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10 Reasons to learn Martial Arts

The strike of Karate, the boot of Taekwondo, the knock of Boxing, the grappling of judo and the throw of Aikido – the necessary moves of Martial Arts that will prep up your self defense game.  As Yip man quotes, “We all have inner demons to fight, we call these demons,fear and hatred and anger. If you do not conquer them then  a life of one hundred years is a tragedy. If you do, then a life of a single day can be a triumph.” Learning any form of Martial Arts is necessary as it has endless benefits beyond just physical fitness.

So here’s a list of 10 reasons why you must learn Martial Arts:

10. Fitness is the key

Martial Arts is an outstanding art form that leads to overall physical fitness. This art form helps exercise and rejuvenate each and every muscle of the body. Apart from providing physical strength, Martial Arts boosts your stamina, tones your muscles and increases your flexibility and balance. Moreover, Martial arts leads to improved reflex and helps in burning your calories. It is proven in researches that Martial Arts helps improve the status of cardiovascular system as this art stresses the heart and also lowers your blood pressure. Thus, give yourself an overall boost and see a Bruce Lee in you emerge.

9. To learn life skills

Martial Arts is known for inculcating life skills in an individual- responsibility, discipline and goal setting. Individuals learn various tricks and moves to defend themselves in case of an unexpected violent encounter. Also with your physical strength comes the responsibility of knowing when to attack, how to attack and where to attack. It  defeats mindlessness and asserts alertness and skills of responsible actions. It also helps individuals take the responsibility of protecting others who are unable to help themselves. Martial Arts promotes self discipline in an individual. Goal setting and a sense of achievement is also inculcated in individuals with the help of target-setting programs to reach the black-belt. In this way, individuals learn to set a goal in life and work hard towards  achieving their targets.

8. Coordination and flexibility

The moves of Martial Arts- forward, backward, side-to-side and rotational, etc, promotes the art of balance and coordination- physical as well as psychological. Moreover, Martial Arts develops flexibility. In order to defend yourself and attack, your body learns to perform and attack in all directions and planes of movements. And with constant movements and practice comes an animal-like flexibility. It is famously said in Martial Arts, “A tree that is unbending is easily broken.” Thus, Martial Arts plays a massive role in developing flexibility and balance.

7. Hammers discipline

Living and learning in a controlled and strict setting promotes discipline and helps in building focus among individuals. A sense of responsibility and alertness is promoted as you learn Martial Arts. Thus, with the instilling of discipline comes the knowledge of how to behave, act and perform; curbing any kind of misbehaviour and delinquency.

“Imagine if every child learned the respect, courtesy and discipline that Martial Arts teaches. The world would be a very different place.” – Chris Whamond quotes, stressing on the need of an individual to learn Martial Arts to learn discipline and sincerity.

6. Learn a new art form

An individual never stops learning. In our day-to-day lives we learn something new in this wide expanse of the universe. Thus, by learning Martial Arts you learn a new art form which is helpful to you in every way and also helps you to stand out and flaunt your talent as you have command over a traditional yet outstanding art form.

5. Self confidence= A++

Having control over an art form that can help you defend yourself, protect others and also leave viewers spellbound, helps boost the individual’s self confidence to its zenith. Being aware of your own capabilities, performances and attacking-defending tricks not only instill confidence, but also increase your level of self esteem.

4. Law enforcement

There are times when public becomes barbaric, taking laws in their own hands and creating ruckus on the street. On such occasions, the police usually control the crows by resorting to techniques of Martial Arts. Moreover, when sometimes unarmed officers are attacked by unexpected strangers, Martial Arts comes to the rescue and helps save lives.

3. Mental and spiritual development

Focus is the key while learning Martial Arts, which eventually leads to mental toughness. Moreover, learning a new art form and gaining command over it is like a challenge accepted and completed, which further leads to spiritual peace as you know you have met your target.

“One of the greatest gifts of Martial Arts in that they ultimately guides us to new levels of spirituality.”- Joseph Cardillo.

Furthermore, acknowledging your strength, power to protect others boosts your self confidence and self esteem, which eventually leads to personal and mental growth. As Frank Gutting quotes, ” Martial Arts should be a way of life, not a job, hobby, sport but a part of you and the way you live your life.”

2. Preservation of a nation’s tangible cultural heritage

Martial Arts is derived from a Latin word, which means Arts of Mars. Mars is the Roman God of war and thus, Martial Arts is considered to be an Art of war. Though it is an ancient and traditional art form, Martial Arts plays a huge role in maintaining overall growth and development- physical, psychological and spiritual. Thus, it is our duty to keep such an art form alive in our hearts by learning and practicing it.


With a rise in the cases of sexual harassment, molestation, rapes, kidnapping and robbery; it is essential for an individual to protect oneself and others. Martial Arts teaches you tricks of self defence which will help you knock off the enemy with ease. In this way, knowing Martial Arts will not only protect yourself but will also help save the lives of the others who are in danger and in a helpless situation. Many institutes have now opened to teach self defence in order to control the crime rates and teach  the tricks and tactics of Martial Arts, which will help you fear less and enjoy more as you go out partying.

Miyamoto Musashi says, ” The true science of Martial Arts means practicing them in a away that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in all things.”

Thus, learning Martial Arts comes with a range of benefits, which will help you grow as an individual and make you a saviour too.



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