10 Reason To Love Big Bang Theory

It isn’t easy to find a show that is relatable, funny, inspirational, and sentimental. Big Bang theory was one of those shows. Recently the show aired its last episode leaving millions of fans emotional.  Sure, Friends and Seinfeld are classic shows, but Big Bang theory showed us the friendships and love of this millennial age. Apart from being funny, it has taught us several things. With 12 seasons, there are a ton of reasons as to why it was a fan favorite; but here are ten reasons to love Big Bang Theory.

10- Relationship between a nerd and a pretty lady

Several shows have divided people into groups like jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, etc. And they’ve stereotyped those people altogether. In most of the shows the nerds don’t interact with jocks or vice versa, but in Big Bang Theory they not only showed an interaction between the groups but also showed a relationship between a nerd (Leonard) and a cheerleader (Penny). The show taught us that no matter what you look like on the outside, your inner beauty matters more.

9- Hilarious banter between Howard, Bernadette and Howard’s mom

Let’s admit we all have peed in our pants a little watching the hysterical banter between the characters as mentioned above. Most shows sugarcoat the relationship between parents and their children. But Big Bang theory brought us extremely relatable scenarios with Howard, his mother, and Bernadette. We formed a bond with Howard’s mother without even seeing her face. And let us talk about Bernadette. That petite woman can scare the bejesus out of anyone. She is a woman of substance, sass, intelligence, and knows what she wants. She made us unconsciously fall in love with her. All three of them taught us that love doesn’t have to be mushy-mushy like they show in movies. You argue you disagree with each other, but at the end of the day, you can’t live with each other.

8- Nerds are cool too

Nerds are often looked down upon, made fun. It is a pattern exhibited by a lot of shows. Their interests are always portrayed as something that no one could relate to. But Big Bang Theory changed this outlook. Penny, Bernadette, and Amy were introduced to a lot of cool things by the boys.
Similarly, the girls too introduced the boys to some fun stuff. The show didn’t stereotype the nerds as weird species. But they normalized the experience by showing a real and fun side to the nerds. Nerds need not be bookworms who lock themselves in a room and shut themselves from the world. They can be like Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard experiencing new things and just having fun.

7- Not your typical bromance

The media has glamorized bromance as this out of the world relationship where everything is smooth sailing. Sure, the friendship between boys is special. But it is seldom smooth sailing. Leonard and Sheldon showed us what true bromance. There are a lot of ups and downs in their relationship; they are always roasting each other, they disagree a lot, Both laugh with each other, learn what they don’t like about each other and how to help their friendship grow. Just like any other friendship, it is difficult to maintain the relationship. It takes efforts from both parties to keep the relationship going. And that is what Leonard and Sheldon showed us. Their relationship was not smooth sailing, but we know Leonard would have fought Penny to get the custody of Sheldon if they ever got divorced.

6- A weird love story

Till now, we have only seen cliched love stories like a good girl falling in love with a bad boy or something like that. But Big Bang Theory gave us a fresh, new angle to a love story. It gave us two wonderfully weird characters, Amy and Sheldon that bonded in the unique ways possible. We saw them becoming friends and eventually fall in love. Their awkwardness and realness brought us a new way to look at love and made it seem genuine. Amy and Sheldon were not the most confident people when it came to their bodies; their looks when it came to mating. And that is what made them so popular among st the audience. Because most of us are insecure about similar things and seeing their love story gave us hope that we don’t necessarily need to spend 4 hours in the gym to find love.

5- The socially awkward guy

Weren’t we all a little bored looking at guys confidently approach a woman and flawlessly deliver a pickup line? Because we know the reality is far away from that. And thus Raj became such a favorite. His incapability of not being able to talk to women unless he got drunk was too relatable. In reality, you don’t come across a lot of men or women who can confidently charm their way. It is awkward in real life! Raj taught us that it is okay to be uncomfortable, it is okay to take your time to get to know someone, and it is okay to struggle with intimacy and relationship related matters. And let us admit that we all saw ourselves a little bit in Raj.

4- The great writing

The actors owned their characters; no one can deny the fact. But show stands out was its hilarious book. We received a punch line every minute, even when we least expected it. The show was written so well that it made making fun of one’s own self usual. Big Bang theory also explored so many topics and made us fall in love with it. The dialogues, the stories, the characters, everything was written extraordinarily and yet made to help the audience relate to it. Yes, the actors were the real tea, but the writing sweetened the pot!

3- Stuart and Raj

Stuart was yet another one of the quirky characters. He was so weird that he was the odd man out amongst the nerds too. We have all met someone like him, who is also honest, exceptionally socially awkward with a poker face all the time. There have been several jokes made on Stuart, but that didn’t affect Raj and his friendship with him. Both of them had different quirks and traits, but that didn’t stop them from being for each other. They turned from friends into family.

2- The female bond

The friendship between Amy, Bernadette, and Penny was something so beautiful and pure. There are three distinctly different women, in various fields of jobs, and yet they came together. They started bonding with each other because of their love interests but soon realized they liked each other. And thus here began a true friendship. They were with each other throughout celebrations, breakups, losing jobs, marriage, having kids, and everything else. They taught each other several things. For example, Amy and Bernadette taught Penny to believe in her intelligence, and Penny taught the other two ladies to be confident and sexy. And isn’t that what friendship is about then? We learn something, we teach something, and we are always there for our best friends.

1-Science was never more fun

The title song of the show itself taught us the theory of Big bang faster than any teacher would have. Hearing the interactions between Raj, Leonard, Howard, and Sheldon taught us so many scientific terms and in a fun way. How had a way of making complicated, scientific words seem easier and understandable to the public. Even non-specialists could understand the most confusing terms. Plus they taught us that being a nerd isn’t uncool, contrary to popular beliefs.

The show ended but left us with a lifetime of memories and beautiful characters. We got to go on an adventure with some charming, relatable characters and we got to live their lives with them.





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