15 Excuses that will help you miss work and also sound believable

Adults hate going to work as much as children hate going to school. The thought of going to work, being imprisoned in a cabin for 8 hours, listening to the chides of your boss and resisting from punching him in the face is surely difficult task. Sometimes, adults feel like they are back in school, with the deja-vu of making presentations, impressing the boss, just like we did in childhood. Exhausted by the mundanity of your 9-5 schedule? Want a consensual leave for a  day or two? We’re just like your chum, making life a little easy for you and offer you some really convincing and persuasive excuses to put forward to convince your boss to give you your much-required break.

Here’s a list of 15 excuses that will help you miss work and also sound believable:

15. Achew!

The most common excuse to get an off from school or work is fever. Convince your boss by sneezing to hard during your telephone conversation to make your fake fever quite genuine. Tell him/her that your body temperature is rising like the water levels of a river during heavy rains.  Make your speech doing the convincing: cough and sneeze often, make it obvious by your tone that you’re definitely not in a position to be present in the office. Your work is done! Enjoy the cricket match now! *wink,wink*

14. Weather isn’t cooperating

Tell your boss that you were about to leave when the Gods decided to pour the streets with heavy rains or unbelievably hot temperatures. Add that it is practically impossible to travel under such climatic conditions as it can be risky. Convince him of the seriousness of the situation by telling him/her that according to reports your city can face a high tide or people out can suffer from ultraviolet strokes. Surely your boss won’t risk your life to have you at work. Leave granted!

13. Rendezvous with the doctor

Tell your boss of the pending tooth surgery or a minor injury that needs to be operated. Informing about a medical emergency can melt the coldest of the hearts. Bail yourself out of work by conveying the seriousness of the situation and convincing your boss that your condition needs to be treated as soon as possible, to avoid grave consequences. *Thank us later*

12. Stomach is very, very upset Sir

This excuse is a solid one to give you a day off from work. Knowing the urgency an upset stomach could cause, your boss will surely to force you to bring yourself to office. After all, your boss definitely would not want to be greeted with soiled pants.

11. I’m mentally exhausted

Inform your boss that you need to take a break from work, after a hectic project that kept you on your toes for a very long time. Tell him you need to rest your mind that has constantly been under the pressure of workload, meeting deadlines, etc. Knowing of how mentally exhausted or depressed people react or things they do to themselves, will freak your boss and he/she might readily let your mind rest for a while before torturing you again after a while.

10. Be brutal, be criminal

Kill one of your relative that never existed, or fake the death of your already expired grandmother and get a chance to bunk work. One of these emotional events will not only fetch you a leave, but also some condolences and love. Sometimes it’s good to be bad. *satanic*

9. It’s my festival

Another excuse that you can give to miss a day of work is to inform your boss that you have an important festival, that cannot be missed. Explain to your boss of how important it is for you to be home. Tell him/her of the guests you will be expecting. Knowing of the festive celebrations and get-togethers, your boss will surely grant you a leave.

8. My vehicle broke down

If you’re among the few who travel on your on to your workplace, this excuse will surely come handy! Inform your boss that your two wheeler got punctured or your car has broken down and you cannot find any mechanic close by. This excuse could also be a savior at some occasions.

7. Domestic emergency

Excuse yourself from work by informing your boss about a domestic emergency that emerged out of nowhere. Tell him of the leakage that caused trouble, the drainage pipe overflowing or a mini short circuit in the house, etc. Knowing of how important it is for adults to be in the house under such circumstances, your boss will approve the leave and you might just save yourself from a day of work.

6. Oops, oops! There’s a gridlock

Uncage yourself from your office cubicle for a day by informing your boss about a gridlock on the way, caused by a protest on the streets or some festive celebration or probably as a result of a VIP’s arrival. Convince your boss that you really wanted to make it to work but the traffic will let you go nowhere. Enjoy your Annabelle show at 12pm then.

5. Destination wedding of a sibling or cousin

An excuse that’ll grant you a leave for at least 3-4 days in an excuse of a wedding of a peer. Notify your boss about the wedding that will take place away from the city, which needs your presence at any cost, as the bride/bridegroom is connected to you by blood or a tight family bond. Now this won’t stop you from getting a leave for even a week. *Start making the list of the places you want to visit already*

4. My child is my priority

Tell your boss that it is your child’s report day and the presence of both the parents is mandatory. You could also fake an annual function in the school of your child and convince your boss to let him/her allow you to see your child putting his best foot forward. A boss is a human, a parent, and this will surely give rise to sympathy and finally an approval of your leave.  Bachelors and spinsters, this won’t be working for you, pick the other excuses from the list. *wink*

3. It’s my wedding anniversary

Marriage is an institution of love and anniversary is an event that will grant you a leave, come hell or high waters. Knowing the necessity of spending time with your loved one on this important day, your boss will surely send you a leave and wishes too! *Bonus*

2. Period cramps

As period cramps could also be a reason for granting employees a leave, why not take an advantage of this situation? Be wicked and grasp that leave from your boss’ claws.  Fake your period cramps and sit back and relax for the day.

1. Wear the Halo

Bail yourself from work for a day by saying that you’ll be attending a marathon or a blood donation camp for the welfare of the economically challenged class. Wicked things you have to do for a leave, eh? But everything is fair in love and war and also for asking for leaves.

These excuses may cause you to feel brutal wicked or selfish, but in the end you’ll be happy for bailing yourself as you have given yourself a much needed break and can now get back to work with some fiery enthusiasm.