15 Natural Effective Methods to Grow Taller and Increase Height

Exhausted of being called a shorty, midget, little person and so many of those degrading names throughout your life? Experiencing anger and irritation on being looked down upon (literally) by your friends, household members and acquaintances once more often? Desperately wanting to discover a method to increase your height and grow taller without having the need to resort to lengthening surgical procedures where your shin will be fragmented and protracted by the medics? Well, if you responded with massive yeses to all those questions, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Being called a shorty is definitely not pleasant. In fact, it is rather insulting and takes a toll on an individual’s self-esteem. What people need to always remember is that being short is not their fault. It is usually genetics, hormone growth, infections that hinder growth, basically, problems that none of us can control. However, there are a bunch of controllable factors that hinder growth too. For example, unsuitable diet, unbalanced lifestyle, improper posture, lack of physical exercise, nutritional deficiencies, habits of smoking and alcohol consumption and a couple more. But if enough efforts are put and enough patience is maintained, growing tall naturally isn’t that big a deal. All you need is a consistency, persistence and the will to be and you will be flaunting those long legs and slim body and will have the height you always desired.

Here’s a look at 15 natural and effective methods to grow taller and increase height.

15. Drinking water, lots of it

Water happens to be one of those phenomenal therapies that naturally help your physique in numerous methods. Consuming lots of water each day can benefit your body by eliminating destructive contaminants and free radicals which might otherwise disturb bone development and hamper regular development patterns. Furthermore, it has also been discovered that nearly all the illnesses an individual suffers from is associated with the gastric structure in many ways. If you keep your digestive system joyous, you are bound to have a vigorous and sickness free body. Drinking loads of water throughout the day can help smoothen the digestion procedure, therefore keeping the gastric tracts clean and rids all obstructions which might create distresses somewhere else in the body.

14. Improve your posture

Not a lot of people understand that the way they sit, walk or stand can disturb their growth in short or long standings. Maintaining a slumped posture while sitting, walking and standing not only makes you look smaller than you actually are, but also gives rise to issues related to your spine, eventually causing it to curve eternally. Uphold a good stance when standing, walking or sitting. Keep your backbone and chin straight, and keep your shoulders back. Don’t tense up your muscles. Be relaxed, but still keep your back straight. Keeping your backbone straight as you grow older is the one and only method you can use to avoid shrinking as you grow old. It will not only help you look taller, but will also help you in being confident and having good self-esteem.

13. Get adequate sleep

A good night’s sleep is indispensable for increasing height in several ways. Satisfactory sleep and rest aids in complete development of the human body. Growing children and teenagers need 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Night time is perceived as growing time. You should generate a very tranquil and peaceful setting to get profound sleep. A good night’s sleep, in turn, helps you to increase your height efficiently. This is mainly because while you sleep, the body produces growth hormones in the pituitary gland which leads to the proper development of your body.

12. Avoid growth inhibitors

Ingesting alcohol and intoxicants at an early age could be extremely hazardous. Consuming these can lead to undernourishment and underdevelopment, thus stunting growth. You must limit your everyday consumption of caffeine, particularly kids because this can constrain individuals from sleeping habitually and peacefully. Also, steroids have also been confirmed to confine kids’ bone development, which hinders growth as well. Research has proven that individuals who are stressed with asthma and use inhalers have a tendency to grow down about half an inch shorter than other individuals. This happens because these inhalers release comparatively trivial quantities of the steroids called ‘budesonide’.

11. Have Indian ginseng

Ayurveda declares that ashwagandha, also popularly identified as Indian ginseng, assists in increasing height. It comprises of several minerals that expand the bone structure along with its density. As a result of this, an increase in height is noticed. Ashwagandha is effortlessly obtainable at herbal and Ayurveda shops. All you have to do is combine two tablespoons of ashwagandha powder with a glass of warm cow’s milk. After this, add honey or sugar as per your taste and blend well. Drinking this mixture every night will help increase height marvelously. The results will take about 45 days to be noticeable. While you’re at it, all types of fast foods must be avoided for best results.

