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12 Important Himalayan Salt Uses & Benefits

At the very place where the Great Himalayas stand today, used to be a primordial sea dating back to 250 million years. It used to be a serene water body nurturing a perfect ecosystem. As the tectonic plates moved with time, the Himalayas grew gigantic with time and the sea underneath evaporated under the heat of the Sun to leave a giant bed of what we know of as the “Himalayan Pink Salt” now. It is mostly crystallized life-sustaining mineral. The environmental conditions under which it was formed let it retain all the natural minerals and is one of the purest forms of sea salts in this planet. It is highly healthy as compared to other processed and bleached sea salts that most of us use on a daily basis.

To expose you with essentially important Himalayan salt uses as well as benefits, here is an article that makes sure you don’t miss out on having an improved and healthier life.


12. Mix it in your food

This is quite obvious. If you’re looking for the simplest of ways to enjoy the health and benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt, just swap it with whichever refined salt you have been using all this while. Of course, don’t forget to take an advice with your dietician but as long as the benefits are concerned, there sure are many. Adding just a pinch of Himalayan salt to all your beverages improves hydration. It supports thyroid and adrenal function, well the list goes on. Why not, it holds 84 traces of minerals vital for wellbeing.


11. Detoxer

There are so many good things that you must have heard about the Himalayan Salt Detoxer. If not, it uses a similar mechanism as by salt lamps. A bulb warms the Himalayan salt inside a dome-shaped detoxer. Then, placing your hands and feet above the dome allow the generated negative ions to flow into your body. Do try, as it delivers a great sense of rejuvenation you don’t want to skip on. A cheap alternative would be to buy Himalayan salt slabs and warming them directly in an oven.


10. Detox baths

Oh boy, this must sound appealing. Add the Pink Salt to your bath tub and create a serene, rejuvenating, and relaxing at-home spa. No more need of spending bucks and bucks on outdoor spas. The salt water carries a healthy electrical charge along with the dissolved minerals. This activity helps draw out toxins and deeply cleanses the skin inside out. The water shall be lukewarm and stay in for more than 20 minutes because this is intense detoxification– the kind you need only once in a while.


9. Neti pot

Flush your sinuses with warm salt water and you’ve just reached a higher level of heaven. Ick factor aside, if you’ve been using Neti pot already, you can imagine the wonders it would do with Himalayan salt in hand. Nasal irrigation with this pot cleanses and purifies the sinuses impeccably. It eliminates seasonal allergies and acts as an antimicrobial agent to ward off infections. The Himalayan salt obviously asserts higher veracity and therapeutic properties than the refined salt for nasal irrigation.


8. Salt lamps

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are well popular for their purifying advantages. They basically draw moisture from the environment around to the lamp surface, due to the warmth of which the water start evaporating quickly. This evaporation causes negative ions to float in the air, shooing away all the needless junk like pollens, dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens. All of these are positive in nature and salt evaporation being negative in nature, neutralizes them in zero time. They are even believed to reduce the toxicity of electromagnetic frequencies.


7. Salt inhaler

Speleotherapy, already widespread in Europe uses benefits of the Himalayan salt to address to respiratory diseases and improve overall health. Since the 1800s, it has been a popular act to visit European salt mines, only to breathe in salt-rich air. The antibacterial and the antimicrobial properties do all their magic as they make way through your whole respiratory system. It is helpful in reducing asthma, seasonal allergies, coughs, chest congestion, lung functioning, and even skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.


6. Salt sole

Sole is made by fully saturating the water with unrefined salt. Starting each day with just a teaspoon of this powerfully detoxing and rejuvenating Himalayan Pink Salt would look no less than the elixir of your life. One, it detoxifies the body by balancing the pH balance. Two, it helps balance sugar level keeping a list of diseases away from your body. Three, the benefits go on and on. The need of just a jar and a packet of Himalayan sea salt makes this the easiest and cheapest step for everyone.


5. Salt block

This salt block helps you cook interesting, healthier and definitely tastier dishes for you and your family. The crystalline structure makes sure that the heat spreads on evenly rather than radiating from the middle and cooling along the edges. The amount absorbed depends on various factors like the oil content, thickness, and moisture level of the food, as well as the temperature of the block. But of course, the heat imparted, imparts beneficial essence along. What’s more, they go along sitting beautifully in your kitchen.


4. Salt foot tiles

Get yourself salt foot tiles and drain all your tiredness after a daylong work into them. It might sound strange to some, but this ritual is used quite popularly in spas. All you need is to heat up the foot tiles at a temperature of 350 degrees for five minutes, place them in a cotton towel, and simply rest your feet upon it. The tiles would draw out all the toxins and negativity and in no more than seconds would you start feeling as energetic as you were in the morning.


3. Salt balls

The salt balls prevent odor causing elements from forming, making it an ideal use as a deodorant or a body cleanser. When made purely of Himalayan salt, it balances body’s pH level and pushes the body odor away without stripping yourself off of essential natural oils. It can even prevent dry skin. Simply, rub the salt ball around wherever you tend to sweat a lot, like the underarm and feet.


2. Salt bowl

Here comes a whole another unique way of using Himalayan salt to best extents. Use a salt bowl in your kitchen for cooking amazingly delicious dishes, as it can withstand both extremely high and extremely low temperatures. It can be used to bake a dish or make frozen dishes like custard. Not just being durable, it is beautiful and adds a touch of lovely hue inside your kitchen by just sitting around idly.


1. Benefits explained

After all the ways, Himalayan Pink Salt can be used in explained, finally, comes the turn to summarize all the benefits it brings along. This natural salt is a great detoxifier as it must be already understood. It helps improve digestion and strengthens the body unimaginably. Along with balancing pH level of your body, it regulates hydration and lowers blood pressure too. Basically, it’s an all in one package which comes with a pretty face.