12 Similarities between Kids and Old People

Kids and old people have so much in common that we sometimes wonder how did we miss to notice these resemblance. And not to forget the fact that kids and the old people are so much genial.

No matter how these two people of these age groups are too similar. The kids are at their exploring best while the old ones are at reminiscing best. So, these two have really interesting similarities that no one can possibly disagree with.

Here is a list of similarities between these two age groups.

1. Cute

Yes, these two people of this age group are cute as a button with all positivity and negativity combined altogether. No matter how hard they can be at times for you to handle, they will always impress you with their sweetness and pure heart. The kids and the old people are very much alike as they let it out the same way as they are from the inside. With sweet and lovable behavior they are crystal clear with their feelings. It is hard enough not to love them despite of their nuisances.

2.Special treatment

They very well know how to get a special treatment from people around them. From getting something for themselves to getting things customized according to them, they know how to get it done. Whenever planning a big or a small change, their preferences or liking comes first before making any decision.

3. Patience

Taking care of kids or old people is not less than a challenge for anyone. Being surrounded by kids or old people teaches much more lessons than during schooling and any other higher educations combined. It’s a big challenge for anyone to handle any kid or an old person at their best or worst. It’s always a challenge for one to understand and be nice to them. Taking care of them or being surrounded by them actually tests your patience.

Grandfather and grandson playing computer games

4. Persuade

It’s very difficult to make any kid or an old person persuade. They sometimes might have a different point of view and changing their perception for any particular thing is really hard. It’s difficult to make them listen to different point of views or likewise make them agree to different point of views. Their mind-set is so strong that it is next to impossible to change their mind. To tell them anything, a new way needs to be introduced and has to be made believable and interesting.

5. Attached

Kids and oldies have this strange attachment with anything, whether be it something materialistic or towards someone. Kid’s attachment can be towards any toy, siblings, their parents or friends while the oldies love can be for a book, any significant object, grand kids or a relative. It is very easy for them to get excessively  attached to anything and anyone and it’s not a big deal for them. Nothing can replace that particular belonging they love by anything that won’t mean the same for them.

6. Attention seekers

Kids and oldies are a great attention seekers. People have mixed feelings about this trait of them. Sometimes, it might be adorable while at times it might turn out to be irritating or annoying to you. These people can go to lengths to have your attention, from having cough to crying and looking adorable. All they usually want is to be loved and get special attention or treatments by everyone around them.

7. Curious

There’s no limit to when it comes to how curious a kid or an old person can be. These two people of this age group are curious about each and every thing and wants to know everything possible, whether it be knowing what’s inside a box and what it does, how it does, why do you need it or what exactly a certain object is for, and how does it work. They want to know it all.

8. Good heart

As much as having a pure heart and being honest is good, but whether be it a kid or an old person they often do not realize what they are saying, to whom they are saying and where they are saying. However, this do result in an awkward situation for the people around them or the family members accompanying them.

9. Food

People of this age group, kids and oldies require a lot of special attention nutritionally. These two get bored with a monotonous food routine pretty much easily but still it is important to make sure to take care of their diet. It’s important to make them eat essential dietary food to supply them with proper vitamins and proteins as well as other healthy stuff and it’s not less than a task. They throw a lot of tantrums not to eat any of the monotonous food that do not suit their taste buds.

  1. Balance issues

Kids and oldies, both have balance issues. Kids fall of not being able to stand or stay for long and for not able to walk as they are still learning while the old people fall due to staying at a step or a position for too long while moving or getting up. They both need someone to check on them every second and consistently need a helping hand.

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  1. Slurred speech

It is as much similar to listening to someone totally drunk at a bar. Just replace the croaky voice with a squeaky one. Kids and oldies do have a slurred speech which is somewhat difficult at times to understand.

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  1. Cry at the drop of a hat

Kids and oldies are same enough. When it comes crying at loudest of their voices and crying unnecessarily, no one can beat them. Both of them will blubber all over you, pretty much like something close to their heart has been taken away from them.

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It is so ironic how kid and oldies with such a vast age difference for about 70 years or more can be so alike and have so much in common. As people grow old, their characteristics often take on of a dependent children. Their ability to care for themselves diminishes and they start to resemble the helpless babies. The similarity between the two is that both needs to be cared and require intervention of others. They highly depend on others, even from travelling one place to other. Both of them, kids and oldies are weak enough and not strong like people of middle age. And yes, oldies are just like babies, which is fine. As much as I would say that oldies are similar to kids but still, old people have lived a whole life whereas, for kids it’s just a start. Their dignity needs to be preserved.

As much as kids and old people are concerned, it is our very duty to keep them safe and secure and it is a fine path to walk in.