10 Types of Guys You Should Never Date

There are all sorts of people in this world. It is difficult and unfair to broadly categorize them into two different categories (good or bad), because each one has his own unique personality with distinct traits. However, there are certain types of guys who are notorious for exuding negativity (knowingly and unknowingly) and thrive in what others see as toxic behaviour. While there is little you can do to help them, especially if they resist change, it is important to realise that they can cause a lot of damage, thanks to all the negativity they unleash. You first need to identify these people in your life before you decide how to deal with them.
Dating can be a tricky game. It becomes even trickier when you encounter a few of such unpleasant specimens. To help you steer clear of these men, here is a guide on the 10 types of guys you should never date.

1. The Eternal Gossip

Now some of you might actually be surprised that such a category exists in men. The truth is not only do a great number of guys gossip with each other all day and all night, male gossips are found to be far more vicious and vengeful than even female ones. So keep aside all your misconceptions that only women can bitch and backstab – men do it all the time.
These type of guys are people who think it is their birthright to know everything that is happening in your life and your friends’ life and then gleefully spread the details to whoever cares to listen. Gossiping occasionally when it doesn’t harm the other person is alright, but dating a guy who knowingly runs down someone behind their back is best avoided.

2. The Incorrigible Flirt

This is the one who is in a perpetual sexual starvation, and who just can’t stop leering down the wrong places and asking you otherwise creepy questions. While I could have labelled this kind “Creep” or “Eve-teaser”, I feel these titles actually border on criminal, and hence are a tad harsh for a guy who just excessively flirts.
Don’t get me wrong. Lewd suggestions and unwarranted physical contact are certainly punishable crimes, but in a relationship the case is more of ‘each one to his own’. In other words, couples deeply in love may have a different opinion on what kind of behaviour exceeds limits as compared to a couple who’ve just met recently.
Flirting is widely defined as “behaving in a sexually enticing manner with or without serious intent”. While you may or may not have a problem with your date constantly flirting with you, you certainly wouldn’t stand it if he did it with other girls as well.
Surprisingly (or not), there are hundreds out there who’re just on a hunt for new “opportunities” and can’t resist making a flattering comment or two just for kicks. Believe me, they’re not worth it. Let them go.

3. The Know-all

Name a movie. He knows it. Name a TV show. He knows it. Name a music album. He knows it. Is there anything he doesn’t know about? Well, if the answer seems to apparently be, “Nothing,” it’s probably not true. You’ve got a phoney date.
The know-all is a stereotypical embodiment of pompous annoyance. He will drive you mad with his hollow encyclopaedic knowledge and try to downplay any and all correction you may, not infrequently, have to mete out to him. As rightly said in the James Cameron classic Avatar, “One cannot fill a cup which is already full.”
Learn your lesson. Stay away from this guy.

4. The Green-eyed Monster

Nothing can ever make a jealous guy satisfied with what he has – even when good things happen to him. He always thinks someone else had it better or feels like he was left shortchanged. He always sees the glass as half empty and has no qualms about bringing others down with his farcical logic. Not only will he resent your every achievement, he will try to drag you down to his dungeons of dissatisfaction.

5. The Over Ambitious Bounder

These are a breed that have been around for a long, long time. And they have stayed the way they are for as long as they’ve been there – unchanged in their mighty attempts at success.
They make their extravagant plans, denounce the world for what they feel are better and more attention-worthy endeavours, and spend all their resources and mental faculties in unrealistic expectations for the future. So quixotic are their high-blown strategies that they are willing to build for themselves pretentious identities based on arrogance.
A high-flier like this will approach you at a time when he feels a fleeting interest in you and apparently envisions you as a good-enough trophy. However, when he realizes that you have dreams and aspirations of your own and can’t attend to his beck and call he will spitefully cast you away, labelling you as a distraction or a liability. Horrifying, right?

6. The Blunt Judgemental One

This guy won’t think twice before forming an opinion based on the smallest thing you have said or done, leaving you scratching your head and wondering if you really are that lowly a person. He never fails to condescendingly look down on others and treat and talk to them as though they were his inferiors. While this disposition is often diagnosed as having been a result of pampered upbringing and a false sense of achievement, there is hardly anything of benefit that you can do for a person who can’t accept anything owing to his rigid frame of mind, except dump him and move on.

7. The Melancholic Sufferer

This is the guy who is constantly wallowing in self-pity and cursing himself and his sorry state of affairs, instead of doing something constructive to alleviate the gloom. He is the male counterpart of the quintessential damsel in distress, crying out loud for your sympathy and begging for your encouragement which he will invariably throw down the drain. While initially you may feel sorry for such kind of people, they play the victim card so often, that eventually you begin to wonder whether they are bringing it all on themselves or simply making things seem unnecessarily bleak. They are unable to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong with their lives and will drain you off mentally and emotionally with their tales of woe.

8. The Show-off

This guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’ll be rocking his flashy shoes, his trendy outfit, designer glasses, hi-fi headphones and luxury sedan before he even speaks a word about how he genuinely feels about you.
Well just remember, “All that glitters…”

9. The Hater

This type is the perfect form of filth in today’s world. He hates and spites just about anything and everything. He is racist, sexist, casteist and a walking and talking manifestation of poison. He will insult people on the road, call Muslims terrorists, rebuke you for earning more than him, fat shame your friends, crack jokes about Jews and use slurs for the dark-skinned.
Do us all a favour and block him on all social media platforms immediately.

10. The Manipulator

The major problem with desisting from such a person is the fact that identifying them itself is a huge difficulty. While maintaining a friendly and good-natured façade, he will draw you into his well-constructed trap of untruths and distortions.
You need to be most careful about these type of people because you might not even realise that you’re being taken for a ride. Manipulators are often good at gauging your moods, likes and dislikes, and then use to their advantage. They won’t stop getting things out of you but will never step in to help when you sincerely need it.

So now you know which guys exactly you must avoid and not tag along for a date. Stay clear of these types and you are sure to eventually land with the person just right for you.