10 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

Introduction: – 

Habits are a reflection of our mentality and personality. We have both good and bad practices in us. Good one gives us appreciation while the bad ones are dangerous to health. It is often said that we humans get attracted and influenced by negative vibes more efficiently and faster than the positive ones. Negative energy in us encourages us to take the wrong path in life. It blocks our mind, and we slowly become habitual of negativity routine and hence adopt bad habits. Smoking is one path that gives us a lot of pleasure, relaxation, strength, and courage, and later as time passes, it acts as a silent killer that destroys the body internally and externally.
As it is said, smoking is harmful to health, and one may get addicted to this due to stress, tension, peer pressure, or by observing another family member. It is difficult but not impossible to get rid of smoking. Here are the top 10 reasons to quit smoking today : –

10. Sleeping Disorder: –

Sleeping at least 6 hours a day is essential for a healthy body. If you do not get proper sleep, your body becomes lazy and loses energy to perform any task efficiently and effectively. Due to the nicotine in cigarettes, smokers feel uneasy and restless and snore a lot. Smoking may cause insomnia. People may feel tough to sleep at night or may feel uncomfortable or tired after getting up early in the morning. Quitting smoking will give sound sleep, and you may feel fresh in the mornings.

9.Smelling like Smoke: –

The person who smokes not only harm himself but also to the people standing next to them. Constant exposure to other people’s smoke can increase the risk for lung cancer; even you’re a non -smoker. The smell of cigarette smoke when mixes with the air can cause harm to the people around them, and they can get infected with cold and cough. It also enters the body as the smoker inhales it, his lips and teeth get affected, making them dark and poisonous. His breath becomes terrible and dirty. So it is advisable to quit smoking as soon as possible.

8.Pregnancy Complications: –

The women you smoke can cause significant damage to their lives ahead. When they smoke during pregnancy, they cause harm to not only themselves but also the fetus in their womb. It increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, infertility, yellowing of eyes, low birth weight, miscarriages, and infant death syndrome. Smoking can cause early menopause damaging the egg cells in the ovaries. Women may also have an Ectopic pregnancy in which pregnancy occurs somewhere other than the womb in the Fallopian tube. It is better to get rid of such addiction, which keeps two lives at stake.

7. Impotence: –

As smoking is hazardous for women, it is also harmful to men’s. No one likes to be with a person who smokes because of the foul smell of the cigarette. It creates a barrier between the relationships, also impacts the sex life of the couples as it contracts the blood vessels of the penis, affecting its erection. This erectile dysfunction occurs more in men’s who smoke than non-smoking men. It also decreases the blood flow in the body. If you wish to live a happy life and have a family, you should quit smoking immediately.

6. Increases Infections: –

People who smoke a cigarette tend to reduce precious 10 minutes of their lives every day. They make their body immune and hollow from inside weakening the cells and antibodies, which prevents the invasion of infection in the body. Smokers tend to cause damage to the cilia, which are the tiny hairs in our respiratory tract, bronchial tubes which are meant to stop the viruses and bacteria from attacking the body. They become more prone to catch diseases like cold, cough, flu, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. These illnesses not only cause damage to their bodies but to those living with them. So, leave smoking and protect the people around you.

5. Early Aging: –

Smoking cigarettes have a high impact on the quality and appearance of the skin. Those people who smoke develop wrinkles on their skin and make it look more haggard and older than your actual age. It also changes the natural color of the teeth and nails, making a significant loss to your physical appearance. If you don’t wish to get bullied because of your presence, then quit smoking right away.

4. Osteoporosis: –

Apart from dull facial appearance, smoking causes significant damage to the bones in the body. Those people who smoke regularly tend to lose the stability and strength in the body. Their body becomes week, and bones become fragile. They become prone to fractures, and their wounds get healed up quite slowly as compared to the non-smokers. The risk for hip fractures increases tremendously as the body starts scaffolding leading to osteoporosis. Why do you to lose your strength of the body? So why not quit smoking today.

3. Diabetes: –

Some diseases are risky and require great care and caution. Diabetes is one of them. Smoking causes a lot of injury to the health, and in the case of diabetes, the blood sugar levels rise higher than, which is also known as hyperglycemia. Those people who do not take insulin on time develop type 2 diabetes, which is a common form of diabetes. This disease itself is fatal, and if people who smoke have diabetes, it is similar to death. Smokers who have the habit of taking 20 cigarettes a day generally suffer from type 2 diabetes.

2. Internal Diseases: –

As we all know that smoking is dangerous to the body both internally and externally, it should be treated immediately. A smoker may inherit some of the severe diseases like peptic ulcers, gallstones, heart strokes, psoriasis, vascular dementia, Alzheimer, and lupus. The smoke may even cause a critical illness like Crohn’s, which causes inflammation in the digestive system with so many ill effects of smoking, it is better to quit it as soon as possible.

1. Lung Cancer: –

One of the most profoundly affected organ due to smoking are the lungs. Due to the smoke that is inhaled during smoking, the respiratory tract becomes weak. They may develop asthma because of regular coughing an inhaling of the smoke from the cigarettes. Excessive smoking can even cause lung cancer and many other forms of cancers like mouth, kidney, colon, stomach, pancreas, bladder, and cervix cancer. Developing diseases like these can ruin your life entirely and take away your time and money both so, it is better to get rid of it as early as possible.

Conclusion: –

It is essential to understand the ill effects and damage that can be caused by smoking. Nowadays, the Government has also started taking steps by showing advertisements related to smoking and applying higher rates of taxes on cigarettes, cigar packets so that people who smoke start quitting it. Though it is a slow and challenging process, for a better and healthy life, it is advisable to quit smoking today.