15 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Swollen Eyes Quickly

Swollen eyes are as pertinent in their presence, as much is the presence of eyes themselves. It is being said that eyes are the windows to the soul, I’m not quite good at reading souls, but have certainly have studied about the glances of health they exhibit. While swollen eyes can be a result of innumerable causes, both deep-rooted and temporary in their temperament, but they do have some common solutions. Deep set eyes might be a desirable look, but swollen ones surely aren’t. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful home remedies for tackling the swollen eyes:


1. Hydrate yourself, the swelling will dehydrate itself:

Whenever you try to set out on a combat with any of your enemies, you must know them well. Sun Tzu wouldn’t have imagined the use of same for puffy eyes, but you can. Usually, the root cause of puffiness is dehydration. While we turn dehydrated and our body craves for water, it starts retaining and storing the fluids. It does seem ironical but is true, and if you want to get rid of this fluid surrounding your eyes, you must increase your liquid intake. Healthy fluids and pure water are always preferred over the canned, salted ones.

2. Feeding the eyes with caffeine:

Caffeine, when ingested gives you a recharge, but when applied, clears out these puffy bags sleeping under your eyes. Caffeine has the potential of compressing the blood vessels when applied on the skin, and with that, they also give it a fresh appeal. This is the reason why many eye roll-ons have caffeine as an active ingredient in them.

3. Mask the swelling with a Multani Mitti Mask:

This works appreciably amazing for me. I don’t sleep properly for days and often don’t even hydrate myself. The result is me, screaming every other day of headaches and puffy eyes. I think, I rarely have my eyes and self-held well. But, courtesy of this face mask, I’m able to get away with them fine. Multani Mitti has a significant cooling and soothing effect, and it’s so powerful that it is used for treating stomach adversities by applying a coat over the belly area for some minutes.

4. Sandalwood paste:

There’s nothing in this world that sandalwood can’t heal. Sandalwood is not just cool, it is very safe, it is even consumed orally in Ayurveda. Sandalwood has soothing effects and it can easily smolder the puffy eyes with its anti-inflammatory charms. The fragrance of sandalwood helps in alleviating depression and stress, which are often the culprits behind the puffy eyes.

5. Cold water:

Cold water soothes the vessels and nerves and helps in decreasing the swelling. For this, you just need to splash some ice cold water on your eyes and eyelids and abstain from rubbing them through your palms. The best part of using cold water is that it provides immediate as well as long-term results.

6. Gooseberry rinse:

When it comes to hair and eye health, Amla or gooseberry is but a blessing. Rinsing your eyes with gooseberry won’t just reduce the irritation or puffiness in your eyes, with a continued usage, it will also help improve your eyesight. For his, you need to soak 1 tablespoon gooseberry powder in a glass of water at night and wash your eyes with this liquid the next morning. You can also use the remaining liquid on your hair.

7. A cold compress:

Similar to the cold water and other cooling agents, a cold compress is an excellent way of getting rid of puffy eyes. For this, you need to soak cotton balls in a cold liquid and then it should be kept on your eyelids for about 15 minutes. Don’t forget to squeeze them before putting on your lids, though.

8. Shea butter:

Rich in Vitamin E and A, and many other vital nutrients, shea butter is considered an excellent method of reducing puffy eyes. It also has a natural sunscreen and helps in healing the damage done by the sun. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties and it gets absorbed easily decreasing the puffiness.

9. Sweat it out:

Puffy eyes are usually a result of water retention or poor health, or stress and all of these maladies can be diminished by a proper workout. Though this is more of a long-term process, it has immediate after effects too. A well-balanced workout will work out the best for each and every aspect of your health.

10. Rosemary Essential Oil:

Among its numerous skin and hair benefits, one of the most prominent is in the usage of removing inflammation. For this, you need to mix 2-3 drops of the essential oil in about 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil and use it under your eyes.

11. Cold Spoon:

An inverted cold spoon works similar to the cold water and compress, these methods are very good as they soothe the skin and also make it brighter, and with that, they also provide long-lasting results. Some people even practice washing their face with ice cold water in the morning for a brighter skin, diminished pores and reduced inflammation.

12. Rose Water:

Roses are not merely a treat for the eyes or nose, they have amazing therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Rose Water is excellent, no mess method of reducing the swelling of eyes as well as taking care of them. You can use it as an eye drop, eyewash or a cotton ball dipped in rose water as the eye mask.

13. Cucumber:

Cucumber is rich in caffeic acid and Vitamin C along with having a cooling and soothing effect, all of which provide an immediate benefit from the swelling and inflammation of eyes. Cucumber slices have been used for many years as an inevitable healer for the eyes and the skin under them.

14. Potato:

When it comes to food, everyone likes to savor the taste of these potatoes, but with that, a potato is also rich in an enzyme, catecholase which helps in dealing with the water retention beneath our eyes and thereby decreasing the puffiness. It also has skin tightening and whitening properties, which make the skin taut and glowing.

15. Turmeric:

Turmeric has been used since ages for many health and beauty related purposes. Turmeric makes the skin radiant and healthy by reducing the inflammation if any and it also boosts the blood circulation in the applied area. Turmeric can be used safely under the eyes for removing puffiness and getting a smooth glow. It can be used with honey, rose water or cold milk for the purpose and you can use the remaining matches for treating other areas with hyper pigmentation or inflammation.