12 Simple Ways to be more Positive and Optimistic

Finding happiness in small things is the ultimate way to be more positive and optimistic in life. No matter how small or how big the achievement is, one must learn to be happy with whatever they have achieved in life so far and that should be your motivation to succeed further in life. Obviously we know that every individual has his/her own way of dealing with different situations in life, but if a person begins to think positively in life, he/she can surely achieve their targets in life. The more people think about what people think or what they might say, the more complicated things get and the more complicated your life becomes. Over thinking in every situation often makes a person become blind to the beauty of life. Accepting life the way it is and working on improving leads to a more positive and optimistic one.

  1. Inculcate positive thinking everyday

Practicing positivity tells us that we need to change our mindset and start taking up things in our daily life in a positive at every step. One needs to focus on the activities which makes them happy and must include them in their daily routine. It’s not necessary to watch daily news to stay updated even if it’s depressing. If playing any sport or watching any movie or reading a book makes you feel good then one must absolutely try and do more of that on a regular basis. It’s going to make your day a lot easier and would help you do other activities in the day with a lot more comfort. Developing a positive attitude in life leads to positive and desired outcomes.

  1. Surround yourself with positive personalities

It’s important that you surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you and your dream, because if you start your day by meeting or talking to the person whom you like or love, it somewhat gives you a boost and you are able to start your day on a happy note. It depends on you to decide whether a person deserves to be in your life or not. You are supposed to choose your friend circle and stay with those who respect you and your opinions. If someone thinks you are not capable of doing something and tries to discourage you at every point, then surely they don’t deserve a place in your life and you need to move on and discard them from your life.

  1. Greeting every situation with a smile

A smile is the most precious gift of God a person wears. A smile changes your mood instantly and energizes your towards a positive attitude. Just a smile can help release stress and give you an instantaneous boost and help your brain remind you of the positive moments in your life. Laughter can be treated as the best medicine which helps you lead a healthy and optimistic life and according to studies, it triggers the release of the feel good hormones and your whole body can feel that sudden burst of happy energy. If in any situation you are honestly happy then you should stop thinking about people and smile or laugh for your happiness.

  1. Gratitude is the key

Driving your mind towards positive aspects of life or a situation in life and being thankful for whatever you have got in life is all one needs to do. Gratitude radiates positive attitude and attracts goodness and positivity in life. Don’t take anything for granted and everyday thank God and the people for whatever you have because of them.

  1. Express your feelings

Sharing your feelings with your close ones provides inner peace and a feeling of freedom. Like if you share your hardships with people you can receive appreciation from them which in turn encourages you. It provides you the strength and courage to undertake a task which you thought you weren’t capable of doing earlier.

  1. Forgiveness and an open mind

The moment you stop complaining or being obsessed about a situation or a person is the moment you step away from the bad attitude and begin to enjoy your life to its fullest. One must keep in mind that complaining should not be an option. Rather than complaining and intensifying the situation one must keep calm and try to shift their perspective about the situation or must offer a possible solution.

  1. Helping and being kind to others

By being kind, sympathetic and supportive to those around you, you get to feel the same from their side and that encourages you more towards that kind of behavior. Also such a behavior helps in creating a positive environment. Negativity is eliminated in such a way and positive relationships are cultivated.

  1. Eliminate the anger, negative feelings from your body

There can be multiple ways of releasing the hatred building up in your body, like shouting out loud, running out for long, doing boxing. It’s always better to dispose the negative, harsh feelings as it just harms your body and leads to depression. By removing the negative thoughts from your mind you are able to see the positive side of every situation and act accordingly. Meditation is one of the best ways to release stress and increase your concentration power.

  1. Not expecting best results every time

Keeping your hopes high in every situation can be contagious, because in case you don’t get that expected result, you get really disappointed and that disappointment leads to depression and even worse in some cases. In other words it can be said that being realistic in life can help you keep things in order and help you make decisions in life sensibly. If you are an optimist then it doesn’t mean that you are not you are not going to have bad days. Accepting the fact and moving on in life is the solution.

  1. Eat healthy, stay healthy

A healthy diet keeps a person energetic all day. Good food gives you the energy to take up all day to day activities actively. An empty stomach doesn’t allow you to focus on your work and you are distracted again and again. While working a clear and positive mindset helps you get the right momentum you need to get going.

  1. Kick start your day in a positive way

A lot depends on the way you start your day. The very first thing you do in the morning helps you set the tone for the entire day. Everyone gets up with their own pace. Some love to see their family members as soon as they get up, some like to talk to their friends as they get up, some like to watch the news as they get up, some like to go jogging.

  1. Don’t make a big issue out of small incidents

Complicating things just adds up to your problems, so it’s best to ignore some things in life and go on to live life to its fullest. One needs to stop stressing out on unnecessary issues and must pay attention on his/her goals in life. One needs to take a deep breath and take a minute to analyze the situation and then take any action.

An individual must be determined and optimistic while facing obstacles in life. One must always remember that there is a brighter side of every situation in life. So, it’s important to never lose hope and go on to live your dream.