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15 Qualities a Good Wife Must Have

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife”  – Franz Schubert

Marriage is not just a relationship status but a long lasting commitment. Having a good and loving wife is every man’s dream. Being a good wife is not just a task but a women’s remarkable ability. Nobody is born perfect, but you can definitely work on few things to improve yourself. Read more to find out what are the qualities a good wife must have..


1. Be Compatible

Living under the same roof with another human who is completely different from you in harmony and peace is not everyone’s cup of tea. But co-existence is not just a theory it can be accomplished if you take a few extra efforts. Always be patient and kind, don’t try to superimpose your views and opinions about everything on your husband, respect his views and learn to cooperate. This is the key to a happy marriage.

2. Learn to be Selfless

We all have our own innermost desires but what one fails to realize is that after marriage, your life is not just about yourself, to an extent it is but more than that it is attached to the people you love and you start living for others. Being selfless is one of the greatest virtue a human can attain. By putting others and their needs before your own makes you a better person. After all, we were called to help each other and life has a meaning only when u have people to live for.

3. Always be Warm and Welcoming

Always have a smile on your face and approach situations with a positive attitude. By being happy, you are not only keeping yourself satisfied but you are also spreading positive vibes. If you portray yourself as someone who is rude and grumpy, your husband will gradually start disliking you and he may even lose interest in you. You should be the one he approaches to get peace of mind and not the one he walks away from to get peace.

4. Be True to him

It’s not about who is real on your face it’s always about who stays real behind your back. If you expect your husband to be faithful and loyal, you should be the same towards him. Loyalty occupies an important place in marriage. Do not hide things from your husband even if it’s a small money matter be honest with him and do not lie.

5. Understanding

Love is necessary but understanding is a must. Only if you can understand your partner well, you will be able to love him completely. Give him his own personal space, but at the same time be his best friend, be open and willing to hear his innermost thoughts. Try to step into his shoes and think from his perspective.

6. Bow down a Little

Why wait for your husband to take an initiative when you can do it yourself. To put it in simple sometimes, talking about the problem itself can act as a solution. Relationships today suffer because of the reason that people give more importance to winning the argument than resolving the fight. Ask yourself, what matters the most to you, ego and self-esteem or your partner?

7. Appreciate your Husband’s Hard Work

To be the breadwinner of your family is a huge responsibility and a difficult task at the same time. Each one of us yearns for appreciation and it increases our self-esteem and confidence. A simple word of thank you or a small gesture indicating that you are proud of your husband’s work can work wonders in your marriage. It will not only make your husband happy but also motivate him to do better for his family.

8. Never go to Bed Angry

Unjustified anger can bring about your downfall.  Sometimes the biggest fights occur due to the silliest reasons and in such situations it’s always better to forget, forgive and move on. Having hard feelings for your husband doesn’t do you any good if you are angry just let it down to vent your anger but never drag it till the next day. If you have a bad fight with your husband make it a point that you solve it before you go to bed. Going to bed angry can harm you both mentally and physically.

9. Do not Complain

Instead of being a complaint box and drawing your marriage to an end learn to make amends. Don’t be that irritating wife who keeps complaining all the time, it will only pester him and can cause problems in your marriage.

10. Accept your Mistakes

“’Jerry was right in many cases, but ‘Tom’ was not wrong in all the cases. In short nobody is perfect and mistakes lie within each one of us and it’s just a matter of realization. Most of the times we know only half of the story, we assume the rest and believe it as a whole. When we learn to accept our mistakes it makes us better humans. In marital life it is very much important to accept your mistakes rather than always accusing your husband as the one who is wrong.

11. Find Joy in the Little Things

Instead of always focusing on the things you don’t have, you should learn to be thankful for the numerous blessings you have and for everything you own. Every wife has huge expectations and visions about her life from her husband but what one fails to understand is that, having a faithful and loving husband is invaluable than all materialistic things. Learn to find joy in the little things.

12. Encourage him to Achieve Greater Heights

Always be willing to make compromises, if your husband has to travel to distant places or spend extra time as part of his work, then never stop him. Encourage him to chase his dreams and achieve greater heights. Keep in mind that at the end of the day it’s for the betterment of your family and not just for his needs. Assure him that you can manage things at home and he need not to worry.

13. Spice up your romance

Just because you are caught up with kids and you have responsibilities it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your romance. There’s no harm in surprising him in little ways and planning dates for him on weekends. Do the unexpected and also talk about your good old memories with him. And also express your love for him through words.

14.Respect His Family and Friends

Not all of your husband’s family members or friends are your favorites and you probably don’t like a few. But make sure that you are never rude to any of them, because your husband has emotional attachments with people other than you, people who are equally important and mean a lot to him. Even if you don’t like them, try to be nice to and always keep in mind that your husband had known his family and friends before he met you, that these people were with him through the different phases of his life, so do respect them.

15. Be a Good Mother

If you are a good mother and if you know how to take care of your kids properly and also to keep your home organized then you’re married life is half settled. Your husband won’t have to worry about your kids and the things at home, he can blindly trust you, believing that you can manage everything without him, by doing so you are sharing a part of the responsibilities rather than being hefty on him.