immunity, which is why they are a favorite in winter months. During the cold, avoid vodka, champagne, and beer, and go for whiskey, brandy, and rum. Although these are hard liquors, there are beverages available which incorporate these, serving serve them with an array of taste palates. Irish coffee can be made with whiskey, while cakes and desserts can be made incorporating rum and brandy. If these are not for you, go for some good old red wine which boosts immunity, skin, heart health and digestive readiness as well!

7. Honey Pot

You don’t need winter to indulge in honey – this should be your go-to sweetener for life! Honey contains a host of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which are good for your heart, liver and skin. Studies have shown that using honey instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar is linked to low mortality and high lifespan. Honey is especially useful in winter as it increases the body’s metabolism and keeps you warm from the inside, for a long time. Use honey in tea, desserts or even as a dip for your cookies!

6. Ginger Fantasy

Ginger truly deserves to be a called a wonder food, for it has umpteen health benefits. This is one root we’re rooting for, for it contains anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants as well. It helps with increasing body heat as it contains spice which (thankfully) does not cause any stomach ailments. On the other hand, ginger actually soothes the muscles of the stomach and prevents nausea. This means that you can use ginger in your food and be guaranteed that it will keep you warm without any side effects. Gingerbread cookies? Count us in!

5. Winter Eggs

Eggs are a staple breakfast diet in many parts of the world. in winter, they’re extra helpful! Besides the common health benefits of the protein, selenium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, good fats and low cholesterol, eggs also keep hunger pangs away. But in winter, eating eggs has added benefits! Eggs give you all the energy you need to pull through during dull winter days and prevent you from snacking on unnecessary fats. Combining eggs with exercise goes a long way in building lean muscles as well. eat your eggs boiled, scrambled, sunny side up or Benedict-ed! The world is your egg!

4. Pepper-idge Farm

Another favorite spice on our list is the black pepper. A staple Asian spice found on every kitchen rack, the health benefits of the common black pepper are many. Besides adding a great flavor to your food, peppers are a non-invasive source of heat, with minimal side effects. You’d be much better off with black pepper than with chili peppers! Besides black pepper, another plant you can count on is the peppermint. This is a great remedy for winter blues, flu and other winter ailments.  Add this to water, your favorite beverage, dessert or even chew on them raw to keep warm this season!

3. Dried Fruit Madness

Dried fruit have many benefits for your body, as they contain the essential fats and proteins that your body needs to function. You would be much better off staying away from unhealthy fats and oils, and indulging in dry fruit to keep yourself healthy, happy and glowing. They contain fiber, vitamins, and proteins that keep hunger pangs away, and stop you from indulging in fries or other junk food. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, figs and cashew nuts are your best pick this winter to keep the flu at bay as well. Snack on them or make dry fruit-infused delicacies!

2. The Saffron Way

This exotic Asian spice is known for its cultivation in the white, cold Kashmir valley. Indigenous to cold regions, there is a reason saffron grows easily in such valleys. It is a traditional Asian delicacy consumed in winter to keep the cold away. Although it is considered to be an exotic spice, the health benefits are many, and it adds a dash of regal flavor and rich aroma to your dishes. Saffron is known to increase libido, keep cancer at bay and keep your metabolism growing. Garnish Indian delicacies with a dash of saffron for an exotic aroma. Mix crushed saffron with milk and almonds and drink every night to wake up warm and refreshed in the morning!

1. Sip it Up

Soup truly is soul fodder. And for good reason too! Depending on the ingredients you add to your soup, they can be super healthy. Not to mention, they warm you right to your bones. Nothing can beat a cup of hot soup when you’re cold, to keep you warm and cozy. Experiment with a wide range of vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, onion, and tomato soup. You can also opt for chicken or vegetable broth. Make the soup spicy for added warmth. The heat and spice from the soup stimulated the thyroid gland, while the spice also increases blood flow and pressure. Don’t forget to make it piping hot!

Which winter wonder worked for you? Let us know in the comments below! Happy holidays!