10 Things that Make you Unique

You are you, and no one else. You are unique. You are special. Believe it or not, every person is different from the other in one or more ways, and so are you. You might have come across incidents when people form a “first impression” about you, or friends form an “opinion” about you, may be positive, or may be negative. This happens because others can differentiate you from the rest. You possess certain things that make you unique in your own way. These possessions can be well turned into advantages if you are intelligent enough. Infact, intelligence itself sets you apart from others. Knowing what makes you special can help you harness your uniqueness into something productive. It may help you in earning popularity and allowing people to identify them with you. But what’s most important is-knowing what and how you actually are. Your ways, your dealings, your life, your journey depends on all those intrinsic things you have by birth or you acquired during the process of growing up. It is your individuality. Once you know it, you can understand how you perceive life under the shades of your own interests.

So, what are those things that make you this special?

If you ask me, I’ll say MANY such things exist which set you apart from the crowd. But if you ask me of the top 10 such things, I’ll number them as follows:

10. Your beliefs and culture:

What do you believe about this world? What do you think of the tiniest and the hugest of things on earth? How much are you drawn towards the mysteries of life? Most importantly, what do you believe about yourself? Different people may answer these questions differently. Perhaps you won’t have the same beliefs as your dad or as your son. These beliefs are what make you a different person. Also, your approach towards god, evil and spirituality imparts individuality to you. Nextly, what is your culture? Do you follow your culture like every other person in your society? How ethnic are you? Or maybe, how conservative or liberal are you-all of it reflects in your decisions and makes you different from all others.

9. Your aspirations and goals:

Almost every person on earth has a goal, or a vision, or atleast a hope to achieve something. Their dreams may be big or small, for short run or long run, for themselves or their family, but their dreams exist. You too might be cultivating an ambition within the bounds of your eyes. You may be an aspiring doctor, actor, engineer, economist, sociologist, historian, or chartered accountant or any other thing for that matter, but these aspirations are part of your unique identity. Every day, we may set big or small goals for ourselves. You, then, may be able to complete them or may not be. But these goals make us what we are. They make you realize your caliber along with shaping your future.

8. Your relationships:

Yes, your relationships speak a lot about you. Your conduct in any relationship makes you different. You will be known for how you behave with others, specially the opposite sex. There are people who do not even care for parents, and on the other hand, there are also people who are generous towards acquaintances. Some people are very polite and friendly towards others, while scornful people exist too. So your ways in dealing with people around you are absolutely different and unique. That makes you special, loved or hated.

7. Your habits or hobbies:

It is very usual in daily worldly affairs to get known for your habits or hobbies. Chain smokers, early risers, computer geeks, drinkers, adventure maniacs, book worms etc are some of the phrases which are used to describe people on the basis of their habits and hobbies. Your interests are reflected in the habits you build or the hobbies you cultivate, and such unique interests make you unique. You can be a person known for your fashion statements, or you can be a person known to have large number of pets. It all depends on what interests you, and it varies from person to person. Habits make you. Hobbies complete you.

6. Your way of communication:

Communication is the real essence of this social world. People see you in the light of what and how you have communicated with them. Communication involves everything – your accent, your language, your expressions, your signs, your texts, your writings – everything. Some people can communicate at once and some need time to come out of inertia. But the way you speak or express your things is the quintessence of your personality. Communication makes great orators or bloggers and imparts them their unique style. Communication is what makes great actors too.

5. Your appearance says a lot about you:

Next on our list is your appearance. By this I do not necessarily mean your body and features. Every one biologically is different, owing their look to their genes. But apart from the natural differences, you also carry your unique style in your looks. You are known for your appearance in terms of your hair cut, dressing sense, your accessories, your makeup and your confidence. For example, consider how uniquely Vidya Balan and Frieda Pinto carry their styles. One is known for her beautiful South Indian sarees while the other for her extravagant gowns. The best example if we are talking about looks and uniqueness would be Lady Gaga. She makes her unique style statement everytime she is out. So, your appearance plays an important part in building your individuality.

4. Attitude:

People have some habitual attitude of their own, which may be positive and negative. Some may win over obstacles with the right attitude while some may even have an attitude problem. Attitude is the way in which we implement our ethics or principles. Attitude is shaped from a variety of factors like beliefs, thoughts, expressions, associations and external influence. Your attitude is purely yours, uniquely yours. Attitude makes you and attitude ruins you. What you need to understand is that people will perceive you in illumination of your attitude, both towards them and towards life.

3. Ethics and Morals Instilled in You:

Perhaps the most important part of you, on basis of which you stand as an individual today is your ethical substance. Ethics and morals are instilled within a kid from childhood, and these depend upon the background of the family as well as the location and society where the kid is brought up. However the extent of internalizing social norms is purely individualistic. Also, what is particularly important from an individual point of view is your unique interpretation and acceptance/unacceptance of social order. You will be known for your morals as they will reflect in every decision you take throughout your life.

2. Your past experiences:

Rightly said, what you are today is out of what happened to you yesterday. Everybody has had his/her set of sweet and sour experiences in past. Your personality emerges out of what you go through and learn out of these experiences. A person who has seen only positives may be an optimist where has one who has suffered hardships and trustbreaks is more cautious in approach. Personality is a dynamic concept and you tend to imbibe things which you learn out of your daily experiences. So all the significant or not so significant things that happen with us gradually mould our character and make us different from everyone else.

1. You are known for your signature Style:

Everybody carries their signature style wherever they go. Signature style would be the first thing that people would visualize when they think of you. People can be funny, boring, dizzy, entertaining, enthusiastic, curious, sweet, kinky, adventurous, threatening or serene. This signature style may be prevalent in the first meet or may be understood by a person who meets you, in course of time. But once they know what your style is, they will always associate you or see you as a person possessing these predefined virtues. So it is basically your signature style that finds you an eternal space in memories of other people. It makes you special. It makes you “YOU”.


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