14 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards, those uninvited, creepy guests that make us wish to leave the continent altogether and relocate, sure are hard to get rid of. These 3 to six inches large creatures move with an astounding speed when you try to chase them out of your home. Their scaly appearance is enough to lose sleep for the night. Although, these creepy reptiles feed on mosquitoes, spiders and help keep the area devoid of pests, they still are the cause of utmost disgust to our eyes. They hide behind cupboards, behind curtains, around corners, under the stove area or racks and shelves, around the tube-light, behind the fridge and basically all the hard-to-reach and difficult spots.

Here is a list of 14 proven home remedies to get rid of these creepy lizards, no matter what nook or cranny they might be hiding in.

14. Own a Cat!

If you’re a cat lover, this is one of the most pleasant options for you. Bring a cat home to cuddle and play with. The furry being not only cleans after itself, but also chases all sorts of pests (rats, lizards etc.) out of the house. What better than to get a playmate and lizard-repellent in one go! But, if you’re allergic to cat hair, scroll down to see a dozen more lizard repellent schemes. One of them might be more your style.

13. Egg Shells

If you want to bring in the ‘fear factor’, use egg shells. Keep them around corners, behind curtains and cupboards. The lizards will be fooled into thinking that another creature, most likely a bird larger than itself, resides there and will run off from the premises. If you’re a vegan or pure vegetarian, do not fret. There are more remedies that do not contain eggs in them.

12. Peacock feathers

Another fear factor or cause for concern in case of lizards is peacock feathers. Keep a bunch of peacock feathers at your home entrances and also around corners. Peacocks eat lizards; their feathers are enough to drive away lizards forever. Also, peacock feathers are beautiful enough to use as embellishments to your home décor. Win-win situation.

11. Coffee powder

All you coffee lovers, put aside some of your coffee powder stock for these scaly lizards. Lizards hate coffee as much as you hate them. Mix tobacco and coffee powder to craft tiny balls and put them in corners most frequented by lizards. Upon eating this combination, they might die or run off from the house. Either way, you will be free of them.

10. Garlic

Remember those myths about vampires not being able to enter a home if there is garlic on the threshold? A slightly convoluted reality is true for lizards. They hate the smell of garlic and will run off if came in contact with. Place garlic cloves behind cupboards, curtains, upon shelves, around corners and have a lizard-free home. You can even spray garlic juice in your home to get similar results.

9. Onion

Well, all those times we heard people moaning about onion and garlic odors, it might finally be of some good use to us. If humans shy away from such smells, multiply that by ten and that is the effect it has on lizards. Spray onion juice and water behind curtains, around corners and chase away those pesky lizards. These sulphur compounds create an intolerable stench that even drives away stinky lizards.

8. Pepper spray

All you girls who arm themselves with pepper spray to fight off indecent approaches or men, you can even fight off lizards with this effective concoction. Crushed black pepper and water, when come in contact with a lizard, irritate its skin in an intolerable way. The lizard would forsake that home in favor of another hospitable environment.

7. Naphthalene Balls

The naphthalene balls or moth balls that we keep between our off-season clothing to prevent silver-fishes and other rodents from harming them also have a bad effect on lizards. Place these balls on lizard frequented places around the house and wait for the results.

6. Flypaper

Amazingly, the flypaper people use to capture flies also works on lizards. Paste it on the wall or hang around corners and your culprit will soon be caught in its sticky mesh when it comes out for another one of its creepy stroll around the house. Kick the intruder out of your home and sit back to relax after that.

5. Icy cold water

These reptilian creatures are generally not very accustomed to sudden temperature changes. That is precisely why they go into hibernation on the onset of winters. Throw a glass of ice cold water on the intruder and the iciness will seep into and immobilize the lizard for some time. Catch and throw it out in the meanwhile when it is still paralyzed and unmoving.

4. Tabasco Sauce

This spicy sauce even makes grown men slightly scratchy in the throat and watery in the eyes. Thus, two teaspoons of this sauce when mixed with water form an amazing anti-lizard spray. Spray this concoction on windowpanes, behind cupboards, around corners and live lizard-free.

3. Phenyl tablets

Similar in functioning as the naphthalene balls, the phenyl tablets are sulphur compounds that create bad odor and inhospitable environment for lizards. Place them in and around the house to get rid of pesky lizards.

2. Cardboard box and Broom Method

The most used method to get rid of the lizards is the Broom and Box method. For those sensitive and noble souls who do not wish any harm to come to lizards, just want them out of their home and out of their sight, this method is definitely your go-to way. Chase the lizard with a broom, catch it in a box and throw out of the house. No added embellishments; just brute manual labor.

1. Clean up

The most effective and lasting method of all is to keep your home ultra clean. Do not let newspapers, magazines or laundry pile up for long. Take the trash out timely. Clean up cobwebs to ensure there is no food for lizards. Sweep and mop the floors every day, especially after meals. Food spilt on the floor is a big no-no. Drain out standing water to avoid lizards and mosquitoes. Cover your window openings with metal screens. Block small openings with sealants like foam, silicone etc. Also, redecorate your home, i.e. place all your furniture 6 inches away from walls. Lizards hide behind furniture and wall frames.

If one of these remedies fails to make your home free of lizards, try out a combination of these 14 and heave a lizard-free sigh of relief.