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10 Important things Singers do to protect their voice

Singing as a career is unlike your stereotypical bathroom singing friend recording songs for fun. In a highly competitive world such as ours, only the best get the prize, the mediocre rest work as a blacksmith who forges the prize to be given. That being said, if you are an aspiring singer, don’t waste much time hiding your talent by singing at private places. Let the world know your talent.

Imagine running across a person like Kendrick Lamar or George Fisher or someone like Jake Bannon, even though the said singers differ in stylistic inclinations, all of them train their vocals like petting a dog. You will find them speaking in a different tone while communicating or socializing. That is because they don’t take too much stress while talking.

Here are more of such tiny little details that professional singers keep, for maintaining and protecting their voice. By practicing the following things you can keep your voice well protected as well. Stick till the end to get some productive input for your career to kick start.

1. Keeping your body hydrated

One among the basics for acquiring a better sound or voice is keeping your vocal cords hydrated. Singing with a dry throat can obviously, harm your throat. The main reason why you should keep the body hydrated is that, once you consume LUKE WARM water your vocal cord will no longer be dry and it will become more supple. It is important to consume at least 10 glass of water or about three liters of water daily. Do remember to take lukewarm water(that is not so hot-not so cold, just kept at a good temperature). Cold water will make your throat sore and might consequently put you in deep trouble.

2. Caffeine of any sorts is not healthy for vocal cord

Singers avoid caffeine-rich food products like Pepsi, Candy bars, Hot Chocolate, Sodas, Decaf Coffee, Ice Creams(yes it does have some caffeine deposits) and many others. So if you want to keep your voices protected like that of the singers, you should avoid the said products as well. The reason why singers avoid Caffeine is that it contributes to dryness and consequently a sore throat. A sore throat is probably the last thing a singer want while touring or recording songs.

3. Clear your throat gently


One of the most overlooked process by people is clearing their throat. A normal person won’t be having many problems with this, but, since you are here, pay attention. If you happen to have a sore throat, it is obvious that you would cough till your throat is clear. However if you stress much and clear your throat aggressively, you might soon be stepping your foot on a hospital. Aggressively clearing your throat will result in vocal cord damage and might even result in inflammation. So it is ideal to be calm and sipping adequate amount of water till your throat is clear.

4. Controlled Screaming

It is not the Clean singing alone that are being practiced by singers around the globe. As genre varies, the vocals vary accordingly. Screaming and Growling are essential parts of Rock and Metal music. While screaming it is important to maintain and study a particular technique so as avoid excessive tension on vocal muscles leading to the rupture of the vocal cord. Tunnel Throat technique is often practiced since it is easy to execute.

5. Avoid acid reflux

Acid reflux is a phenomenon in which stomach acid flows up towards the larynx, causing discomfort and sometimes a voice disorder. This is a common problem faced by a lot of singers and the prime reason for it is improper digestion which causes excessive stress.gyjbcddszaas

6. Warming up

Just like you warm your muscles by doing yoga before lifting weights, professional singers often warm their vocals with controlled warm exercises which include karaoke, vocal exercises and other important practices which are kept as a sacred secret, by professionals. However, the most important exercise is breathing exercises which will keep a singer’s throat occupied and well driven with occasional breathing. Failure to do so will result in bruising in vocal cord. So do warm your voice like the pro singers to avoid further complications.

7. Shouting is a sin

Noise level is not same everywhere. You can not expect a calm crowd in a stadium or concert, and at the same time, you can not expect for a loud and energetic crowd on a religious gathering. Professional singers often keep their volume down and they are often seen quiet in clubs and other places where the noise level is high. This is to avoid unnecessary shouting and screaming. So maintain a listenable tone while you are outside and try to avoid unnecessary screaming.

8. Jaws tied down

This might be an unusual practice or protection methodology, but that doesn’t make it as a complete hoax. Professional singers do practice this. By “tying down the jaw”, I meant unclenching the jaws while being stressed or tensed. This is because, if you are overly tensed, you may grind your teeth at night, resulting in a clenched jaw. This is another very common cause of vocal tension, making the voice sound muffled. So another pro tip is “Tie your Jaws”.

9. Spicy food is a NO

Most of the professional singers opt for less spicy food since overly spiced food can cause laryngeal irritation. By avoiding spicy foods they protect their voice and their condition so as to prevent vocal cords collapse.

10. No Aerosol sprays and Body Deodorants

Well, if you escaped from being a foodie, then this one will surely make you rethink the difficulties faced by the singers. If you are love aesthetics or are attracted to fashion, then here is a bummer. Professional singers won’t use much Body deodorants as they are not healthy for their voice. However, the only thing that should be avoided is the ones that have a lot of chemical deposit. So as long as you can find a deo that has a little to no chemical content, you are safe.

All these practices that professional singers exhibit to protect their voice, are pretty much hard to even imagine. If your respect for them did not increase after reading the article, I doubt you will appreciate someone in the near future. So for all those singing aspirants, by following the steps mentioned, you too can succeed like the pro singers.