10 Reasons Why Bathing Every Day is Overrated

Remember bathing? Yes, that ritual of pouring water coupled with soap, to maintain our hygiene, sometimes even for religious traditions. Well, it’s unnecessary and genuinely overrated. Wait! Before you leave the article, hear me out. No one loves to stay in an awful smell; hence it is essential to take a bath.
Bathing is essential to maintain good health and to stay away from diseases and infection. It is necessary for self-confidence and emotional well being. But, bathing daily? It is that necessary. I believe it’s not, and I have science on my side too. Daily shower might not be as hygienic and healthy as it might seem to everyone. I know it disgusts many of us when someone says that they don’t shower daily.

Now that bathing every day has been at the center of an activity that “ancient” debate, let’s ponder over some points as to why bathing every day truly is an overrated activity.

Here are the Top 10 points that specify why bathing is overrated :

1.| Dry Skin

An extensive report by Professor in Skin Care Science at the UC San Diego state that it is unhealthy to take a bath every day. The usage of soap is to get rid of the oil and dirt cells from our skin (and also clothes). What most of us don’t realize that this activity might result in extreme dryness in the skin. It leads to numerous diseases and problems with the skin.
Applying soap on the body will wash all the oil content from the upper layer of the skin and incredibly form a rough texture on the surface that is also known as dryness. Oil content on the skin keeps the skin moist and healthy.

2.| It can be harmful if you have sensitive skin

If you suffer from some skin diseases that result in sensitivity, then a daily shower is not the way you should go. In conditions like Eczema, you might feel like taking a shower owing to the itchy skin, but even the doctors would recommend you that the medicines and creams if prescribed should be your course of action, not a hot water tub or a shower. A regular shower might not even allow the “good” microbes to establish on your skins, as they help in maintaining the skin’s healthy and fight against the bad ones.

3.| Clothes are enough to protect your skin

Well, that Zara top or Dolce & Gabbana Tee isn’t just for making a fashion statement. It’s trendy, but there’s a lot more to it. Clothes are underrated when it comes to protecting your skin. All the dirt, viruses, bacteria or any pathogens can come in contact, can’t get through because these clothes prevent any direct connection between your skin and harmful bacteria. The only way that might get into your body is through your hands. No wonder, our moms are always so adamant on us that we should wash our hands before and after a meal.

4.| Hair Products are Great for a long time

Gone are those days when Shampoos were marketed as something magical. Systematic scientific research has yielded fantastic hair products on which the corporates rely. They do work for a long time, and a regular shampoo might not be so good for your hair. There is no point to waste a shower when your hair products work just fine.

5.| It’s a wastage of water

The next World War will occur over water. Numerous studies and everyday common sense reveals that water is just depleting. The changes we’re doing to our environment is taking a massive toll on the health of the planet. There’s so little water available on the earth, and we all are wasting it every day in the name of hygiene. Hygiene can be maintained in several ways. We can save up to a whopping 4000 gallons of water every year by not bathing every day.

6.| It’s a wastage of money

We use shampoo, soap, conditioners, brush, dryer, and water to take a bath! There’s so much money that you are wasting every day despite there being no massive profit with it. All of that money can be saved, and if you add up that money over a year, that will make up a kind donation for any charity. Yes, it’s logically right, and you’ll end up doing a great deed too.

7.| It’s a wastage of time

Well, come on! It’s an incredibly fair point. If you’re taking a proper bath, it typically requires between 15 to 30 minutes. Instead of wasting all of that time bathing every day, you can technically finish an entire season of Rich and Morty. One can invest that time in well-being, social skills. You can learn a new programming language, or finally catch up with your distant relatives, or pick up the gym again, with all of that time.

8.| It’s fine for a long time, you won’t stink

There’s a distinctive smell in everybody’s body. That’s how little tots recognize their mothers.  You won’t just stink, unless of course, you live in a desert, working tirelessly under the sun. It also heavily depends upon the activity that you do daily. If you are doing something that gets you an unpleasant smell, then it better to take a bath every day. People sweat more in summer than in winter season. It is advisable to take a shower when a lousy odor starts developing in the body.

9.| Feels relieved if taken after a long time

A shower makes you feel good when you’re back from a tiring day of the office or running errands. It’s like witnessing sunshine after some cloudy, rainy days. Delaying or postponing a shower might enhance your experience of taking a bath, and might prove to be a lot better. It provides a  soothing experience than an everyday effort of washing your body.

10.| It was perfectly fine until the last century

ntil the 20th century, there was no taboo against not taking a shower daily. Moreover, there have been many civilizations and kingdoms, that was against the concept of bathing daily. One of the Spanish Kingdom forbade its citizens to take a shower and even punished the ones who did. Crazy times? I know.

There aren’t many reports with credible numbers, but speculations of experts designate this phenomenon of “not bathing daily is unhygienic,.” Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies had to find a way to sell their products, and advertising (like propaganda) works too well, because of the foundations that consist of profound psychological principles.

So, what should you do?

Your undergarments protect your genitals better than a regular shower. It is recommended that you change them every day. If you feel that’s not sufficient, you can take up wet cloth piece to clean these sensitive areas. Furthermore, if you’re fond of makeups, it’s suggested that you sleep without it. If you have a terrible odor, start using a deodorant – it works. Keeping your armpits devoid of hair, and avoiding synthetic clothing would go a long way to help in humid climates.