10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Very Important For Your Body

There might be many occasions when you must have allowed your work to postpone your sleep, or binge-watched a TV series only to realize that it’s dawn and you have given up on hours of precious sleep. While lost sleep seems like something that can be compensated for later or the next day or the coming weekend, the fact remains that delaying your usual sleep time or reducing the span of your sleep, is going to make your sleep schedule irregular and lead to poor sleep quality.
Though underrated, good sleep is one of the top solutions to having a healthy life. Look at these reasons to find out why you must get your eight hours of sound sleep –

10) To re-energize the Brain

It has been scientifically proven that while a person is asleep, his brain gets the much-needed boost and it becomes more capable of functioning well. Studies have also shown that memory and concentration are directly related to the quality of sleep that a person gets. You might have noticed lethargy when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. It’s because your brain hasn’t had its dose of relaxation and energy.

9) To increase your life span

The amount of sleep that you get, decides the number of years you’ll live for! If not anything else, this is one good reason that should influence you to take care of your sleeping hours and quality. Sleep is a natural process that the human body and mind undergoes, to heal and rejuvenate. An intensive analysis that combined 16 studies looked at nearly 1.4 million people in total, and found out that a lack of sleep increased the risk of death.People who regularly slept less than seven hours a night (and often less than five hours a night) were at 12 percent greater risk of dying early than those who slept seven to eight hours every night, according to the study. Another review of 15 studies found out that, both too little and too much sleep time increased the risk of heart disease and stroke. So, sleep better and live longer.

8) To improve resistance to fight diseases

Stuck with a bad cold for days? Inadequate sleep might be a reason why your body isn’t fighting the bacteria well. Sleeping helps the body’s immunity system to work powerfully, thus curing diseases of the body overnight. A very evident example would be when you sleep with a pounding headache only to wake up and find that it’s gone. Yes, sleep does that.

7) Connection with appetite –

The body’s appetite and one’s diet is majorly affected by the kind of sleep that one gets. People who tend to sleep less may have excessive pangs of hunger or may not feel hungry at all. This can lead to obesity or anorexic tendencies, both of which are fatal for a person. The reverse also stands true, in that, the kind of food you eat, affects the quality of your sleep. It is important to monitor both sleep and diet, and make sure that the right balance is achieved, so as to wake up each day with a fit body and a healthy mind.

6) Better metabolism

When a person has irregular sleep, his/her internal organs responsible for metabolism may not understand the schedule, and hence lead to problems of indigestion. Severe cases may also include chronic constipation or an acidic stomach. A study showed that those who got fewer than 6 hours of sleep on an average had an extra net gain of 300 calories per day. Sleep deprivation can severely warp your body’s metabolic system, leading to implications like obesity and rapid weight gain.

5) Contributes to your beauty

One very important reason that you may want to tread carefully with sleep issues, is that your beauty may get tremendously affected by it. Skin pigmentation, premature skin ageing, darkening of under eye regions and puffy eyes – all are consequences of bad sleep quality. A good night’s sleep is the best natural make over that your face can get. It also helps the skin’s dead cells to regenerate and boost collagen production. This is why it is advised to get 8 hours of beauty sleep.

4) Stress management-

High stress levels and anxiety are a direct result of either poor sleep quality or inadequate quantity. In extreme cases, stress can aggravate over time and cause depression. One of the most important symptoms of depression is, very short periods of sleep or poor and disturbed sleep. So, in order to have a healthy functioning brain along with a happy state of mind, you must get your sleep right.

3) The happiness factor

Good sleep can lead to a positive outlook in life and can help a person, gain the required self-confidence in life. It helps in tackling situations better and maintaining healthy relationships. You might have felt a dose of negativity entering your mind, when you haven’t slept well the previous night or if you have been sleeping inconsistently for long periods. The mental system can go for a toss due to irregular sleep, leading to mood swings, inefficiency and increased tendencies of stress taking. So, you must know when to prioritize your sleep over work, as sleep can sometimes buy you the happiness that money or promotions won’t.

2) Improves productivity

Oftentimes, you must have felt that you weren’t able to perform efficiently while delivering that presentation or crunching numbers, only because you’ve had long consecutive hours at work. Long work hours mean less time to catch up on sleep at night. It hinders the mind’s ability to operate afresh the next day, and the last day’s fatigue and baggage is carried on further. Productivity at work can be improved by sleeping for at least 8 hours every day. You may want to focus on doing more work within the normal office hours, rather than taking breaks and working for longer hours. It can form into a habit and you might start accepting 50-hour workweeks as a normal thing.

1) Diabetes and hypertension

Everybody knows that diabetes and hypertension are by-products of obesity, overeating and negligent lifestyle habits. But few of us are aware that even a normal weighted person, who doesn’t sleep for the prescribed number of hours, can increase his/her chances of suffering from these two deadly diseases. Poor sleep quality is linked to increased cholesterol and sugar levels in the body, which can cause a number of ailments including heart strokes.

Hopefully, these reasons got you into the understanding that good sleep is really important in life. So, if you’ve been having vampire-like tendencies or you’ve been neglecting your sleep, it’s high time you make conscious changes in your lifestyle to have a regular and sound sleep schedule.