10 Hidden Evil Characteristics in People

It is a  reason that people say looks can be deceptive, what you think of a person upon your first few encounters with them maybe not all true. People are good at hiding their wrong sides, but if you look carefully, there may be signs that tell you about hidden evil characteristics. Looking out for these can help you stay away from bad influences and lead a happy and emotionally healthy life.

Here are ten such malignant features that people hide but may be visible to you if you are ready to fish out your magnifying lens.

#1 Criticism for No Cause

While it is good that your colleague wants you to work harder and is only helping you out with the new assignment by pointing out the mistakes, it is also true that you don’t need a list of negative qualities given to you for everything you venture. Constructive criticism is one thing and finding faults unnecessarily another. Look out for people who only feed you with negativity because not only will this hamper your growth but the chances are that the person is trying to demotivate you to snatch opportunities that rightfully you deserve.


#2 The Half Storyteller

Did you feel that your friend just told you a story that had a too abrupt ending? Or was there any time when you could sense something missing from an anecdote you had heard as if some pieces were not to be found to complete the picture. If you feel it in your instincts, the chances are that the reality is no different. If you observe such a pattern in someone stay alert and stay away. There can be only one reason if this is a habit they have – that they are hiding something from you. Trusting such people will do you no good, and you are best without them.


#3 Passive-Aggressor

When most people vent out their anger through screaming aloud, breaking things around them or pure violence, this is only the story of one part of the people. Some people are passive-aggressive. We mean that they may not tell you when they are angry but will display it through many other ways. Some of these can be not replying to your texts back on time intentionally, keeping you waiting during a meet-up or uses sarcasm to get back at you. It is best to keep your distance from them.

#4 The One Who Blames

If you notice that someone always seems to find a way to put the burden of their unhappiness and failures on others or situations around them, you are with a person who is merely blind to their role in such circumstances. The person is always victimizing themselves for their life and is not ready to show the courage to take their life on their shoulders. Such people make sick friends, and you will only end up feeling guilty for making them feel bad or being a bad influence on them if you continue to stick along.


#5 They are Jealous

If you’ve got a promotion at your workplace, that’s because you have put in extra effort and burnt the midnight oil for it. However, you find that your partner is not happy about it and seems to think that you just got in through luck. You can see that they feel defeated as if both of you were in a race. Jealousy is a quality that will take time to die out and as long as it stays within a person, not only will they drive themselves crazy, but the people around them as well.


#6 In Love With Themselves

Many times you find people too immersed in themselves. While loving oneself for who we are is an admirable quality, obsession is no good. Narcissistic people find themselves forever obsessed with their selves and hardly have any time to look out for others or try to get to know them. These people can often end up being selfish by making themselves the priority even when it shouldn’t be. They have almost no empathy and is not willing to compromise on their schedule or demands for the other person.


#7 All About the Things

Being materialistic is, perhaps, one of the worst qualities to have. If you regularly notice that your boyfriend is more excited about the significant gifts that you give him on your anniversary or his birthday and not on the little moments that keep you together and your relationship grows, there are chances that you are with a materialist. It is almost as if he is dating your money and buying capacity than he is dating you. You would be better off with a more sensitive person.


#8 It’s All a Race

It’s good to be competitive but not in everything. If you have anyone in your life who is always comparing themselves to you and racing you on it, there are chances that he or she is not a good influence. Being excessively competitive is not only harmful to the person with the trait but even you because you will find yourself too conscious about what you do, invariably comparing yourself to the person. Each one of us is different and, maybe, it’s best to accept that and move on with our individual lives.


#9 Living Inside a Shell

Being an introvert is different from being a ‘stonewaller.’ If you find that a person who is usually quite conversational and outgoing has a sudden disregard for communication when it comes to discussing problems between you two or share their feelings during a crucial moment, you can be sure that they are avoiding themselves from ‘unpleasant’ situations. An emotional runaway is not going to help you build a healthy relationship. What’s worse – you never know what that person thinks about you if all he or she does is keep their distance from feelings.


#10 Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!

If you have a classmate who can fish out a lie without any effort when the teacher questions him or her about an uncompleted work, it is also possible that they had done the same when you asked them about personal favor. Dishonesty is not going to make a person any better. These people cannot be trusted, and their constant resort to using lies to escape situations shows them up as irresponsible as well. Call them out when you get an opportunity and show them that you are not a fool to believe their cooked up yarns. The earlier you do this, the better it is for you.