12 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World

We all make a lot of effort to dress-to-the-occasion because life cannot be perfect, but our outfit can be. In fact, there’s much more to just mere clothing. In Mark Twain’s words, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” As a consequence, we tend to focus highly on the brands we wish to wear. The popularity and prestige associated to a particular brand appeals a shopper’s psychology more than local names. In fact, there is a major bias towards globally recognized brands and fashion labels. Because we wish to be appreciated for the cost we’ve spent buying those brands. Following the same, here is the ‘Top 12 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World’ list, based on the worth of clothing lines of these brands.

12-Dolce & GabbanaExpensive Clothing BrandsThe first among the ‘Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World’ order is D&G  which is an immensely popular Italian luxury fashion house. It was founded in 1985 in Legnano, Italy. The Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana came up with this venture when the two met in Milan to work for a fashion house. When they started working together, they came up with their own brand called Dolce and Gabbana. Most interesting is to note that in the 2000’s, D&G worked with Madonna to design for her music albums and world tours.Moreover, they have also designed for Missy Elliott, Beyoncé,Mary J. Blige and Oprah Winfrey. Apart from clothing, D&G have a huge customer base for footwear, handbags, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics.

11- Prada-

Expensive Clothing Brands

Prada, was founded by 1913 by Mario Prada with headquarters in Milan,Italy. It is an Italian luxury fashion house, for ready-to-wear clothing,shoes, leather handbags, travel accessories, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Prada is proudly associated to international actors and models such as Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Vanessa Axente, Suvi Koponen, Ali Stephens and Vlada. Furthermore, its subsidiaries include Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe, Pasticceria Marchesi, Luna Rossa and Fondazione Prada.

10-Giorgio Armani

Expensive Clothing Brands

Armani is one of the premium clothing brands well-known all around the globe. It is primarily known for its incredible clean and well-tailored lines. He formed the brand name in 1975, which soon became a fashion pioneer. He is especially known for the red-carpet ready looks and fashion statements.In the current times, the brand name is a class in its own. Be it clothes, fashion accessories, footwear or perfumes, Armani excels in all of these. Moreover, Armani also has a great series of Giorgio Armani phones. In addition, Armani teamed with Herrera Global for the Armani Hotel, located in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. With everything up-market, this had to feature in the Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands

It is a popular English luxury brand. The headquarters are located in the premiere city of London, England. Burberry is essentially known for its long coats called the ‘trench coats’, ready-to-wear apparel and fashion accessories to complement the look. These are high-end luxury fashion products, made out of the signature Gabardine fabric. This fabric is unique to the brand. Apart from these, Burberry sunglasses, fragrances and cosmetics are a hit in the market.


Expensive Clothing Brands

Next on the Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World, is Coach. The American duo own the Tapestry, Inc., that further owns three major brands- namely Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman. The brand has revolutionized the fashion market with its apparel for all kinds of occasions. Coach specializes in wearable including outerwear, watches, weekend and travel accessories, scarves, sun-wear, fragrance, jewelry, travel bags, and other lifestyle products.Coach recently marked its 75th anniversary, that is 2016. Furthermore, it announced its partnership with Selena Gomez, as the anniversary surprise.


07-Ralph Lauren Polo

Expensive Clothing Brands

Ralph Lauren of the Ralph Lauren Foundation is an American fashion designer. He is referred to as the 91st richest man in the world. His brand, Ralph Lauren Polo is a microcosm of elegance, style and finesse. The RL brand comprises of Double RL, Ralph Lauren Childrens-wear, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Chaps, and Club Monaco. It specializes in clothing, fragrances and accessories. All major functioning of the brand happens from New York.


Expensive Clothing Brands

The French venture, Hermes belongs to the Hermes family, that regularly feature on the Forbes’ list of top billionaires. It has millions of loyal followers from all over the world. The ready-to-wear apparel along with up-to-the-minute accessories to make the look noteworthy make the brand a popular favorite. Most of all, it has stood the strong against the current of changing fashion trends for over one hundred and eighty years. The brand forms expertise in high in glam quotient scarves, ties, men’s and women’s wear, footwear, gloves and much more.

Here are the leading 5 of the ‘Top 12 Most Expensive Clothing in the World’,


Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Gianni Versace or simple Versace is again an Italian brand. It came into existence in 1978. Gianni Versace, the founder chose the Greek goddess,‘Medusa’ as their official logo as she enticed and captivated people to fall in love with her. Versace wished that his brand and designs had the same effect on his customers. The brand specializes in bright designs and colorful patterns. Most interestingly, Versace partnered with the automobile giant, Lamborghini  to design selected models of the Lamborghini  Murciélago LP640 VERSACE. The car had Versace’s white satin interior as well as the Versace logo embroidered on the seats.

Next, on the Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World is,

04-Coco Chanel

Expensive Clothing Brands

More than a brand,Chanel is a story of woman’s courage and capacity for revolution. Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer as well as businesswoman. She along with Paul Poiret receive credit for Chanel’s path-breaking aid in the post-World War I era. To elaborate, the brand provided a means to liberate women from the constraints of the skin-suffocating  corseted silhouette. Instead, they popularized an alternative women’s wear in a sporty, casual and chic attire. This attire then became the new feminine standard of style. Thereon, there was no looking back.

03-Guccio Gucci

Most Expensive Clothing Brands

This biggest-selling Italian luxury clothing brand needs no introduction at all. We all might have heard of it every once in awhile. It’s parent company is Kering. In 2009, Top Global 100 Brands chart by Interbrand, Gucci featured in the early 50. Moreover, it also features in the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list, occupying the 38th spot. Gucci has ready to wear clothes for men as well as women. Thus, it is a wide range of dresses, jackets,coats, shirts and denims. Most importantly, Gucci has had a partnership with UNICEF. Owing to this partnership, the Gucci stores globally donate some percentage of the sales towards the United Nations Children’s Fund.

02-Louis Vuitton

Expensive Clothing Brands

LV features at the 10th position under the Forbes’ list of World’s Most Valuable Brands. LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE is an European multinational luxury goods conglomerate. It is a venture by a  French native, Bernard Arnault. The CEO and Chairman is Michael Burke. It has its headquarters in Paris. Some of the famous LV subsidiaries in clothing and apparel are Fendi, Givenchy, Kenzo, Loewe, Marc Jacobs and Moynat. LV is famous for cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, watches and wines.

01- Leading on the Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World is, Christian Dior SEMost Expensive Clothing Brands in the World

Every mention of glamorous and leisurely apparel definitely has to feature Dior. It is a French businessman Bernard Arnault’s European business of luxury goods and apparel. In addition, he also heads Louis Vuitton, which is the world’s largest luxury group. Moreover, Dior holds up to 42.36% shares and 59.01% voting rights of Louis Vuitton. It has its headquarters in Paris,France. Furthermore, the House of Dior has clothing for almost all occasions. Thus, these are party wear,office wear and knitted as well woven.  

So, this was the list featuring the Top 12 Most Expensive Clothing Brands. Make sure you note them down in your next shopping wishlist.