10 Parenting Challenges you Face With a Baby

A newborn baby is not just the creation of a new life but of new parents as well. A child’s issues often coincide with those of their parents’ – from diet to clothes. It all sums up to the unity of struggles that parents have to face while raising their child. As joyous as it is, raising a baby, especially a new-born is one of the most challenging things ever. It tests every aspect of the individual(s) wanting to raise their baby the perfect way. Often parents blame themselves for the smallest things happening to their child and it is very natural to feel that way. But it’s also natural that your baby takes time to adapt to the various things in the world. Paranoia, anxiety, stress, tension are all a part of being a parent and there are a lot more struggles centering your little one.


Here are the 10 parenting challenges you face with a baby

10. Clothing

As a parent, you struggle a lot trying to find the right clothing for your baby, and for yourself. While it may sound like a very trivial issue, it is something all new parents face. A baby’s skin is so sensitive that even the best brands of designer baby clothes may trigger rashes and other similar skin problems. This is why parents have to be very selective of what they wear as well. Also – baby clothes can burn a huge hole in your wallets, they are NOT cheap. Yes, you need to plan well on the financial side when you are raising a child but somehow people always oversee how vigorously overpriced the clothes for our little ones are. Other than that it is also a struggle to keep up with what clothing type your baby is comfortable with because their skin may opt out of being comfortable with their current favorites.

9. Time management

When you have a baby, you can’t have time! Your priorities are all flushed down under your little one. Time Management in modern times is a huge struggle on its own but with a baby, it goes absolutely haywire. This sounds discouraging but it feels right to invest all your time in your child. It drives parents to work ten times harder to fit all their priorities within a much smaller time frame. This obviously causes issues with the parents’ work and health but they somehow put all of that behind for their baby. Even a proper time schedule can be disrupted in many ways because, unlike adults and their everyday timings, babies are very unpredictable.

8. Potty Training

Here comes the messiest part of parenthood – potty training your baby. Yes, you may remember this experience like a funny, goofy throwback but it is a real pain to actually do it. For a few years you have the responsibility to check and change your baby’s diaper from time to time and then you have to train them to do it on the seat without needing their parents. Potty Training takes a long time, maybe weeks, sometimes months, sometimes a year or more. It is a struggle and probably the least glorious one.

7. A Crying Baby

Babies cry. Nothing odd about that, in fact when a new born is conceived, it is their cry that gives everyone a sigh of relief. But as they grow, it can get a bit (read: A LOT) annoying. Babies cry to not only alert their parents of their hunger or that the diaper needs a change, but also for absolutely no reason at all! That’s right. Sometimes your young one will cry for no reason and this can be a big issue. Babies also have a tendency to cry right after waking up, even for the smallest amount of discomfort. This is one of the most widespread complains that parents have – ‘WHY IS MY BABY CRYING?’. This struggle connects to so many aspects of a child that it is hard to keep up with them – is it the baby’s sleep or is it hunger or something that needs medical attention. A crying baby makes a tedious parental struggle!

6. Energy Management

A baby is VERY needy. Obviously they cant tell you that, but they will express it in loud ways. From food to changing diapers to sleep, it all takes a toll on their parents’ energy. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed and your energy drains faster than ever. It’s one of the weird joys of being a parent, when you just feel your energy burning out but you let it happen with a smile. Energy conservation is almost non-existent in parenthood, no matter how planned and organized you are. Unless you have a nanny or a constant helping hand, your energy will run out at least twice daily. Another factor to rapid energy drainage is not getting the time to properly eat or drink water yourself. This affects every parent, especially single moms and dads with no constant help.

5. Skin care

Babies have the most sensitive skin which is why even shopping for baby clothes is such a big issue for many. Plus their skin doesn’t exactly get used to a brand or fiber – a lush baby approved dress could easily trigger rashes, allergies etc as a random piece of clothing. There’s a reason why there are an uncountable number of diaper brands and different diaper types within them. It is basically a trial and error method for which type suits your baby the best. Skin care doesn’t end with just clothes and diapers though. It’s the oils, creams, ointments and many other aspects that are essential for your baby’s skin. No one wants to try applying things on their offspring and check if it hurts them or helps them. This makes skin care a very difficult challenge that every parent faces.

4. Finance

Here comes the obvious – the financial struggle you face with a baby. You can have it all planned and sorted out but you’ll still find yourselves running out of money when it comes to your baby. Every parent wants to provide the best for their child and everything labelled ‘best’ in the market comes with a fat price tag. In fact, everything related to a baby in the market is expensive and that’s because your favorite baby care company knows that you will shell out all your cash to provide the best for your kids. The baby industry is the most flourishing, and more importantly, the most steady industry in the world. There’s no real competition between two baby brands because your little ones aren’t susceptible to adapt to just one brand of clothing or food or medication, it is ever-changing. This makes finance a big struggle for parents.

3. Pediatrics

The worst feeling in the world, as a parent, is to find that your kid is ill or has a cold and then not knowing whether you should use home remedies or go to a pediatrician. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the health of a child and it is crucial that all babies have proper care that’s advised by a pediatrician. But this is a struggle in itself. A baby is so sensitive, if a little breeze can cause them to have a cold, obviously medicines aren’t the best solution to their issues – this is what most parents feel. The correct amount of care is one of the most ironical parenting struggles ever. You can’t medicate your kid without expert advice and you can’t only use traditional methods of taking care of your young one. As a parent, you want to rush to the doctor for everything that your baby does, eats, or has had applied on their skin. From crying, to getting a cold, to not eating properly to waking up suddenly, knowing a baby’s medical info is a true struggle as it stems with the deepest paranoia and anxiety of the parents.

2. Finding the Right Diet

All babies are different from each other. One may be comfortable with consuming dairy, the other might be intolerant for its consumption. This goes on with different types of foods. It’s a real task to discover which food suits your child the best. The only thing more sensitive than a baby’s skin is its stomach. Literally, the mildest type of food can upset a baby’s tummy and people go wondering if they are doing enough or if they aren’t fully aware of their baby’s needs. Babies need the perfect diet for their best development and no parent wants their child to go underdeveloped. Paranoia regarding a baby’s diet is one of the most common parenting struggles ever and each & every parent goes through it.

1. Sleeplessness

The number one struggle you have with your beautiful young one is sleep. If your baby sleeps in peace, so do you! But if the little one is troubled and struggles to sleep, there is NO way you can sleep either. It goes hand in hand. However sleep deprivation comes with a new-born in general. Parents are bound to be paranoid about their child 24/7, even during their sleep – which is why they find it hard to sleep peacefully. The first thing you actually teach your baby is to have a sleep schedule and they usually require 6-8 hours of daytime sleep along with 7-9 hours of nighttime sleep, depending if they are new-born or a few months old. This may sound easy to carry out but it is the greatest struggle to give your baby the perfect amount of sleep. Plus they wake up to the slightest possible amount of discomfort which is why everything, from a full tummy to cleared bowels to comfortable clothes, contributes to your child’s perfect sleep.

These are the 10 most common parenting struggles people have with a baby and while it is the most joyous feeling to have a child, it comes with all these struggles.