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10 Ways how Money can buy you Happiness

What is happiness? Fulfilling all your desires? Achieving all your life goals? Getting your dream job? Or finding the love of your life? Far too many people carry with themselves, the idea that happiness has to be a destination, and in their pursuit of the so called ultimate happiness they forget to stop and enjoy the little joys that life offers them daily. They think that if they wait long enough, for something to happen, only then, life will reward them with lots of happiness, and they’ll have a fairy tale life; living happily ever after. They never realize, that rather than waiting for happiness they can create it for themselves. Fairy tales exist, but you’ve gotta get up and write your own tale. Happiness is an ephemeral feeling. It comes and goes. It is made up of small moments, and you’ve gotta design these moments for yourself. YOU more than anyone else in the world, have the power to create your own happiness. Do not listen to people who tell you otherwise, because we are giving you a list of top 10 ways you can buy your own happiness.

10. Books:

If there is a place in this world, where you can exchange your money for tickets to another world filled with magic and bliss, it definitely has to be a book store. Go visit one and splurge on books. Books take you to places, when you have no where else to go, so always keep books around. That way you’ll know that you can escape to your favorite places whenever life gets tough in the real world.

9.Good Food:

Foodgasm is a real thing and happiness can be cooked, it smells delicious and is found at restaurants and cafes. Take your tongue on a treat to the best restaurants in your city. Spend lavishly on their specialties. Or try all kinds of dishes Chinese, Continental, Thai, Indian. Do not count the calories, they are gonna burn themselves eventually. Forget everything and savor every bite.

8. Travel:

Once in a while, we all deserve a break from our monotonic lives. Fly off to a place miles away from home. Spending money on travelling is like investing on yourself. You get to explore the world, you gain different perspective about life, and you learn priceless life lessons, which are not taught in schools and colleges. Travelling solo will build your self confidence, educate you in a way no institution ever will and help you make lots of new friends from around the world. Learning about the culture of different places will broaden your mind. In a way travelling doesn’t give you temporary happiness, it makes you a happier person for your lifetime. It leaves you with unique experiences, which become memories that stick with you forever.

7. Buy something you love:

Whether its an expensive designer dress, an exclusive merchandise signed by your role model, a diamond jewellery set or your dream car. The best way to put your hard earned money to good use, is buying something you love and have wanted to possess since childhood. Your heart will dance with joy when you’ll flaunt your newly bought priced possession in front of everyone.

6. Spend on yourself:

It’s time for some self love. Take yourself out on a date to a restaurant and eat like nobody is watching. Or go out for shopping and splurge on your favourite items like perfumes, clothes, footwear, stationary etc. Make sure that at the end of the day, your shopping bags are filled with all your favourite stuff and your heart brimmed with joy.

5. Gifts: 

Yes! money can buy smiles on other people’s face too. Be a Santa and buy your loved ones something they have been longing for since ages. Be it a silk sari for your mom, a watch for your dad, a Chanel perfume for your best friend; the key here is to know the right gift and you’ll be rewarded with a million dollar smile and lots of love. There is nothing more satisfying, than being the reason for someone’s happiness.

4. Experience:

Indulge yourself in the pure bliss of a massage therapy. Or go for a relaxing and unique experience of doctor fish pedicure. You can also try an exotic full body spa. Let your muscles relax as you release all the stress and you’ll feel happy from within.

If you are adventurous enough, you can go for a breathtaking experience of sky diving.  You might feel scared at first but, nothing compares to the rush you feel during a free fall. Other thrilling experiences include  bungee jumping, scuba diving and paragliding. Well! the list of happy experiences money can buy is endless, make sure you buy the best one out there.

3.  New Hair Style:

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel

A new hair cut not only changes the way you look, it transforms the way you feel about yourself. It makes you feel confident, radiant and rejuvenated. Hair experts believe that something as small as a haircut can be the spark that ignites creativity and courage. It can also be used to mark the closing of one life chapter, and the beginning of a fresh new page.  So what are you waiting for? Add a little colour to your hair by getting highlights, go all the way and try shades like burgundy or blue. Get some bangs or get a complete make over with a pixie cut. Do not care about what others will think, do it for yourself.

2. Dogs:

Who said money can’t buy friendship, when these babies are available with price tags at a pet shop. Buy yourself a loyal companion, who will actually be there for you through thick and thin. And when you are having a rough day, how satisfying it is, to know that your furry companion awaits you at home? Always ready to cheer you up with its adorable techniques. The best part about buying a dog is that, you have a variety of breeds to choose from. You can buy a German shepherd to guard your house, or a friendly golden retriever or an obedient poodle. But always remember, no matter which dog you choose, it is sure to bring lots of happiness in your life.

1. Learning a new skill:

Well this one requires more than just money. Investing on yourself is the smartest way of putting your money to good use. So, go ahead and take up some classes on music, cooking or painting. Spending money on self development pays off. Furthermore, what else can be more gratifying than becoming a better version of yourself?