10 Gifts To Give To Your Boyfriend On Your First Date

New year, new beginning, am I right? Are you excited for the very first date with the possible man of your dreams? I have to be honest, I sure was with mine. Now for the very first time when you’re meeting each other, it’s filled with anxiety, nervousness and unavoidable butterflies in your belly. And one thing that will eventually land on your mind is whether you should give something to your other half in order to basically see them smile. It’s the most sincere and selfless act to try your best to make your boyfriend smile, because you know their happiness is your happiness. Well let me tell you, this article will get you exactly what you want. 10 best gift ideas for your boyfriend on your first date. Here they are:

1. Key-chain

By now I’m sure you know their interests a little bit. What sport they like, what TV show they love, which singer they listen to 24/7, what fascinates them, and so on. One small, sober and affordable gift that will surely win the day for you is an adorable key-chain related to their interests. It will definitely touch his heart because you’ve put your thoughts into the gift. So head to the nearest gift shop and grab his probable favorite key-chain that he carries everywhere he goes with his set of keys.

2. Dinner

Want an innovative date + gift idea? Make him dinner! Don’t go out to a fancy restaurant where you’ll be sitting face to face. Stay at home and cook him a meal that you can cook best. He’ll love it! No matter the taste, though. Plus the idea of being at home and cozy and all cuddled up together on the sofa with your cooked meal and candle lights is what every perfect date craves. It’s comfortable, homely, time efficient as well as saves a lot of his money. Not to forget the gesture you put up to make him happy. He’s crying on the inside out of happiness, trust me.

3. Wallet

The one thing that boys never spend their money on is buying a new wallet for themselves. It’s just something they’ve never really paid much attention to. Well, here’s your chance. Gift him a fancy wallet that he can store his money and cards in and every time he starts to grab money from his wallet, he’s reminded of you. You’ll be on his mind FOREVER.

4. Treat

Since it’s tradition for the guy to pay for the meal on dates, no one ever really pays much attention to it. This can be your chance to give him a polite, ‘breaking the stereotype’ gift which would make him like you even more. Go ahead and pay for the meal even if he insists on doing it. Play the little tug-and-war and win. Make it your treat so that he sees that you genuinely care for him and cherish him. Even he won’t be able to hide the smile.

5. Perfume

I know you want to bury yourself in his addictive scent without him thinking you’re creepy. So one of the most thoughtful gift would be to gift him a scent of your choice. The one you’d never ever get tired of and the one you want to spend the rest of your days burying your head in. choose carefully, though!

6. Look pretty

One gift that he’ll never fail to appreciate is you. Yeah, you’ll always look beautiful to him with or without makeup and blah, blah, blah. But as a gift, you could dress up real pretty with a perfectly fit dress and a chic piece of heels with on-point makeup and attitude filled with elegance. Look so beautiful and wear your confidence at level best so that when you walk into the room, all eyes are on you, but your eyes are on him. And that there itself is the perfect gift. You’re his favorite gift.

7. Grooming Kit

Considering the essentials as a gift, boys could always use a grooming kit. It’s a part of life and they’ll have to buy it every now and then. You gifting him the same would come across as a caring and thoughtful gesture and would save him the time and effort to buy it for himself. Plus it’ll keep his good looks on check. What are you waiting for?

8. Book

Reading books makes a person wise and successful. Plus who doesn’t want a boyfriend who reads books. They’re always a better type. Makes them seem like a nerd and that is one attractive set of boys. Gift him books that you love more than your life or are inspirational. A book is always a good idea for a gift because it’s a universal symbol of knowledge. And it’s never ending. There are millions of books out there that are waiting to be read so go ahead and gift him one and get started on the huge bundle of knowledge together!

9. Tie

Tie has always been and still is a go-to gift. Not want to over think it? Buy a tie. It’s available almost everywhere and anytime. Any colour, any pattern. You can choose any style from formal to funny to classic. And he’d had to love it since it’s the cutest gesture you’ve put in and he’s crazy about you! The tie would be a reminder of you every time he decides to wear it with a shirt or with a suit. So head to the closest clothing brand and get him a fancy tie. You can also add on cuff-links to go with the tie for when he decides to wear a suit. There’s no better gift, trust me.

10. Gesture filled with love

Don’t have a gift? Don’t worry about it. Not all materialistic things are the answer to this question. Your gift could be non existent yet as equally memorable as a perfect gift. Surprise him with a sweet gesture that he may or may not have been expecting. A hug? Or maybe a kiss on the cheek out of nowhere. Maybe open the door for him or slide the chair for him to sit in first. Try and initiate holding hand. Maybe walk him home first? or invite him in to your place for a coffee? Boys love confidence. And they love affection. Who better to get that from than you? And believe you me, it’s a gift he’ll think of and blush every time.


There you have it, girls. Grab a gift now and put a smile on his face! He’ll appreciate it forever and will definitely think of returning the favour. Now go have yourself a perfect date!