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10 Reasons Why People Prefer to Go Abroad for Higher Education

Going abroad for higher education is a common trend today. Even though the homeland may have many high-quality premium education institutions, here are ten reasons why students still prefer to go abroad to pursue their dreams.



#1 Getting an Admission

The ease of admission is an essential factor when it comes to going abroad for Indian students. With the high amount of competition and the limited number of seats in India’s top universities and colleges, getting a place for a course of one’s choice in an institution like this is not an easy matter. Even the brightest minds and top scorers may find it challenging to get a guaranteed seat. Further, the challenging entrance tests that are mostly objective in pattern worsens the situation. Even when it is a prestigious world-class institution, it is thought to be much easier to get a seat abroad. With enough academic capabilities and a financial budget, students applying for undergraduate degrees are, thus, more drawn to going abroad.

#2 Broaden Your Horizon

Having lived in India for all their lives, students become beings of a system without even their realizing it. Their thoughts and actions become decided by their surroundings. Going abroad for their higher education can expose them to new ideas and different perspectives. Away from their homes, this becomes an opportunity for youngsters to explore their various options before settling for one and rediscovering their selves. A new education system will also help them grow and teach them how to adapt to different kinds of situations.

#3 Language Skills

When you go to a different place to study, one of the first things you are going to pick up is their language. Knowing multiple languages is always a good thing and can come in handy in the future. Further, the student will also be able to come across a new set of vocabulary that are not commonly used in their hometown. Additional to learning a new language with the student’s interactions and communications, the institution that they are studying for may also provide formal professional training in the literature. Attending these can help the student get organized instruction on the same and even add it on to their resumes as a plus point.

#4 People, Cultures and Interactions

Going to a foreign land will help you form one-on-one conversations with people of a different cultural and ethnic background and form alliance with them. Working with them and interacting daily will help overcome any prejudices or stereotypes you may have had regarding any group and help you start seeing people as individuals. It will also help us understand their cultures and enrich your knowledge about the same. Listening to different people’s experiences and knowing about different kinds of practices can help you get a holistic understanding of the world.

#5 Looking Back

Going abroad is not only beneficial in being able to get a different viewpoint on other cultures. It is also helpful to get an outsider perspective on your learning. When you talk to other people, you can discover reservations about your lifestyle in the way they interact with you. It will help you provide a check on their prejudices by pointing out to them. You can tell them that these generalizations are not helpful. You can recognize and realize where your country stands in a foreigner’s head. In the future, you can try redressing this or use your awareness to educate people about the misconceptions that others may have about your place. It will help them rectify these with you.

#6 Boost Up Your Career

One of the definite plus points of going abroad for further education is that your scope for entering into the field is much higher. Outside universities provide you with a more significant number of opportunities and will expose you to bigger and better companies. Rather than getting restricted to a small city or town, by going abroad, you can hope to get placed in world famous brands and organizations that will give you an upper hand in your career path.

#7 Appreciate Your Home More

Staying away from your family and friends is an excellent way of finding out the relationships that you share. When you go abroad to study, leaving your loved ones, it helps you appreciate their presence in your life more. You are forced to do things elsewhere, by yourself, that others would have completed for you at home. It will help you realize how much they care for you and help you reciprocate this. Further, it will also give you a stronger bond with your homeland. When you start getting recognized as being an Indian or American at your international institute, it will refresh your historical roots.

#8 Rediscovering Self

Going abroad to study will help you grow as an independent individual. When you start doing everything by yourself, you will have a boosted self-confidence. You will gain trust in your abilities and also learn to cope up with any situation by yourself. Going abroad, you have an all-new set of cultural and natural changes to adjust. It will help you let go of sticking on to your preferences. It will push you out of your comfort zone to explore different kinds of food, people, and living conditions.

#9 Quality of Education

Without a doubt, there is a difference in studying at a renowned foreign institute and a local college. People expect the quality of education at an international institute to be high because of this reason. You have more options from where to study. You will also have a better trained and more sophisticated learning material to help you develop academically. Other perks to look forward to our exposure to varied kinds of seminars, workshops, and conferences that you may not have received back home. Going to a technologically more advanced country, than your homeland, will help you learn about new developments in science and the field of education itself.

#10 Enrich Your Life Experience

For a student going abroad to study, it is much more than education. They are going to have a life experience that they cannot forget. The few years that they spend abroad will change their lives forever, hopefully in the most positive manner. It will have a positive influence on how they live their lives and see the world from then on. It will help them push their boundaries and go beyond what’s expected of them. They will be less scared to explore because of having lived in a foreign land all by themselves for these years. They will be able to handle situations independently and become self-reliant when it comes to the worst of scenarios.


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