10 Unusual Chocolate flavours you must try

There is a certain kind of a magic in chocolate. It is self sufficient to uplift your mood and makes your heart sing and dance. A taste so mystical and soothing, that it is rumored to be God’s own delight. The food of Gods!

Furthermore, as if the heaven could get any better, they started pairing it with other delicious kinds of stuff. Almonds, Cashew nuts, raisins, strawberries, coconut, peanut butter, hazelnut, oranges, caramel, even vodka flavoured chocolates have hit the market. When something is as delicious and addictive as chocolate, the ways to experiment with its flavour are unlimited. The weirder the tastier!

So, here is a tribute to the food of Gods, in the form of 10 unusual chocolate flavors that you MUST try;

1. Bacon

There is something about those strips of pig’s belly that makes your belly ache with hunger. Now, mix it with chocolate and you have the best of both worlds.  It may sound weird, seeing that bacon is a savoury item and chocolate is a sweet. But, opposite to the popular opinion saltiness of bacon and the sweetness of a chocolate is a match truly made in heaven. Try it and see for yourself. 

2. Tobacco

Many would probably say; tobacco? Surely no! It is abominable. But, a chocolatier Dominique Persoone, has actually made 60 different types of Tobacco Chocolate Truffles. Moreover, a brand Havana has managed to marinate cigar leaves with rum and cognac and mixed it with chocolate to create a new kind of addiction for those nicotine lovers. Maybe you could try to get rid of your tobacco addiction by incubating a chocolate addiction! *wink*.

3. Salt Chocolate

Salt with chocolate? This must be a joke!  What can those little crystals add to something that is already so perfect? But, you won’t know unless you taste it. The combination of sweet chocolate and salt is a unique one that should be on your bucket list. There are various salt chocolate bars doing rounds in the market, ranging from Alderwood smoked salt bars to Himalayan pink salt bars.


4.Chai chocolate 

Yep, you have heard it right. Chai (tea) and chocolate! Two of your favorite things combined in one. The Dagoba chai chocolate bar is a mixture of tea spices, crystallized ginger, and milk chocolate, somewhat like the famous Indian ginger tea. Apart from that, you can also find “green tea” flavored chocolate bar by KitKat (nestle). Maybe you can lose some of those calories while enjoying this one.


5. Cheese chocolate

Cheese and chocolate, two of the most deliciously divine food items mankind has ever witnessed. The tangy and creamy taste of cheese and the heavenly dark chocolate provides the perfect mix of creamy sophistication. The KitKat Cheese Chocolate is one such chocolate bar in the market, that you can try. It contains 58% Gouda Cheese and milk chocolate, giving it a sweet, smoky and salty flavor of something that melts instantly in the mouth. Its flavors linger on the palette, enhanced by the crunchy wafers inside it. Also, it is easily available on almost all online stores.


6. Mushroom chocolate

Mushroom chocolate is one of the strangest flavors of chocolate you will find in the market. These are basically mushrooms covered with chocolate, or a ganache containing dried mushroom and dark chocolate. Opposite to what it may sound like, this mixture of mushrooms and chocolate gives a rich, creamy taste. The Shiitake mushrooms produce this chocolate containing 65% Peruvian chocolate and savory mushrooms. The chunks of mushroom that you can taste between bites are a real wonder. One problem with trying out this flavor is that it is not very readily available in the market. But, that should not keep you from mixing little sun-dried mushrooms with that tasty dark chocolate, the next time you make a chocolate at your home.


7. Ginger chocolate

They say ginger is good for a sore throat and chocolate is bad. But, what if the healing qualities of ginger and the deliciousness of chocolate are combined! The somewhat spicy and a little bitter taste of ginger mixed with all in all creamy and yummy milk or dark chocolate, creates a rich mouth watering taste. If you are a big fan of gingerbread or gingerbread cookies, the ginger chocolate is going to be your tiny piece of heaven. Moreover, tasting this chocolate bar is not going to be very problematic as it is produced by several brands and is readily available in the market. With this unusual combination, sore throat can only be your one true friend!


8. Chilli chocolate

Chillies in snacks and savory dishes are a necessity. Moreover, chilli is a very common kitchen ingredients. Why not try and mix it with good old chocolate. What can go wrong with mixing two things that are already so perfect on their own? So take a few pinches of chili powder, lots of dark chocolate and Voila! you have a marvellous creation. That is what several chocolate connoisseurs did ,and they got a fine tasting chocolate bars and ganache, that are very readily available in the market and are incredibly taste worthy.


9.Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel milk flavored chocolate is the result of culinary fantasies of Dubai’s reigning Sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. His company, Al Nassma is the first and the only company to ever create a camel milk chocolate. But camel’s milk in Dubai is considered liquid gold and thus, this chocolate has a very high value. Moreover, the chocolate is available in two forms; as a bar and as a hollow camel shapes. It is easily available at online stores, though a little costly. But, this one is going to be totally worth trying.


10. Chocolate-covered insects

Could there BE anything more unusual! These chocolates have tiny and yet crunchy dead insects such as an ant or cricket. It has a creamy taste of chocolate and lots of proteins from those insects.  As gross and ridiculous this sounds, it may as well be one of the whacky adventures that you may have in your life. Moreover, these chocolate covered insects are readily available on online stores, and can make up for a very fun truth and dare game. *wink*.  So, go for it, just do not get all panicky and scared if the chocolate melts and you see a dead ant or a cricket in your hand!

Apart from these, there are several more whacky and unusual chocolate flavors including the ones with pig’s blood chocolate, soy sauce chocolate, and sweet potato chocolate. I guess something as good as chocolate deserves to be mixed with everything eatable. So, are you ready for some delicious, heavenly and yummy experimenting? I bet it is going to be absolutely amazing. Because, you know, what can go wrong with some chocolate in life.