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12 Beautiful Type of Dance Forms

One avid memory of my childhood is getting back from the school and sitting in front of the Tv watching my favourite dance shows. I remember growing up watching every dance show possible. Yes, I was crazy for dance and I even remember matching the steps of the famous songs which came on Tv. Are you feeling me in this scenario? Were you a similar kid as well? Watching the dance shows these days makes me wonder how much dancing has evolved with time. Previously, there were few dancing sensations who were famous worldwide but now every dancer or dancing contestant is unique in his own moves. There are various beautiful types of dance forms which I feel every dance lover must know about and learn if you get a chance.


This list of the most beautiful type of dance forms is incomplete without Fandango which is a dance style of Iberia. This is a beautiful couple dance where the dancers have to tap their feet quickly to the music. They have to change their positions as swiftly as the music changes. They even have to clap along with the music to create the rhythm. The guitar music and Fandango go hand in hand beautifully.


A foxtrot is a dance form in which you have to cover the entire stage while performing it. It is generally done on live music along with the big bands. The dance moves are fast and fluid. The couples perform this dance form and go on covering the entire space with their fluid movements.


We are talking about some of the most beautiful types of dance forms and Apsara is surely one of them. This is a dance form from Cambodia. The dancers wear beautiful outfits with a huge headgear which looks artistic. There are various stories behind this dance form and the dancers perform this gracefully depicting the tale.


Mujra is one of the beautiful types of dance forms from the Mughal era. Bollywood tries to keep this dance style alive through their cinema. The dance form is done by the women only. It was originally done in the court full of men to please them. The songs on which it is performed are ghazals or fusion ghazals, generally. The dancers wear beautiful attires to show their elegant dance moves.


Adume is the traditional dance form of the Africans. The steps of this pretty dance form are elegant and feminine. The dancers make sure that they are doing this gracefully. Basically, this dance form is done by the natives of Africa on their regional festivals in Tanzania and Kenya. The entire body part is used while performing this dance form.


Tango is the dance form which started somewhere in or near Argentina. Now, this dance style has spread to almost every part of the world. The Tango dance involves sweeping steps of the feet. Undoubtedly, this form is totally sexy and if the couples know to do it well, they can set the stage on fire. Teaching Tango is quite a  difficult task for the trainers as it requires a lot of practice.


This is the Arabian or the Middle Eastern dance form and is most popular in their culture. As the name says, this dance is all about the movement of the belly and the hips area. This is an energetic and a fast dance form which is done on fast Arabic music. The outfit of the dance form is all blingy and jazzy with tassels tied around the waist and belly area.


Hip Hop dance is also called as the Street Style dance. It is a freestyle dance which is popular worldwide. The Hip Hop dance is obviously done on the hip-hop music to match with the beats and taps. The hip-hop culture of United States is represented by this dance style. The steps of this dance form are done by being close to the floor. It is all about being energetic while doing this dance.


One of the most beautiful types of dance forms which are romantic is Waltz. It is a popular dance form from Vienna. It is basically a form of ballroom dance and the couple is supposed to perform around each other rather than moving forward. One unique feature of this dance form is that the couple must not lose their intensity and cannot go far from each other. They have to stay and dance together keeping the link connected. Hence, there should be a strong chemistry between the dancers.


France does everything most pleasingly and one small proof is their dance form which is ballet. Ballet can undoubtedly top the most beautiful type of dance forms list. It is an elegant dance form in which you have to follow the discipline. The dancers need to stand on their toes while performing it. You need to be stiff and correct in the posture because incorrect posture can break your entire performance. Contemporary and classical ballet are the two types of ballet dance forms. Ballet dance form is done alone and in groups. The dancers look like dolls in their Ballet attires. It is a sophisticated style of dance.


Flamenco is one of the most beautiful dance forms of Spain. One needs to be really energetic while performing this dance as you have to constantly tap your feet on the rhythm. You simply cannot be lazy and lay behind. The moves of the dance form are seductive and expressive. The best part of this dance form is the outfit which is worn. It is extremely voluminous and flowy and it blends with the steps. The hairstyle of the dancers is also a highlight as they wear some beautiful flowers while performing it.


I take a small advantage to say that Salsa is my favourite dance form. This is the dance form of Cuba but it is highly practised and done all over the world. Every dancer loves to tap their feet on Salsa. It looks extremely beautiful to see a couple performing a Salsa dance form with the Salsa music playing in the background. It is a dance form paying a lot of stress to the correct posture. Salsa dance is sexy and the couple performing it must have a strong chemistry between them and it should be clearly seen by the audience as well.

These were some of the most beautiful types of dance forms from around the world. These are beautiful because of their steps, appearance and the way they are presented. Dance forms we have talked above are popular even today and different variations have been given to them in form of music and steps. The dance form looks even more pleasing if there is a story attached to it. We see lots of new emerging dancers who perform all kinds of dance forms on stage with their own style added to it. Dance is all about one’s own imagination and its representation on the stage.


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