15 Funny Ways to Wake up Someone from Sleep

Weekends and sleep do not last long. Come Monday morning and bid farewell to the much needed morning sleep. But while you are ready for your Monday, your roommate must be busy snoring and dreaming. These are the type of people who sleep like a dead body resting in the grave. They do not care about an apocalypse approaching forget about trivial matters like going to work on Monday. So arm yourself with weapons because it is time to call danger and while you are doing it, why not do it in a fun and creative way so that you have dozens of stories to tell about your roommate and embarrass them every time they torture you.

Here are some funny ways to wake every deep sleeper from their paradise as well as to give you a few laughs for your boring Monday.

15. Sing out loud

The karaoke night might have ended, but the inner Rockstar in you have not. So shout and scream all the pop songs and rap lyrics to wake your roommate from the bliss of their dreams. Be as chaotic as you can. Use the utensils as your instruments, call all the kids from the neighborhood, select the songs that he hates and sing at the top of your lungs. The stage is all yours and so is the audience.

14. A superhero mask

The face of your roommate is your platform to exude all your creative skills. While he is busy living in his own fantasy, you can create your own. Take a makeup kit or a kid’s drawing kit and draw your aspiring super human mask on his face. If you want to be even more messier, you can go to the kitchen and make a paste as your paint. He or she will surely be surprised to find that you bought breakfast for them.

13. Kick boxing

Pull on your armor, use all your strength and win the game. Only the game is to wake your friend where you have to win, but be careful because protecting yourself is very necessary. Who knows, what he is dreaming and you become the boss of his fantasy dreams where your roommate finally takes him down. So kick and punch as long as his dream continues and after that do it at your own risk. You have been warned.

12. Fake call

Tring tring tring!
Who is?
Your mother is calling to inform you she is coming over.
Nightmare enough? If not, then plan your own devilish fake call to wake your roommate and buy a ticket for him to the reality station.

11. Smelly cat

Smell is the oldest sense. Your roommate might be in his dream world, but his senses are in reality. So use your dirty thoughts and pull out something that smells bad enough to wake him up from his deep slumber. Go to the kitchen and burn something, place the trash can near his nose or use his dirty smelly socks.

10. Happy birthday

Give him a perfect birthday surprise whether it is his birthday or not. But, in spite of decorating balloons you can pop them up. You can also fill the balloon with cold water and celebrate sleepy holi with your roommate. You can bake an ugly cake and paste it in his face or you can give him birthday bumps. Be the perfect host for his party.

9. Alarm clock

So he says that he cannot wake up with alarm, it is time to prove him wrong. If he cannot wake up with an alarm, he will wake up with alarms. Yes, you are thinking right. Place two alarm clocks beside both his ears or you can try to tie the clock on his wrist, so that the vibration will wake him up with a nice buzzing.

8. Shock wave

What if your roommate wakes up with a hilarious shock? It would easily fetch thousands of likes in social media. So while he is deep in sleep, you can perform the evil deed to call him back to earth. You can raise a false fire alarm. The magnitude of the noise can wake everyone up. You can also try different pranks. For example, you can scatter traces of similar looking hair all over the bed so your roommate will wake up thinking he is bald. You can also try waxing. The pain will immediately bring him or her back to a jolting reality.

7. According to the weather

Weather serves as a guide to many things, including to wake anyone in a hilarious and fun way. If it is winter, you can take ice cubes and put it inside his T-shirt. He will wake up immediately from the chilling effect. You can also take his blanket and switch on the air conditioner. If it is summer, you can switch off the air conditioner or cover him up with blankets. This method requires minimum effort and produces instant results.

6. Tickling and hugging

Setting aside the devilish ways, the most cutest and lovable way to wake a sleepy head is by tickling and hugging them. Jump on them and hug them super tight or tickle them till they are out of their breath.

5. Scary movie

This might seem simple, but it requires a lot of planning in its execution. To design a jaw-dropping horrifying experience you need many things. Firstly the makeup. Be sure to look like a deadly ghost or a long-hair witch. Secondly, the set up. Surround the room with darkness and try to hang upside down for the real effect. Thirdly the music. Make sure the background music is scary as well as louder. If these three things are taken care of, then your roommate will surely wake up in a haunted house.

4. Mess it up

So he is a sleepwalker or a sleep talker and irritates you every time. Well, it is time to take revenge. While he is busy talking or walking in his sleep, you can come up with a perfect idea to use their habit as a funny way of starting their day. If your roommate is a sleep talker, you can wake him up by saying that he or she said really bad things whlie sleeping. For example – he said that he hates you or he finally admitted all his dirty desires. If he is a sleep walker and a tight sleeper, you can drop him to the garden or a public bathroom. In this way he will have a welcoming and cheerful morning.

3. Bubble wrap trap

Bubble wraps are the greatest invention of the modern century. Bursting bubbles might seem hilarious when your unconscious roommate is wrapped in it and it pops every time he or she changes position. The popping sound will wake them up wondering in confusion while you hold your belly out of laughter.

2. Paintball

It’s time to attack your opponent and win the game, but don’t worry because this game has no rules. Throw anything from balloon filled with painting colors to a dozen of rotten tomatoes and eggs. Be as messy, dirty and fierce as you can. Your goal is not only to have fun while painting your roommate body’s as a canvas, but to bring him back from his sleep in as irritating and ugliest way possible. Who knows, he might learn a lesson and wake early the next time.

1. Earthquake

With the frequency of earthquake happening this days, it will be no surprise for a normal person to wake up in a shaking bed. Tie your roommate’s legs properly on either side of the bed and violently start shaking the bed, meanwhile shouting things like ‘help, the ground is shaking ‘ or ‘get down it is an earthquake’ . He or she will wake up shockingly fumbling to get out of bed.

This are some of the funny ways to wake anyone from their sleep but beware of the consequences. All the above stated methods are highly dangerous once the spell of sleep is broken and the reality of your evil deeds surface to the conscious brain. So have fun while he or she is asleep!