10. Maintain ideal body weight

Fatness can undesirably disturb height growth. It can result in a number of other health problems as well. Thus, it is vital for you to maintain an idyllic body mass by following a suitable workout routine and a well-adjusted nutrition plan. Unnecessary body weight can exert burden on the linkages and bones and can make your figure look smaller. Therefore, in order to grow taller and increase height naturally, maintaining an ideal body weight is extremely crucial.

9. Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day since it is the first meal. Hence, it is extremely important for you to not starve yourself in the morning and eat a hearty and healthy breakfast. No matter where you are, it is crucial for you to eat and keep yourself full in the morning. You must also keep in mind that exercising on an empty stomach is not advisable. Some amount of food needs to be in your system to make the workout effective. Not having breakfast is not a healthy alternative for the progress and development of your body. Furthermore, it also disturbs height growth. Having a vigorous breakfast each day will aid in enhancing your body’s digestion and metabolism and will affect your height positively.

8. Do stretching exercises

Another successful method to increase height at any given age is stretching. Attempt to stretch your figure by standing upright on your toes for some minutes every day, numerous times a day. There are various stretching exercises that you can attempt at home. To name a few; car stretch, cobra stretch, twists, bow down, super stretch and rudimentary limb stretches. With day-to-day stretching, an inch or two will be added to your height. Furthermore, it will assist in improving your posture.

7. Have small, frequent meal

Have around 6 tiny meals in a day rather than having 3 hefty meals to restore your metabolism. The growth hormones that are produced in your body are completely and wholly dependent on your food intake. Therefore, it is indispensable to consume the mandatory vitamins and minerals to increase height naturally.

6. Strengthen your immune system

Immune system plays an important role in the physique’s growth and development. To guarantee a decent height, it is imperative to maintain a vigorous and operational immune system. General sickness or ailment can lead to underdeveloped growth. Immunity or invulnerability can be improved with vitamin C which is copiously found in lemons, grapefruits and oranges.

5. Drink milk

Milk is a nutrition source which comprises of sufficient minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that help in producing the basic bone construction. You must have a cup of warm milk, every day, at midday or at night before you go to sleep. Incorporating milk and dairy in your diet is a sure shot way to increase height naturally.

4. Practice yoga

Yoga, too, can help you when it comes to increasing height naturally. A number of yoga routines enable the release of growth-persuading hormones in the human body. Furthermore, yoga also gets rid of stress that leads to strain in the muscles of the back, which in turn, creates a path for all-out growth. The top yoga positions to upsurge height are Tadasana, Vriksh Asana (tree pose), Sarvang Asana and head stand, Ustra Asana, Paschimotan Asana, etc.

3. Expose your body to sunlight

Sunshine is the greatest natural supply of vitamin D, one of the most imperative nutriments important for complete development of the body as well as height development at the maximum stage. When you disregard the importance of vitamin D and its consumption, you might have a frail bone structure, as well as tinier height. To guarantee that your body is able to attain the required amount of vitamin D for stature growth, exposing yourself in the sunlight for about 20 to 30 minutes is a must. The best time to do this is between early morning to 10 AM.

2. Have a balanced nutrition plan

A balanced nutrition plan is unquestionably vital to get appropriate nourishment. Steer clear of fast foods and junk foods at all times. Evade saturated lipids, aerated beverages, and foods extremely high on sugar, as these can lead to undesirable effects on your total development pattern. Make sure you consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body requires so as to have a healthful growth.

1. Build confidence

If an individual is tall but does not have self-confidence, all the efforts go down in the dumps. Therefore, it is extremely imperative to shape confidence from infantile and nurture it as you grow older. You participate in school or college events, or be part of a club and devote time following your passions and hobbies. All these work towards enhancing your mood and giving you a feeling of happiness and comfort, consequently affecting your self-esteem levels. If you have an optimistic attitude and are overflowing with confidence, even a smaller height won’t appear to be a deterrent for you. Therefore, construct your confidence!


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