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10 Reasons Why Learning to Cook is Very Useful

Food is as important as oxygen for the human existence. Food is one of the most significant need apart from oxygen, water, shelter, and sleep. But the question is how important it is to be able to cook. With the changing time and rapid growth, young people are relocating themselves for higher studies or for the job. Families are becoming nuclear and most mothers are working women. Cooking seems to be no longer a women’s domain. It is not that everyone must learn how to cook delicacies. The idea is that everyone must know how to cook the very basic food.

Here are 10 reasons and benefits of knowing how to cook-

10. Become Independent

If you know how to cook then, voila! You need not wait for someone else to come and cook for you. Just go to the kitchen and make something for yourself as per convenience. No longer waiting for your mother to come and serve you. No longer waiting for the order to get parcelled. Need not to be dependent on others, be your own chef on call. It makes you your own master, lets you manage your time, preferability and work.

9. Weight Management

Eating out on a daily basis makes you gain weight. Gaining weight is an invitation for other diseases and health issues. Making your food on your own lets you keep the check on the quality of the food and the calorie intake. It is easy to make a diet plan as per your liking when you know how to cook. For instance, using less oil or preferring olive oil over any refined oil. Eating homemade food is one the healthiest ways to keep a check on your weight and remain healthy.

8. Money Management

Knowing how to cook is a really good way to manage the money. Going and buying all the cooking products on your own lets you save money. It may seem time-consuming, but you can actually choose whichever quality and quantity you want. One gets the liberty to compare the prices and then buy something. Eating out will always remain a costlier alternative than cooking at home.

7. Fundamental Skill

Knowing how to cook is a very fundamental skill of life and everyone must learn it irrespective of their gender and their choices. It is not a necessity to cook daily so as to become an expert. It is about knowing, and not necessarily about using it on a daily basis. One must learn and keep it for the call of need. It is a surety that at least once in a lifetime you’ll face a situation where you need to cook.

6. Well, Not Just A Fundamental Skill

There are so many underlying additional skills that one learns without realizing while one learns how to cook. Creativity, good planning, organizational skills, confidence are the few qualities that one develops while learning how to cook. Therefore it becomes one of the most beneficial skills that one must learn in order to become a better individual.  It is not just about being able to cook for yourself, but about making yourself more skilled in doing your day to day personal and professional tasks.

5. Choosy?

There are so many people out there who are too choosy when it comes to food. They have a particular liking and disliking for certain foods. Such people may also find it difficult to go adjust at any new place. Moreover, there are no effectively possible ways to change such habits after a certain age. But, when one is learning how to cook, they become bound to indulge with the ingredients used for cooking. They also tend to know their food better in terms of the nutritional value, health benefits and its usage in the dishes. All this make them want to try out new things. Even if the tendency to test new flavors doesn’t happen right away, it will surely happen eventually.

4. Cooking = Bonding Time

Learning and teaching how to cook is a good medium to help to build up relationships. It is a fun time to bond with someone. It can be a great way to improve communication between two people or more. Also, it can inculcate the habit of co-operating with your fellow being. Parents can teach their kids cooking and spend quality time with them. It can also be a good date idea as well. No matter what relation you share with someone, cooking together can make any relationship better.

3. For That Little Extra Knowledge

Once someone is cooking on a regular basis they also start to develop a curiosity to know their food. In some ways, it actually makes the person a reader. Food holds deep meanings and secrets of a particular place. Reading about food is not just associated with knowing the recipe or the ingredients. In fact, it is about knowing the culture, the tradition, the roots and the origin of a particular dish. In a way, one is increasing their knowledge of geography, history, cuisine etc.

2. Toothsome Impression

Cooking has always been an impressive thing one can know. It has been seen that women find those men impressive who knows how to cook. In the same way, the phrase- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is very much true. In all the manners possible, cooking good food for someone is a sure shot way to win someone’s affection. Everyone appreciates good food. Since centuries it has been a way to invoke admiration from the loved ones.

1. Unleash your Creativity

Cooking is an amazing combination of art and science. It is a very creative activity. All the creative people out there can actually experiment their creative ideas through food. Even if one is not creative, food is something that can be experimented with. It is too fun and exciting, be it the presentation or getting creative with the recipe.  All the professional chefs strive too hard to make their dish look as appealing to the eye as possible. The creativity that is involved with cooking can serve as a way to soothe and relax a tired or bored mind.