12 Characteristics and Traits of a Taurus Sun Sign

A Taurus has always maintained some sort of a balance of positive and negative traits. Just when you’re about to judge them as the lazy ones they come across with a reliable and ambitious attitude ready to take on to the world and achieve goals at great heights. They have both positive and negative qualities but nevertheless, they tend to impress every person with their charm and ‘down to earth’ nature. They’re easy to talk to and comfortable to be around, but only if they allow you to be. As I said, quite the tricky kind. Here are some of the good and bad qualities of a Taurus that’ll help you decide whether you should hang out with them or stay off a clear distance. Top 12 characteristics and traits of a Taurus Sun Sign:


1. Patient

They’re incredibly patient and kind when needed to be. They complete the task in a correct and right manner rather than completing the task first. They tend to take their time with things no matter how much the other person pushes them to be quick. If you want to be around a Taurus for a long time, make sure you’re ready to take things slow and calmly.

2. Reliable

Ever had to ask a friend for a favor? Of course. If you asked a Taurus to do you a favor, let me assure you, you will not be disappointed. Taureans are very self reliable as well. You’ll rarely see them taking help from anyone else. These are the kind of people that take their responsibilities very seriously. Whether it’s their job or someone else’s work, they’ll complete it with A-grade effort and come out as a very helpful person. You can absolutely depend on them for anything and they’ll come running to help you out. Never take it for granted though!

3. Down to earth

Taureans are simple and down to earth people. It means they’re not there to show off or flaunt things they have. They’re there to support you and be happy for your success rather than get jealous or envy you for having something they don’t (but they probably have it too). They would never let you feel below them and would always bring you up when you’re down. They’re a good sign to keep around when you’re feeling sad, because they’ll definitely know how to cheer you up. No, really! Hit them up! Call ‘em.

4. Independent

They’re very proud people. Yes they’ll agree to the amount of workload they have but you won’t see them hinting for help. No. Even if offered, they’d end up planning out and organizing time to complete their work before the deadline; by themselves. They’re too proud to beg for anything no matter how small it is. They’re lone wolves and like to be that way. They hardly rely on other people in order to avoid any disappointments. Have a problem? Solve it on your own. Others would just disappoint.

5. Spontaneous

The one sure thing to know about a Taurean is if you’re ever planning to meet them, don’t plan it. They’ll call you up suddenly and you’ll be sitting across them the very next hour. They’re spontaneous people ready for adventure at any second. You won’t ever see them planning things out perfectly like an organized person. They live their life in a thrill with no hints of what could happen next. So if you’re looking for adventures, Taurus is your perfect match.

6. Calm and collected

You won’t see a Taurus panicking. Ever! even when they’re under stress. They have a really good trait of being calm in every situation and being collected for every challenge. They’re ready for whatever comes in their way and keep their head up to hackle any hurdles. Even if everything around them is hustling they’d be sipping their cup of tea and planning out solutions rather than running about here and there thinking what needs to be done.

7. Trustworthy

They would never let you down. Sure everyone has their ups and downs but you can always trust them. They will come through for you. They’ll help you in times of need and they’ll be very attentive to your needs. You can always trust a Taurus. They genuinely care for people out there and are always there to give you hand with your problem. Well, if you ask for it. They’re not mind readers.

8. Possessive

Taurus signs can be a bit over possessive at times. They’re not always willing to share their things. It’s not that bad a trait but then again, it’s not all that good. A little possessiveness is always healthy but too much of it tends to become a little overwhelming. Especially if it’s possessiveness over a person. But they’re very understanding people and the right conversation would help them realize and adjust accordingly. Once they do get the gist of it they dial the possessiveness down to a ‘not so crazy’ zone.

9. Indecisive

They can never make a decision. Better be prepared to make all the decisions for you and for them because it can sometimes be really hard for them to make a decision. What ice cream flavor to pick? Where to eat? What course to take? What to major in? What to do with your life? Should I take a right or a left? Yeah. They’re pretty indecisive.

10. Realistic

There are some who live in a fantasy world and some who live hoping for things. Neither of them are a Taurus. Taureans like to keep their facts straight and see the world for what it exactly is. They weigh the good and bad for exactly how they are and form their image of things around them. They’re realistic and have a definite say of what is right and wrong. They won’t lie to please when it comes to what can happen and what should happen. They’ll blab the truth right out of what’s going to happen next without attaching it with any false hopes or sugarcoating the facts. They might seem bitter in situations like these, but they provide the best kinds of opinion you need at times.

11. Self obsessed

These are the kind of people who would put themselves before others. Of course, you should at times. But they don’t mean harm to anyone. They’re always worried about how they look or how they act and what people think of them 24/7. They tend to do everything consciously so that no one thinks ill of them. It’s a hard job. They love appreciating themselves and are pretty confident people. They’ll never let anyone criticize them. They’re always in their own world but it’s not a bad thing since they have it under control.

12. Judgmental

Taurus signs are highly judgmental. One look and they have you all figured out in their mind. They judge on appearances, behaviors and how you talk. Sometimes they’re wrong, sometimes they’re right but that doesn’t mean you have to be judged. This is probably a bit of a problem for a Taurus since it lands them into trouble at times but they heal the situation very quickly and recover any damage that has been done.

Keeping in mind all these traits of a Taurus, it doesn’t necessarily mean every single Taurus would have every single one of these traits. Some are different, some are deviant. But they all seem to have a basic underline of these characteristics. Nevertheless, they are very efficient, reliable and trustworthy people; always ready for your company.


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