10 Things you can Learn Right Now in 1 Minute that will be Useful for your Life

“While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary.”       

– Matt Bevin

How often at the end of the day are you left wondering about how you could have done some of your tasks slightly better if you knew certain tricks or tricks that could have helped in preventing some mistakes that you made? Big or small, used often or rarely, there is some stuff that is not taught to you in your schools or at work –  stuff that can be useful in providing you with a bit of an edge while doing your day to day chores. Moreover, what can be more wonderful than the fact that most of them can be learnt within minutes! These 10 ‘life hacks’ can help you by giving shortcuts that play a vital role in easing both your mind and body.

1.  Keep a water bottle at your desk while working

Staying hydrated is the best gift you can give to your body. Many times, engrossed in our work, we don’t pay attention to drinking water for hours. It is at such times when we need to drink more and more water because many times our body is dehydrated even before we start feeling thirsty. Always keep a water bottle at your desk while studying or working and drink water at regular intervals. Also, it keeps you refreshed and energized to carry on your work and prevents skin and digestion related ailments.

2. When sending a mail/message, fill in the details of addressee in the last

Sending a mail to a wrong recipient or sending an incomplete mail is a bummer. And what hurts is that nothing can be done to rectify it (excluding whatsapp’s new update, of course). In order to prevent yourself from making such a mistake ever again, make it a point to fill in the recipient’s e-mail address or contact number after writing the complete mail. Doing this will make you aware of what the content of that particular mail is and whom it is addressed to.

Another way in which this trick might prove to be beneficial is when you are angry at someone and are about to send an aggressive message. Pour your heart out, type in everything and read it completely before entering the ‘send to’ column and hitting the send button. Many times, by the time you read and acknowledge what you have written, your emotions get stabilised and you begin to think with a calm state of mind. You can then decide rationally on whether or not to convey your feelings in the same way.

3. Remember things to be grateful for

Maintain a diary or a notepad and at the end of the day, make note of at least 5 things that happened to you throughout the day for which you are grateful. It can be as simple as receiving a compliment from someone and as exciting as coming back from a trip with family. It helps remove negativity and gives you an optimistic approach to life.

4. Eat in a small plate

Same quantity of food looks different in a smaller and a larger plate. Eating from a smaller plate makes you believe that you’ve had sufficient amount of food and prevents you from over-eating. This little habit is useful for weight loss and prevents wastage of food.

5. Tell your parents you love them every single day

Do not fall behind in conveying your love to your parents and telling them how blessed you are for having them. In our hectic lives, we overlook the things that are most valuable to us and take them for granted. Your parents are your support and have helped in making you who you are and they don’t deserve to be neglected. Preparing a breakfast for them or calling them regularly if you live away from them are examples of simple gestures that can make them feel loved even without saying ‘I love you’.

6. Exercise

20-30 minutes of exercise each day can do wonders. In this lifestyle where we have to sit in front of laptops in the same position for hours, making time for exercising and stretching the body is essential. Apart from preventing obesity and joint pains, it breaks the monotony and makes you feel refreshed. When we exercise, endorphines i.e. the ‘happy’ hormones are released in our body. It is for the same reason that people suffering from depression are suggested to workout. Exercise doesn’t necessarily implies joining gym, it can comprise of anything that you enjoy – jogging, playing sports or joining some dance classes.

7. Use pause instead of ‘but’ in an apology

Whenever you have to apologize for something, use pause instead of ‘but’ while giving reasons for your mistake. Using ‘but’ makes it sound like an excuse and hence makes the apology less legit. However, when you pause in between the sentences, it gives the other person an impression that you have really thought about it. For example –

” I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it but I had an important meeting.”

Alternative –

” I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it. I had an important meeting.”

8. 20 seconds exercise for eyes

When you find yourself sitting in front of a computer or TV screen for a long time, give yourself a break after every 2 hours approximately and look somewhere else. Focus on some sharp object, such as tip of a pen, for 20 seconds. This optical exercise helps in reducing the strain in your eyes that happens after being exposed to the ultraviolet radiations coming out from the screens of electronic gadgets.

9. Realise that you can’t please everyone

One of the most important lessons to be learnt in life is that no matter how well you adjust and how well you do your job, you can’t please everyone. There will always be people who are ready to find your shortcomings or make you feel that you haven’t performed good enough. What you need to remember is that you are not in this world to please anyone other than yourself and your loved ones. It’s perfectly okay to not be loved by all. Don’t let the hatred or negligence of people who are irrelevant in your life affect you.

10. Learn not to get offended

Today’s social media can be seen flooded with people getting offended by comments or remarks made by some other group of people. People get sensitive about their own beliefs and seem to disregard others’. Learn that everyone is entitled to put his or her opinion without the hash tag no offense and also realise that not everything is about you. There is no pejorative statement made by anyone that can actually attack your identity.