10 Things People Say to Show They are Powerful

Managing yourself in a way that others think of you as a powerful person is not at all an easy job. What makes a person really powerful is others believing in him that he is powerful. Based on surveys it can be comfortably said; a powerful person has the ability to influence the decisions of others. A lot depends on how a person manages his emotions, thoughts and how he behaves with others. Moreover, good communication skills are important to build a powerful personality in the society.

  1. Always setting high standards in life

Powerful people are pretty sure of their targets in life and they understand the fact that it’s always better to aim higher as it ensures that you will land in a better condition in comparison to the people who aim lower. Also being goal oriented in life helps you stay focused and helps you achieve better results. Furthermore, it helps portray a powerful image in front of others.

  1. Accepting the fact that we all make mistakes

Obviously, it’s really important to understand the fact that no one is born perfect. Each and every person makes mistakes at some point of time of time in their life. Powerful people find different ways to overcome their failures. So, basically it tells us that there is no use crying upon your wrongdoings. If you are just going to focus on your mistakes in the past and feel sad about them, you are never going to succeed in life. One needs to learn from their mistakes and move on.

  1. Saying yes to every challenge

Challenges are a part of life and you can’t run from them. Saying ‘no’ to a situation means giving up even before the task has begun. It’s like ignoring the possibility that you can perform well in the given circumstances. You are the one who needs to recognize your abilities. Powerful people don’t set limits, they give their best shot and think of all the positive outcomes which most people ignore.

  1. Don’t run away from your problems

Powerful people don’t try to avoid problems. They enjoy the challenges and love to find solutions to them. Powerful people are ready to take the responsibility of the situations on their shoulders. They love to face any obstacle in life with full enthusiasm and vigour. Having the courage and confidence to face the problem on your own and not running away from it is what makes one different and powerful.

  1. Acknowledge the ideas proposed by other people

Appreciating what others say and going according to their plan is also one characteristic trait that portrays a person as powerful. Giving importance to other people and respecting their view point completely changes your equation with that person. They also begin to respect you and your ideas and that boosts your morale as well. It basically reflects upon your body language and improving this quality helps in improving one’s social status. When the other person knows that you trust them, they repay you with their loyalty, trust and that is what helps build a powerful reputation.

  1. Believing/saying that nothing is impossible

The word “impossible” doesn’t really exist in powerful peoples’ dictionary. Powerful people are the ones who are always willing to explore the “impossible” and live by the belief that a person can do anything if he/she is willing to take the risk. Also, it is said that it’s not about the human in the fight, it’s about the fight in the human, so one must always be curious to take on such challenges in life which seem to be impossible. It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about the effort you make to achieve the target. One must not underestimate himself and must gather the courage to take risk in life.

  1. Telling the truth all the time

Being a straightforward person is always better. It’s because people don’t question the fact that whether you are telling the truth or not, they start believing in you. Telling the truth is one such practice which one must adhere to sincerely in order to lead a simplified life. Also, it’s said that truth can’t be hidden for a long time, so it’s better to say the truth in the present rather than making up false statements later on to support your lie. Basically, it can be said that transparency is what people look for in the other person. Honesty is what separates one individual from other.

  1. Saying sorry

Some people find it really difficult to say sorry to other people. It’s something a person should learn to say in his/her life. The power of the words – “I’m sorry” is unbelievable and it can heal many wounds. One must never hesitate to apologize because if a person doesn’t say sorry for the mistake he/she commits, the other person creates a negative image in their mind about you, which further spoils your relationship with that person. Also such incidents just complicate things which make one’s life even more stressful. Saying sorry helps you express that you are sorry from your heart and want things to be sorted thereafter.

  1. Saying please

Nobody in this world likes to be ordered around, no matter whether you are the boss or the head or the CEO of the company. Politeness is something which every employee expects from their senior counterparts. When you want someone to do something for you, you need to maintain your calm and be a little humble. It shows your manners and also if you show a bit of kindness at first interaction, the second time the person will surely be more inclined to do the task for you. That’s when you begin to feel that things are falling into place.

  1. Taking others advice, opinions

Asking people for their ideas, opinions, and viewpoints regarding your situation is always a good idea. It’s because sometimes the person whom you don’t give much importance to might offer you the best advice. Also, there is no harm in listening to what others think about the situation and how they would have reacted if they were stuck in such a situation. Asking people like- “What do you think?”, “How can I overcome this situation successfully according to you? “makes you powerful and significant, as in return they also begin to value your thoughts, ideas.

In the end what matters more is maintaining a positive attitude and treating everybody equally. Such behavioral traits help portray a powerful personality. All depends on how well you communicate with people around you and how well you connect with them. Politeness, empathy and kindness is what people expect and if they treat you with the same feelings, then they surely deserve to be treated the same way. People showing gratitude are always respected in the society without any doubt and are able to establish a powerful stature.