10 Weird Uses Of Vicks

It might be resting on our dressing tables, bathrooms and inside drawers, futile since days and months. Commonly used as an ointment for cough and cold, it gets to see the daylight only during winters. But not anymore. Because after reading the below list, it is going to become the most used thing in your everyday routine. So what are you waiting for? Read On.

10. Kitty At Bay

If you own a pet cat your plight is universally known and you need not tell about the condition of your furniture. Your new leather sofa, the freshly painted door, the Gothic cupboard and everything that you purchased with so much of zeal, would have definitely fallen prey to the claws if your kitty. She will gaily put her claws to work, leaving you both sad and infuriated. There were times when cat owners frantically looked for solutions and they have found it in most unexpected of the the things. Vicks VapoRub! Yes, you read it right. The smell of this ointment is unbearable for felines and keeps them yards away from its source. So, something that cures homo sapiens drives felines crazy.


9. Horses at focus

Perfumes, deodorants and scents are widely used to keep body odour at bay. However, nowadays they have developed another use for the sake of marketing i.e. to attract opposite sex. Television commercials of such fragrances rule the ad breaks. But you know what? It is only our race that wants to subdue body odour and replace it something more pleasant. It is so because other animals are naturally gifted with good smelling body odours. You might be thinking of the partiality of the All Mighty and silently complaining. But this favour to other animals is a curse in disguise. The reason is obvious – distraction. Male horses tend to get distracted or attracted, whatever you may choose to call it, by alluring odours of ponies. And so horse owners have to use vicks to keep their horses focused during races.

8. Potty Training

Pet owners have complained of their animals peeing almost anywhere. From house entrances to drawing rooms to bedrooms, nothing has been spared from the notoriety of these pets and their owners gave been reduced to mere sweepers. But amazingly it is an ointment that has come to rescue of such owners. It is Vicks. The pets loathe its smell and think twice before approaching the area where it is kept. So, if you are beleaguered pet owner, use your wits along with the Vicks.


7. Mosquito Repellent

While deep in your slumber, have you ever been woken up by a buzzing voice in your ear? Isn’t it irritating? And have you had your those red rashes on your skin after a mosquito bite? We have all, sometime or the other in our life been cursed by the wrath of that mighty mosquito. And of course, we have cursed them as well. As an obvious resort, we have all turned to mosquito repellents widely advertised and available. But let’s admit it, their smell is unbearable and awful and many a times put us to embarrassment as well. To get away from all the irritation and stink, people have now started using Vicks VapoRub. Though it sounds weird, the fact isn’t short of truth. It is so because Vicks has which is a natural mosquito repellent.

6. Beats Stress

10 days before exams and stress is like a permanent guest. Kids take to deep breaths and meditation to keep fear at a bay. Real men rely on beer and whiskey and legends consume Vicks. Oh yes! Vicks! Obviously, drugs like Ecstasy were their first option but apart from being banned they are very expensive. So students have started consuming Vicks and iodex because it helps them remain awake for long and also keeps stress at a bay. These petrochemical products allow students to remain up for 20-24 hours. These students consume Vicks and iodex with bread and claim that it enhances their performance.


5. Toenail Fungus

In the hurry of getting ready for workplace, we try to get away with our daily chores quickly and leave the house. Doctors describe it as one of the major reasons for toenail Fungus. While getting on our socks and footwear, we don’t pay any heed towards our still-damp-from-bath feet and quickly cover them. The water inside our socks penetrates into skin giving rise to Fungus which slowly spreads. It is not only a source of immense pain but also looks very disgusting. To remedy this problem, Vicks VapoRub can be used. It is so because Vicks has thymol which stagnates the fungus where it is and prevents it from spreading. You just have to apply Vicks twice or thrice a day and cover your feet with socks. The rotten toenail will grow out and you can easily cut it off.


4. Acne No More

Acne during teenage is a wide problem nowadays. Though a small, they develop at weird places on face thus putting people to a lot of embarrassment. And yes they develop instantly thus destroying our party faces many a times and causing panic. A face wash or a cream may not be very useful in provide providing respite from this little red thing. At such a panicky situation, something as trivial as Vicks can come to your rescue. Once you use this remedy, you will realise how easy it can be to get rid of acne without squeezing those face wash and cream tubes. You just have to apply a dab of Vicks on the acne and wait to see it gone. It is so because Vicks has menthol which provides relief from swelling.


3. Cracked Heels Got Glib

Cracks heels are a plight. It aches during walking, looks extremely bad and it gets very difficult to take socks off. The blood that oozes out of those cracks inflicts a lot of pain. Who would not want to get rid of them? Our moisturizer and creams have failed to do their job on this part of our body, thus leaving us to agony. But don’t worry, Vicks is at your rescue. You have to first clean your feet with water, apply Vicks and massage gently, and cover your feet for rest of the night. The next morning, you have to wash it off again. If you follow this process for about a week, you will be amazed to see the results.


2. Goodbye Stretch marks

Were you a fat kid and realised during teenage that inflated thighs and a burgeoning stomach aren’t really cool? It’s the same story with almost every kid. Then the gym visits get frequent and yoga lessons become an important part of daily schedule. And this hard work actually pays you. You shed so many kilos to discover a thinner and leaner you. The feeling is amazing. But our skin is left with those weird looking Stretch marks which make wearing short dresses and hot pants almost impossible. After so much hardwork and sweat, you can’t even wear good clothes. Obviously, it feels bad. Did you know you can get rid of these stretch marks with the help of Vicks. You just have to apply Vicks on your thighs and leave them for the night and after a few days, you will witness vanishing stretch marks.


1. Pain in Muscles

In today’s scenario people do not have time for each other. The workload on even a little kid is humongous. Be it an officer or a labourer, everyone is engrossed in their work. And of course, it comes with side effects to our bodies. Be it excessive typing or overload of bricks on a head, whatever occupation people are into, 1 out of every 3 people suffer from muscle ache and yes it is very difficult to bear it. And in such beleaguered times, a bottle of Vicks may come to your rescue.