10 Things you can get Addicted to

Addiction is defined as the process of indulging a certain activity for its pleasurable rewards despite there being negative consequences. Often individuals don’t even realize the adversity of their addiction until it is too late. While some say that some addictions are healthy, it can be stated that no addiction is ever healthy and everything needs to be done within reasonable limits. Below is a list of various addictions you might have. If you are addicted to any of these substances/habits it is time to take control of your life and not let your addiction rule you.

1.  Caffeine

Caffeine is found in multiple products. Coffee, tea, energy drinks like Redbull and even certain sodas contain caffeine. Many people suffer from a caffeine addiction or dependence simply because it is extremely easy to obtain. Caffeine gives temporary benefits like energizing the body and alertness. However, like every addictive substance, it has its adverse effects on the human body. On stopping consumption of caffeine one faces headaches, nausea, lethargy etc. Albeit, caffeine addiction isn’t as bad as some of the other addictions, no addiction is good for humans.

2. Television

To most an addiction to TV would sound absurd. But the problem is more serious than what it appears to be. Like most addictions, an addiction to television begins with casual usage. People start watching television as a way of killing time or as a stress buster. For most television usage is at this stage. For some individuals that are addicted to television, it envelops their life. They skip work, food and even contact with other people just to watch one last episode of their favorite TV show. A study conducted in the United States of America concluded that over 65% of people who own a TV spend 6-8 hours watching television every day. This constitutes nearly 1/3rd of their entire day. This issue is graver than it appears to be.

3. Exercise

Exercise is good for the body it is healthy. However, exercise addiction is defined as engaging in strenuous physical activity over and over to the point where it is no longer good for the body. Most people that love exercising (me included) get a feeling of euphoria after a session at the gym. Craving this feeling exercise addicts work out well beyond their limits and even sometimes end up injuring themselves. In order to avoid the adverse effects of exercise like muscle tears and cramps, one must realize their limits and stay within these limits to get the best use out of working out.

4. Shopping

Perhaps one of the more dangerous addictions out there. An addiction to shopping can seriously burn a major hole in your pocket. A shopping addiction can manifest in different ways. Some people might have the compulsive need to buy things to feel better, while others might be addicted to shopping for things they don’t need just because they are on sale. Whatever the reason a shopping addiction can very easily cause a person to go from millionaire to broke in no time.

5. Food

Who does not love food? Everyone has certain kind of food they love. Some might love spicy food, some might love sweets but everyone loves eating food. For some people consuming certain kind of food becomes an addiction. Some common traits of food addicts include hiding of their unhealthy food habits from other people, constantly eating junk food despite knowing the adverse effects of it, creating a diet plan with cheat days etc. and difficulty in sticking to this. An addiction to food is difficult to diagnose as it is extremely subjective but if you often find yourself doing the above things, it might be best to seek help.

6. Gaming

Video games without a doubt are one of the most addictive forms of recreation. To most video games is an escape from their mundane lifestyle. Being able to escape into a fictional setting where one can do awesome things like running around with guns blazing or speeding in a Porsche is certainly a good stress buster. However, as it often happens people start to become obsessed with video games. Often ignoring their responsibilities in the real world just to play one last game. People get so immersed that they don’t sleep enough, don’t eat enough and engage in other unhealthy habits. This impacts both the physical and mental health of a person gravely. A video game addiction is very difficult to treat as most people will not admit that they have a problem.

7. Drugs

Perhaps the most expected item on our list. Most people are aware of drug addiction and this is the only addiction considered serious or life-threatening. Depending on what drug someone is addicted to it can have severe consequences on the addict’s health. Drugs often give people a sense of euphoria and well being often called as a “high” which is why people get into it. To experience the high and then with frequent use the brain reprograms the neuroreceptors in a way that it leads to a craving. The body wants more and more drugs in order to satisfy this craving. This addiction often ends up affecting a person’s financial well being and when they are not able to afford these drugs people have been known to resort to stealing and even murder in order to buy these drugs. The best way to get over an addiction is to avoid drugs in the first place or seek professional help by visiting a rehabilitation facility.

8. Work

In a world where success is measured by how much money a person makes or how much work they do a work addiction is difficult to zero in on. People with work addiction will often justify themselves as to why they spend so long at work or completely let work eclipse their life as this is good for them. Like stated on multiple occasions, no addiction is ever good. Some common traits of a work addict are spending long and unnecessary hours at work, taking on multiple projects at once, being obsessed with success at work etc. People lose sleep and much of their social life over this addiction and don’t even know they have it. Like most addictions this can also be cured by joining an anonymous group of addicts or taking a vacation and not thinking about work for a while could help a person realize that there is more to life than work.

9. Internet

Another very difficult to diagnose addiction, an addiction to the internet. Individuals in this case become obsessed with the internet. They can’t stay away from the internet for whatever reason. This can be to visit social media sites, pornographic content, watch videos on websites like YouTube or anything that is available on the internet. While a very subjective addiction, it has been recognized as a serious addiction despite not being life threatening in most cases.

10. Love

For anyone who has ever truly been in love, they will know how powerful love can be. It is perfectly normal for human beings to love and expect to be loved. But an addiction to love could often be an addiction to the initial stages of love where you are filled with energy and affection for a person where it is new and exciting. In a stable relationship this feeling eventually goes away and a healthy relationship continues. However, love addicts go from relationship to relationship to experience this high and leave when the high wears off. This is an extremely dangerous affection as it affects not just the addict but also the person involved with the addict. This addiction often leads to addicts not forming any real relationship or emotional support which they truly need in order to overcome this addiction.

These are some of the many things that human beings are most likely to get addicted to. If you think you are addicted to any of these things, we recommend you seek professional help and get over your addiction to get your life back on track.