12 Things Spain Is Famous For

All of us have a bucket list that holds a number of places that we want to travel to. If you have your bucket list in place make it a point that you jot down Spain in the list as well. Spain is the definition of the word fun. The people here are always enthusiastic and are always willing to do more. Be it the food, culture, architecture, beaches, art, beauty, or the hundred other things that Spain has to offer; all of them are perfect in their own and never disappoint. There are a number of things that Spain is famous for, most of them that are going to encourage you to bring out your inner dancer and move your body to the beat. Here are a few things that promise you crazy fun in Spain –


 12) Siesta

Everyone knows that the people in Spain are well known to be laid back. They clearly show their love and loyalty for Siesta. If you get to know what they are, you will certainly want to have them too. Siestas are nothing but afternoon naps. Everyone in Spain loves to have them and never misses even a single one of them. Offices are closed by the government from 1pm to 5pm. This is probably one of the best reasons to stay here.


 11) Calat Alhambra

This beautiful piece of architecture came into existence as a result of mixing Gothic and Islamic culture. Originally the fortress was built in 889. A lot of additions were made in 1333 by the Moorish King Badis Ben Habus. Being one of the most eccentric architectural and cultural beauties, Alhambra can easily trap you in its elegance and marvellous style. It is definitely a symbol of royalty.


 10) Paella

This dish is known to be the national delicacy of Spain. Anyone with even a little knowledge about Spain would know about the diverse taste this rice based cuisine offers. It has beans, saffron, olives, spices, herbs and vegetables or meat/seafood stuffed together as one. Not only does it look extremely good, the taste is definitely perfect. Though nothing less is expected from this diverse country. You can see this dish being served in Valencia and a number of other restaurants quite frequently.


 9) Alcohol and Drinks

Everyone knows how seriously drinks are taken in Spain. It is one of the largest producers of wine in the whole world. It is so because Spain has 2.9 million acres of land being used just for grape cultivation. Sangria is a product of red wine, chopped fruit, sweetener, to which a small amount of brandy is added. Rest assured, it definitely helps you to feel refreshed on a hot day.


 8) Spanish Football

No one, not even a person who lives under a rock needs an explanation about how Spain treats football as a religion. Spain is known to be a football crazy nation especially when it competes in La Liga or Primera Division. You are probably aware of the famous Real Madrid and the Barcelona club which were formed in this very country. Spain has defeated almost every club at least once, with a record won almost 10 times in UEFA and winning La Liga about 32 times.


 7) Mediterranean Beaches

Spain is blessed with extensive sandy beaches of the Mediterranean on all three sides. This country is accounted for having the most number of beaches in Europe, that is three thousand. It also includes beaches which are yet to be touched by humans. Spain is nothing short of a dream since the water is all blue and green with beautiful white sand. You are guaranteed to have a mind soothing and jaw dropping experience once you set foot in this paradise.



Bar hopping is a part of the culture of Spain. No one here can live without this bar hopping culture. No matter where you reside, as soon as the sun goes down, everyone goes to these bars with their friends and families. Spain has the largest number of bars in Europe. Finger food appetizers, termed as Tapas are taken to accompany the drinks. They are largely served all over Spain in every bar. These small snacks can be served either hot or cold, but they still taste amazing. Spaniards really love to have Tapas with drinks.


 5)Gaudi’s Barcelona

This very monument is listed under UNESC World Heritage Sites. Antoni Gaudi is a famous architect ho got famous for building not only this, but several more art ,pieces in Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia is a church which started getting constructed in 1882, but is yet to be completed.Though it is expected to be complete in 2026.


 4) Ibiza

Everyone know about the parties held at this small Island on the Mediterranean Sea. On the East Coast it well known to be a party hub of whole world. It has the best EDM festivals which attract the young crowd. The never ending night parties bring in a rush for everyone. If you are a teenager, this is definitely the spot for you!


 3) Flamenco

Spanish culture exhibits art in the form of dance. Spain is world famous for the flamenco. If you get to witness is by your own eyes, you will never forget the experience. As good as it look, it is very difficult to perform. A dancer has to skilfully take care of the main four components- cante (song), baile (dance), palmas (handclaps) and toque (the guitar playing). UNESCO labelled it as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010. You cannot help but applaud when such a beautiful and energy filled performance comes to end.

 2) La Tomatina

The great festivals of tomatoes. People in Span sure know how to have fun for sure. Everyone knows about this festival that is celebrated in Valencia. It goes on for hours on the very street of Bunyol. This festival involves throwing of squished tomatoes at anyone in sight. This festival is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of august. Tomatoes are specially grown so that they can be used in this fun-filled festival.


 1) Corrida De Toros

Finally, the bull fighting. Toros stands for bulls. Spain is well known for its Bull fighting festival. This gore and violent festival keeps eyes peeled. Only the brave-hearted should participate in this festival, or even dare to watch it. Bullfighting has been the symbol of traditional culture of Spain since a very long time. In this festival, three matadors have to fight bulls to their deaths. It consists of three parts- Tercio de varas (lances third), tercio de banderillas (banderillas third) and tercio the muerte (death third). Matador is allowed to take the ear of the bull if he kills it skillfully. But many people think of this festival as unnecessary and cruel due to the killing of bulls. They debate about the animal cruelty that this weekly sport involves. Despite that, people all around the world love to watch this spectacle.


Spain is a country which will definitely complete your bucket list. So book your tickets now and rush to Spain to have the time of your life!