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12 Things Switzerland Is Famous For

Look at your bucket list; is going to Switzerland one of the things in it? If not, your bucket list is surely missing the most beautiful and most adventurous trip of your life. Switzerland is often referred to as heaven on earth. If you talk to anyone who has been to Switzerland, they will surely agree so. No matter what time of the year, you are bound to pack the most beautiful memories on your trip to Switzerland. Anyone who enters Switzerland, surely packs more than just material stuff with them while leaving for their homes. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and read these reasons about Switzerland and its specialties, rest assured you will definitely be booking your tickets! Here are a few reasons about what makes this place so special-

12. Watches-

With the ultimate quality and design, the Swiss watches dominates the market of watchmakers. With the latest innovation in technology, these watches are best known to show luxury and class. The highly accurate watches helps you to shoot up your personality too. Wearing a Swiss watch can definitely increase your stature in the eyes of the viewers.

11. Chocolates-

If someone says that they do not like the Swiss chocolate, then they wouldn’t have tasted it at all. When we talk about Switzerland, you cannot forget chocolate at all. It has a history of chocolate making as an art which dates back to 17th century. No one can beat the fine taste and aroma of the chocolates made here. Using the purest milk and cream, the core of the Swiss chocolates are made. It is something you should definitely not miss. So get ready to feel lost in the pure indulgence of such rich chocolate.

10. Cheese –

Using 99% of cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk over 450 varieties of cheese is produced. You can find cheese at any place there, you do not have to search for it. There are even jokes about the food of Switzerland to be covered by cheese. The holes in the cheese are called ‘eyes’ and the ones without the holes are called ‘blind’. With some good quality cheese, you can make your food taste even better. In the middle age they realised how good melting things can be.

9. Bank –

Switzerland’s bank system is known to be pretty unique since it’s known to hold the black money of people from around the globe. It is considered illegal to provide the banking information of a client to any third party by the Swiss banks. You can easily make transactions without worrying about valuable information being leaked. There is no government interference in the banking system and hence it works very smoothly. The banking system has had a huge hand in stabilizing the economy of Switzerland.

8. Alps –

A well known fact is that 65% of Switzerland is covered by the Alpine range. The Alps are better known as Central Alps in this country. With such breath taking scenery, the mountains are an extremely peaceful place to visit. There are a number of glaciers full of snow that let you take part in a number of activities with your family. There are a number of luxury resorts that have been built to cater to the needs of such families. You can have lots of fun in the snow and enjoy hiking and skiing with your friends and family. These hotels provide a serene outlook for all the families staying here. The natural beauty of these mountains is something that can be described as ‘out of the dreams’.

7. The Swiss Red Cross –

In 1863, Henry Dunant and Gustave Moynier found the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) which is currently situated in Geneva. Their main aim is to provide assistance to the victims of the war. They have come a long way since the committee was born. Now, it consists of 25 Swiss members with 1200 employees across 80 countries. They helped the innocent and soldiers win against the war caused by a number of infections and diseases. ICRC won Nobel Peace Prizes, that too 3 times, 1917, 1944 and 1963.

6. Zurich –

It is one of the best tourist destinations of Switzerland. It is well renowned for the lavish lifestyle and culture. It is considered to be one of the most desirable cities of the world to live in. A number of surveys have declared this city to be one of the wealthiest in the entire world. Be it the luxurious cuisine, the culture, or the amazing shopping experience; Zurich doesn’t disappoint.

5. Festivals –

Ranging from classic to rock, there is a music festival for every season here. Apart from the music festival, the people of Switzerland also enjoy International Balloon Festival in Chateau-d’oex, Basel Fasnacht, Wite turf in St.Moritz,  Grindelwald Snow festival, and much more. But the music festivals are the definitely the greatest attractions and the most fun to be a part of. Music is that one language that knows no barriers, all it does is unite everyone together.

4. Trains –

Switzerland has a well laid out and well-connected railway connection. It includes over 46 train companies in it and is very well suited for quick travelling. Traveling through the country has become very easy, thanks to these trains. Also, you get to see a beautiful view out your windows!

3. Cern –

CERN- European organization for Physics Research, is the world’s largest hub for the scientists. It is world known to be the world’s largest Particle Physics Laboratory which lies 100m below the ground. The scientists work with the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built to understand the Big Bang phenomenon in 2008.

2. Dadaism –

Dadaism was an art movement which was initiated by Avant-garde in the early 20th century. The poets and writers used it to describe it as the horrors of the World War 1. Visual art, poetry and literature were used to depict the conditions and the situations of the very moment. Although, Dada rejected all the prizes, reasons and logics; art was used to create the anti-war image for everyone around the globe.

1. Multilingual Nation –

While others can barely manage one, Switzerland excels in having four national languages. Italian, German, French and Romansh are practiced daily. 65% of the population speaks German in all the different parts of the Alps. The areas where French is practiced like Canton of Geneva, Vaud, etc. are termed Romands. Gondo valley in Valais and southern Graubunden practice Italian on a daily basis. Romansh is considered to be the official language of the trilingual community.


Switzerland can be a small country, but do not get fooled by its size. Every traveler wants to learn from the beauty around him. In this place, all you have do is keep your eyes open and it will teach you all there is to learn about beauty. This country has so much to offer, if you’re willing to learn from it. Be it its history, art, or culture; there is nothing which isn’t interesting and exquisite. What are you still waiting for? Go book your tickets! Take a trip to the mini paradise that is bound to give you happy memories for life.