10 Things You Can Do To Cheer Up Your Depressed Partner


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Depression is a term that means unhappiness. According to most of the people, depression is a “choice,” it is something you can “get over” by wanting to be happy. However, the fact remains much contrasting to this myth. It is a medical disorder, which is involuntary and uncontrollable. It digs the worst of your nightmares into real-life monsters that keeps haunting you every minute of the day. Unlike the myth, one cannot get rid of this just by choosing to be happy. It may even require the course of medicines and therapies. But most of all, a depressed person needs emotional and mental support from there near and dear ones to survive the illness.
If your partner is going through an unhappiness state of mind or misery, you have to be brave and take a determined step to fill your partner’s life with happiness and contentment. Try all below possible ways to cheer up your life partner.

Here are the Top ten things that you can do to cheer up your depressed partner

  1. Support your partner 

A depressed person feels unhappy, lonely and helpless during a sad state. They may feel frustrated or confused. They won’t find joy in anything. When you see your partner in such a situation, try to support him in all possible ways. Try to sit and listen to their problems. Hold your partner hand and hug them. Provide them with encouraging statements like I am here for you, tell me what I can do to help you, we will get through this problem very quickly together, etc.
Being supportive can reduce the depression of the person. They may not feel lonely at this point. They know that someone is there with him who can understand and would stand by his side in all possible situations.

  1. Surprise your partner with Gifts and Cards 

A depressed partner usually feels low about themselves with their esteem drooping lower. They constantly need to feel special, to feel there is more to them than their illness and random surprises would act as one of the major factors in your partner feeling special, feeling extraordinary instead of a usual commoner.

Casual surprises could be for both of you to escape from reality and also one of the keys of happiness and feeling loved. Show up at their window, pasting notes saying how you miss them or ask them out for a random plan of coffee or a midnight snack, it’s the little things that matter at the end.

  1. Sponsor some trip  :

Take your partner for an outing to some pleasant place. Short trip to some destination is like a short break that can change the present state of mind. In beautiful weather and a calm atmosphere, try to understand their thoughts of the brain. Explain to him how important he is for you. Being at a different place and spending some good time with your loved one will make him feel special. It will help him to be fresh, and also it will fade away the unhappiness from his life. Refreshment will induce strength and energy. It will also heal and cure your partner’s grief in the best way possible.

  1. Walking hand in hand : 

Walking hand in hand can make a person feel more at ease. Holding hand means to build a healthy relationship. One may feel protected and secure. Since your partner is going through an intensely tough phase in their life, they would feel at peace as they walk away from their sorrows. A depressed person would feel confident.  He would come in contact with nature and with a partner that would make him think that there is something much better in life than to be sad.  It would feel proud of being with a reliable partner. A romantic, slow-paced walk is all you need to cheer up your depressed partner to make them feel the serenity and significance of calmness.

  1. Sync and evolve:

By sync and evolve we mean for you to vibrate at your partner’s frequency. In layman terms, try and understand your companion, their ideologies and views, know their point of view and accordingly act and support them. Understanding is an essential factor in building a relationship, and nothing can cheer up your partner else make them feel understood and therefore feeling loved!

  1. Dare to explore:

Explore and find a new angle to both of your lives. For instance, rub your partner’s depression away by joining dance classes and exploring a romantic dance form together, go for art classes or enroll in classes where you both learn to play a new instrument together. Why restrict your partner’s happiness to one moment when you can offer them a never-ending series of such moments instead?
One can get escape from the monotonous life, by exploring new things in life. There are endless things in life that need to be explored. It will help in filling your life with nourishing seeds of happiness and also will further prevent you from being depressed.

  1. Familial bonds:

Trust us when we say this, nothing would offer more pleasure and joy to your partner than you all sharing the same space and spending some quality time together. How about movie nights with your partner or with their family. What about Sunday brunches?

Your partner is bound to cheer up the best when they feel complete when they see you and their family hanging out together willingly and happily.


  1. Chef up:

Cooking for your partner is not only a verified, legitimate way to cheer and overwhelm your partner but also depicts how many efforts are you willing to make for your partner and their happiness. It is a warm gesture that bears the sweetest of fruits.

Whenever you feel your partner is sinking into the state of depression, show them how much they mean to you by cheering them up with a tasty, home-cooked, love-filled meal!

  1. Watch out:

People watching is not something which has been brought in the limelight yet. However, it is still one of the most exciting hobbies to have. So how about you and your partner watch people this weekend? Make your companion observe his or her fellows and ambiance and talk about different matters with them, having a light-hearted time and conversation will make them feel in a happier space, for sure!


  1. Fur-buddies:

Sometimes, all one needs is a kid who teaches them to live again; the kid here, in this context, could be a fur-kid! Get your partner a pet; after carefully observing their interest as a cat-person or a dog-person, if you digress a little from mainstream pets, there are a lot many other fur-babies waiting to be adopted, waiting to relearn to live again. Your partner would not only pamper the fur-kid but also learn to take its responsibility on them, which would include keep themselves in a functional space mentally and emotionally to parent their fur-buddies further!

For instance, a pup cheers me up like no other human or thing in the world; maybe all your depressed partner needs to inhale some sunshine is a furry friend standing beside them throughout!

Now that was all about cheering up your depressed partner, supporting and nurturing them the right way. If you have some ideas worth implementing, hit us up with your take on it!