10 Unique Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the stakes are high this year! Cheesiness aside, this is a great day for you to show your love to your SO. Everyone needs little displays of affection in life, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your girl feel like the Queen that she is. But this can be daunting – the pressure to find the right gift is real! But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for the perfect surprise for your girlfriend to celebrate your love, look no further. We have 10 surprises that will make your girlfriend swoon, and will win her heart forever!

10. Bundled in Bed

Kick-start your princess’s day with the perfect combination of breakfast in bed! Wake up before she does and make her favorite breakfast, be it eggs or toast or bacon. Go one step ahead and fashion cute shapes like hearts and letters with the food – make heart-shaped eggs or toast! Add a glass of orange juice and bring it to her on a tray. Go the extra mile and fill her room with balloons, candles or ribbons, so that she wakes up to a beautiful setup. Present the delicious delicacies to her and watch her face brighten up. Fill both her heart and tummy with joy!

9. Light Up her World

Nothing says romantic more than a candlelight dinner. Make your Valentine’s Day extra special with a romantic and beautiful dinner. You could either take your woman to a swanky restaurant, a small bistro or even opt to stay at home. Don the chef’s hat and whip up some great food to surprise your girl (Bonus point if you wear a ‘Kiss the Chef’ apron). Or take her to an upscale restaurant and flaunt your love amidst expensive champagne and silverware. If you’re the simple kind, hit up the nearest pizzeria or café and spend time with your girl, with endless hours of conversation.

8. A Walk to Remember

Take a walk down memory lane and revisit the beautiful moments of your first date with this idea! Surprise your girlfriend by blindfolding her and taking her to the spot of your first date. If your actual first date was on Valentine’s Day, this idea is perfect for you. Wear the same clothes, play the same music and try to recreate every moment to the very last detail.  Add quirky details and in the end, give your woman a beautiful card, some flowers and a special gift to remember the day. Let nostalgia take over!

7. Pandora’s Box!

Open up a Pandora’s Box of surprises this Valentine’s Day! Fill a box with different and meaningful gifts for your SO. From chocolate, flowers, jewelry, books, or something special that she likes, fill the box so that it becomes an exclusive, one-of-a-kind gift box. Use photographs to line the box and wrap it in her favorite color, so that she can unbox your box of love, with love!

6. Up, Up and Away

Every girl loves balloons! Give your girl the surprise of a lifetime and gift her a big box full of red balloons! Bring a huge box, fill it with helium balloons and sneak in a special gift for her in the box as well. Bring her outside the house and show her the huge box, and watch as she tries to figure out what’s inside. Unveil the box and untie the ribbons to reveal red balloons rising to the sky for a memorable surprise! Earn extra brownie points if you personalize the balloons to read a special

5. The Written Word

There’s always an undeniable old-school charm about love letters. Revisit this fantasy, sit down and pen down your deepest feelings into a heartfelt love letter. This is by far the least expensive item on our list, but is the most heartfelt. No woman can hear enough of how much her man loves her, and this feeling is something that is always beloved. Use handmade paper and rich ink to write something sweet and meaningful for your girl. You can rest assured that it will be safeguarded and cherished forever!

4. Displays of Affection

Continuing the trend of surprises- show up at her work place with a sweet message! Remember to get prior permission from her superiors at work. If your SO is stuck at work during the most romantic day of the year, take the romance to her and surprise her at work! Bring a picnic basket, some flowers, chocolate and a special gift for her, and get suited up. Wait and watch as she gets the surprise of her life! You could also read her something sweet, or serenade her with a song as she walks up to you.

3. Sky-high!

If your sweetheart’s love takes you to the moon and back, show it to her in a creative way with some skywriting! Hire a skywriter to write a special message for your girl in the sky! Bring together her friends and family and surprise your girl with a romantic message in the sky. To prove that the sky is the limit, you can also take her skydiving or on a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloon rides are unique, and the feeling of being at thousands of feet above the ground is super special, with some champagne and a loved one to share the memory with. Add some skywriting to the mix and you’re all set!

2. A Jewel for your Jewel

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! Bring some sparkle into your woman’s life and gift her some beautiful jewelry! From necklaces, ear rings and rings, deck your woman up in sparkling diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. If you’re planning on popping the question, there’s no better day and no better way! Find a beautiful ring and surprise her on Valentine’s Day, getting down on one knee and paving the way to a lifetime of happiness. You can also choose personalized jewelry and etch your initials or a special date, to remember your special bond for posterity.

1. Sweep Her Away

Go all out and make your Valentine’s Day something you’ll never forget by going on a long trip with your SO! Plan the whole trip beforehand, get permission from your girlfriend’s workplace and make all other arrangements. Did you see your girl sigh and whimsically wish for a vacation at an exotic resort? Make it happen and plan a romantic getaway! Be it to sunny Bali, romantic Paris or bustling Las Vegas, take your Valentine’s Day plans to a whole new level and wow your woman with this idea. After everything has been planned, get down on one knee and hand over the tickets to your girl with some flowers and chocolate. Picture perfect? We think so!

And there you have it! What surprise have you planned? How did it go? Let us know in the comments’ section below!