12 Awesome Total Fun Drinking Game Ideas

If you have ever been to parties, you know that they aren’t deemed to be awesome because they serve milk. The proposition of having alcohol in a party makes it seem interesting even before you get to know whose on the guest list. Alcohol is the very definition of fun for a number of people these days. Why should we not make parties more memorable? We are only young once, wouldn’t you prefer to have wild stories that you can reminisce about later on? We have been playing games at every party since we were five years old. What if we mix alcohol with games? Here are a few games that will definitely make your parties more memorable –

 12. Thumper –

Every party has a bunch of people who start dozing off as soon as they ingest alcohol. This game has been especially created for them. All you need to do is drink and sit around a table. Then you choose a hand sign, any as per your wish. People around you start thumping on the table as you make your sign and then with someone else’s sign. Now the person whose hand action was done, repeats his own action and then someone else’s. Whomsoever takes time or makes the wrong sign or hand gesture has to drink.

11. Straight Face –

This is definitely a challenging game for drunk people as keeping a straight face becomes almost impossible when drunk. All you have to do is write whatever you want on a piece of paper that you believe can make someone crack up. Then, all these chits are to be assembled in one place where the others will pick it up one by one and read them out. They are supposed to read them aloud without laughing or reacting in any way. If they react even a slightest bit, they have to drink.

10. Drunken Artist –

This game is like Pictionary for drunk people. If you are bad at drawing without consuming any alcohol whatsoever, then you will be very bad at it when drunk. Forming groups, a person will provide both the teams with a word that has to be drawn. It will be drawn on a pad where the members of the same team can guess the picture. Time has to kept in check. If someone guesses it right, they have to drink for every twenty seconds that were spend. For example- If 1 minute 20 seconds went by to guess the picture, then the person has to take 4 gulps. Although if the member gives up because of poor drawing skills, then the artist has to drink.

9. Flip Cup –

There are two teams that are supposed to compete in this game. They stand opposite to each other with drinks at both the edges of the table. Everyone is supposed to finish their drink and then proceed to flip their cup in an upside down position. Once one member flips, the other can proceed. The team who completes the task first wins.

8. Buzz –

It is known to be one of the easiest games, but is definitely much harder than it looks. which is much harder than it looks. All you have to do is start counting numbers in a circle. You have to say every number except 7(any number) and its multiples. Instead of that you have to say buzz, whomsoever messes it up, drinks.

7. Bite the Bag –

This fun game involves a bag to be played with. A bag is kept in the center of your group and has to be lifted with your mouth. Remember, no hands allowed. With each passing round an inch of the bag gets trimmed. Hence anyone who could not pick it up using their mouths or took aid of their hands has to drink. This procedure continues till the bag is at the very bottom.

6. Most Likely –

In this game all you have to do is sit in a circle and ask questions related to ‘most likely’. Eg- “Who is most likely to pee in the open”, then after counting to 3, people point their fingers towards the person they think can do it. If the maximum number of fingers are pointed towards one person, a drink has to be taken. The conversation during and after the game will be interesting as well.

5. Cup Swap-

Two cups are provided to the person playing it. One is filled with an alcoholic beverage and the other one is empty. You have to transfer the drink from one to the other using just a spoon within a minute. After one minute, the quantity left in the original cup has to be drunk by the player since he was unable to pour it in the cup.

4. Medusa –

Everyone is required to sit in a circle with a table that has a lot of shots on it. People put their head down and lift it up on a count of three. You have to stare at any person you want to as soon as you lift your head. If the person you stare at is not looking at you, then you are considered to be safe but if you look exactly in someone’s eye, you have to shout ‘MEDUSA’ and take a shot. Continue this till you get drunk.

3. Concoction –

This task requires you to have a strong digestion. All you have to do is roll the dice. The number that pops up is the number of treats to be mixed for you to consume. Eg- if 3 comes up, then your friends can mix Doritos, M&Ms or any dip for you to eat it. If you eat it, they have to drink. If you refuse to do so, then you have to drink. Hope you feel better in the morning.

2. Attached at The Hip –

This game can be an ice breaker as it brings two people closer, quite literally. A few body parts are listed on a piece of paper, the part mentioned has to be attached to the body part mentioned in the other’s piece. Eg-you have to attach your elbow to the back of your partner because of the parts mentioned in your slips. You have to be attached to your partner for as long as you can, if you leave then you have to drink.

1. Slip It IN-

Before the arrival of your guest, text them a ‘slip in’ phrase that they have to bring up in any conversation throughout the party. It is their obligation to put in the phrase during a normal conversation. If you do it smoothly in a way that no one catches you, then you get to make them drink. Although, if they recognize it and call you by your phrase then you are the one who has to drink. Possible slip in phrases can be “I hate coconut water”, “game of thrones is not so cool”, etc. It is based all on the imagination of the host.

You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience if you decide to bring up these games to your party. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have tons of fun by mixing alcohol with these activities!. Go ahead and enjoy these games with your friends, and you are bound to have one of the best parties of your life.