12 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

One of the most ornate icons of history, Albert Einstein, is someone who doesn’t require any introduction. He is certainly the most influential and popular physicist of all time as the word Einstein has become an immediate synonym to Genius. Best known for “The Mass-Energy Equivalence equation”, he is often termed as “The Father of Modern Science”. Undoubtedly, the brightest minds ever, his pioneering works on relativity and quantum mechanics opened a whole a new field of science. He sparked a revolution which brought the whole of space and time in the grasp of the scientists.

Besides having a jewelled life, he had his fair share of controversies. Here, we are going to give an insight into his life through these 12 Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein.

1) Einstein’s IQ > 160:-

One of the most stated fact about Einstein is, certainly, related to his intelligence quotient (IQ). The legend has it that he had an IQ of 160, which is one of the highest IQ in the world. However, he did not ever give an IQ test. It is only contemplated to be 160 or higher. Stephen Hawking also scored the same score. A score of 140 or above is considered of gifted intellect.

2) He was a talented musician:-

Many of his close friends recall that Einstein could easily have made a career in music. He was an incredibly talented violinist which can be surmised by the fact that his mother was a piano player. So, it may have run in his genes. He had even named his violin “Lina”.

3) He had relationships with 6 women:-

It is no secret that Albert was a very charming personality, so, it’s obvious that he worked it on women. He was married twice. His first wife was Mileva Maric, a fellow student at Zurich University, she was also a research scholar. However, their relationship went estranged as the families did not accept it due religious differences and they got divorced in 1919. In the same year, he married his cousin, Elsa Lowenthal. He is also reported to be having extramarital affair with his secretary.

Post his death, some of his letters reveal that he had three more relationships before and after marriages. It is certain that Einstein was not someone to be meant for monogamy.

4) He had an illegitimate child:-

This fact was not known until the late 1980s. It came to notice when Einstein and Mileva’s old correspondence where checked. The letters told about Mileva giving birth to a girl whom she named Lisarel. She was born a year before their nuptials and reported to be dead due to scarlet fever.

5) He had promised his Nobel Prize’s monetary earnings before even getting it:-

Well, with the immense and groundbreaking research in his store, it was quite clear that he would be getting the greatest scientific honour, Nobel Prize, sooner or later.  But, it is less known that he had offered the monetary gains of The Nobel Prize as divorce resources to his first wife, Mileva Maric, before even it being awarded to him.

 6) He was awarded Nobel Prize but not for The Theory of Relativity:-

As we all happen to know that Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity was the most popular, almost legendary, work ever published. It’s really surprising that he was awarded the accolade neither for The Special Theory of Relativity nor for Equivalence of Matter and Energy. It was his logical and brilliant explanations and observations on the Photoelectric effect that won him the prestigious award. Some people also considered The Relativity Theory too radical and thus, unacceptable and it remained insignificant till Edward Hubble proved it.

7) He should have been awarded The Nobel about a decade earlier:-

Being one of the most influential physicists, he was always in light of some controversy. Germany was undergoing major political changes, including The Rise of Hitler and The Jewish Unrest, and Einstein was always open to expressing his mind. This made many among the Nobel Committee upset enough to withhold the accolade from him. Philip Lenard, a Nobel Laureate, specifically, held Einstein in contempt for his support to Jews but at the suggestion of Carl Wilhelm Oseen, Einstein would receive the deferred 1921 prize, but not for relativity.

8) He had a larger brain, officially:-

His scientific aptitude was always a subject of fascination for the whole world. Even his death could not quench the curiosity surrounding him. The doctors conducting his postmortem cut his brain into 43 pieces and carried various examinations on it. It was deduced that it had a higher number of neurons connections than an average brain. Moreover, he was born with a larger brain as the size of its periotal lobes was considerably bigger than most.

9) He was offered the Presidentship of Israel:-

Albert Einstein was always open to the idea of forming a nation for Jews. So, as the idea of Israel was conceived, he showed his full support for it. Chaim Weizmann became the first president of Israel and served till death. Then, this position was offered to Albert Einstein, as he was one of the most popular and able jew. He declined it politely saying he was unequipped for the job but was deeply moved by the gesture.

10) He was against the creation of nuclear bombs:-

Einstein is often associated with the creation of nuclear weapons but it happens to be just the contrary. His Special Theory of Relativity explains how atomic energy can be harnessed from a small amount of matter, this is supposed to be the founding stone of the atomic bomb. He maintained a pacifist approach on this issue until Hitler’s intentions of creating a nuclear bomb caught his ears. He was persuaded to write a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to invoke the creation of atomic bomb, The Manhattan Project.

11) He renounced his citizenship twice:-

Einstein’s father had to move to Italy due to his business engagements. Einstein was held up in Germany against his own will. So, he decided to flee Germany and renounce his citizenship to avoid military service. He got admitted to Zurich Polytechnic and took up Switzerland’s citizenship. As he graced his scholastic brilliance, he was offered to become Director of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. So, he returned to Germany. However, Hitler’s ascent to power caused him to leave Germany, for the United States. He became a US citizen in 1940.

12) He was never a family man:-

Whether intentionally or not, Einstein neglected family matters. Many shreds of evidence revealed that he ignored his first wife and had set some weird rules for her. As obvious it is from his extramarital affairs, he was never meant for monogamy. He engulfed himself in his quest for answers instead of giving priority to his wife and his son, who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Here’s a bonus fact nugget for you, just for hanging around till the end with us:-

* He was an average student, as a whole:-

This one really comes out of the box as no one would expect the most brilliant person ever to be mediocre in studies. But it is true that Einstein was average in his studies except for one subject, Mathematics. This mediocre reputation did not leave him even in his college. In his second entrance exam, he failed in his first attempt, he barely passed other subjects excluding Physics and Mathematics in which he excelled.

Just like every other imminent icon, Albert Einstein too had his set of exceptional qualities and flaws. But there is no denying that he can still inspire many generations of not only scientists but the whole of humanity.

Written by Taru Dev Tewari

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