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10 Weird Laws from Around the World that are sure to make you Laugh

The information age is advancing at incredible pace. Everything is getting organised to perfection. Like, you can now book a show, train, etc. by a mere order to Google Assistant, just a decade earlier it was supposed to be such a hassle. But even in today’s world, weirdness has not lost its place. Some people say weird others say unique. Well, we all are a bit wacky, so, who’s to judge? Theirs no denying that weirdness is what that keeps things interesting and funny. Variety is the spice of life. And spices do add taste to your cuisines. So, embrace and enjoy your weirdness.

Here we are reviewing the weirdness in the world’s organisation. So, we have come up with a compilation of 10 Weird Laws from around the World that are sure to tickle your funnybones:-

1) Topless ⇒ Clerks at a Fish Store! Liverpool

This law highlights the out of box thinking of our lawmakers. Can anyone relate a topless attire to a clerk, that too, in a fish store? In Liverpool, there is a law that allows only the clerks at a tropical fish store to go topless publicly and anyone else shall be penalised. However, Liverpool is not a state, its a city. Therefore, it may not be an actual law but a by-law.

2) Knock any door to go for loo

If the previous one made you question the state of mind of the lawmakers, this one is a no-brainer. As the legislator must be under intense pressure, I mean literal pressure. In Scotland, there is a law under which it is illegal to deny a person to use your toilet, even if he is a complete stranger. Now take that for a security clearance. This one though turns out to be an urban myth. However, it may have been a law at some point in history.

3) 60 miles per hour speed limit but for a driverless vehicle

As the Red Chillies song goes “Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement”. We don’t need to say to prove it that California is certainly one step ahead of the world and so are their laws. One certain law states that a driverless vehicle cannot exceed 60 miles per hour. Well, let’s just hope that it is in reference to self-driving cars because we all know California knows how to party.

4) Fire! Better not have a dinner there

Like we could not have figured it out on our own. Any sane person won’t like to dine at a place on fire, right? Well, Chicago has made a law which questions the sanity of its citizens, I guess. As it states that it is punishable to have a meal at a place on fire. At least you won’t be seeing yourself behind bars for that unless you are an over the top barbeque lover or a roast enthusiast.

5) Detonated Nuclear device, Destroyed City ⇒ No problem pay $500

The world is on its edge whether North Korea would be bombing a nuclear anytime soon. This makes me really confused about whether this one is a law or simply an understatement. There is no way that a nuclear detonation can be that much cheap. This one again comes from California Chico which states that a nuclear device detonation is punishable by a fine of $500.

6) It is illegal for Japanese citizens to be FAT

Now, at least we are entering the sane and justifiable realms as this law has some the best interests of the citizens. But still, it is a bit interjectory to the lifestyle of Japanese citizens. It is estimated that the obesity issue will cost Japan a whopping 800 billion dollars. This measure was imminent. All the citizens above 40 age would be examined. Men should maintain a waistline of under 40 inches whereas women must have a below 35-inch belly. However, one should still feel pity for the Sumo fighters.

7) Compulsory to smile

Here comes the all smiles law from the iconic city of Milan. It is compulsory for its citizens to smile at all times and caught frowning would cost you a $300 fine. Like it would need any saying, you would be smiling from the moment you step foot in Milan but still, the government has ensured it. Let’s just hope that they have included an exception for funerals and hospitals.

8) Forgot your wife’s birthday ⇒ Criminal Offence!

In Samoa, forgetting your wife’s birthday will be the worst thing you shall ever do and the law is going to assure that. There is an actual law that terms forgetting your spouse’s birthday as a crime. Seeing the proceedings of such cases must be a comical treat! However, there is a silver lining to this law, as the citizens of Samoa would not get the unlawful punishment from their wife, at least.

9) In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder

Murder is a very serious crime but how the hell can wearing a bulletproof vest could worse the case. Maybe it adds the incident to the organised crime category. That’s why New Jersey has a law that makes it illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder. Do tell us what do you make of this one.

10) Can’t name your own child

Scandinavia constitutes the most livable countries in the world. But still, it has its own cons like this one. In Denmark, parents can’t name their own child. One of the primitive purpose of a parent is giving their baby an identity yet in Denmark, it doesn’t work that way. Every year the government publishes a list of names and the parents have to choose the names they like to keep for their young ones from that list. Seems like their government have a lot of time.

So, there you have it. These were the 10 weird laws that authorities may have published right from a comic or a joke book. We may have omitted some laws. So, share them with us the comment section. And do let your weirdness roll over.

Now, since you stayed with us this long. To cap it off, we have an extra eccentric law to indulge you  with:

# Don’t die in Parliament, its illegal

Just when you thought you had your fill of absurdity today. Here comes another bizarre law that forbids anyone to die inside of the British House of Parliament. Yes, a death in British Parliament won’t be mourned but it would be unlawful. However, it would curious to know the punishment for such an offence. And I am sure that death doesn’t come under the Queen’s jurisdiction, or does it?

Written by Taru Dev Tewari

Passionately Inquisitive, Anytime Stroller, Adamantly Driven, Compassionate:- These words define me enough