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15 Stereotypes about Malayalis

Stereotypes are common. However, when you generalize people based on the geographic area that they are hailing from, it might not sound that nice. Malayalee stereotypes are very common especially among the people of mainland India. This most probably might be stemming from the fact that people from the south are a wee bit different from the rest of country. These stereotypes are often created by the movies you watch or the books you read. However, both these might carry an individual perception and might be far from real. Stereotypes at times might become offensive to the person hearing it. Hence it is always better to get your facts right before you judge someone. Listed here are 15 baseless stereotypes about Malayalis. Read and get enlightened.

1.      Filter coffee is nice. But not always

This is one of the most common stereotypes about Malayalis. Yeah, I agree that we south Indians drink a lot of coffee, like quite a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that coffee is our state drink or only drink.  And try South Indian filter coffee at least once to really know why are we addicted to it.

2.      We don’t know the name of all fishes round the town


Kerala fish curry is indeed yummy. The fish curries or fries we make with coconut and spices is indeed mouth-watering. However, this clearly doesn’t mean that we are a walking encyclopedia of fishes. The fact that Kerala is a coastal state might be the reason for this stereotype. But we might know the name of local fishes. That is it.

3.      No, Madras is in Tamil Nadu, Hence technically we aren’t Madrasis


Every time a Malayali visits north, he has to face this common question. Are you Madrasi? Technically speaking Madras is today’s Chennai, located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is altogether a new state.  And the term Madrasi doesn’t sound nice at all.

4.      Idli, Sambhar, and Dosa aren’t the only food that we have

We do love Idli, Sambhar, and Dosa. But we have other food items as well. We eat rice more than anything. Have you heard of the tasty Idiyappam or Puttu or our spicy hot fish curries?  The fact that South Indian restaurants in North India offer Idli and Dosa doesn’t mean that that is the only food that we have.

5.      Malayali women are vibuthi aunties


That one again is too harsh a generalization. Genetically speaking, our women are pretty with big eyes and thick hair. And many actresses from Bollywood- Asin, Vidya Balan, Revathy or Shobana are all Malayalis and far from the Vibhuti auntie image.

6.      Banana leaf is not the only thing on which we have our food


Yes, eating in Banan leaf is a tradition that we follow. This doesn’t mean we always need a Banana leaf to have our food. Some of us love it. But we too have come to the 21st century along wth you and very well know to eat on a plate or with a spoon or fork. Generalizing someone to the tradition that they follow isn’t good at all.

7.      Stop blaming on accent

Malayalis have a funny accent. Hahaha!! Not all. And this is quite a rude statement to put forth. Yeah, I agree that we love our mother tongue way too much and there might be a Malayali flavor in our English accent. But not always and not everyone. To go by facts 80% of the Malayali population gets English medium education. And our literacy is way ahead than many other states in India.

8.      Though many women are nurses, not all of them are

Yeah, our women love to work. But that doesn’t mean all of them are a nurse. There are quite a lot of them who study nursing, but there are people who prefer a lot of other professions. There are teachers, architects, engineers, doctors so why limit them with the stereotype?

9.      Malayalam movies are beyond action sequences

Hello hello…! This is one of the most baseless statement. You might be confused for our movies work less on effects and focus more on script and emotions. Check out the list of National film awards and every year there would surely be at least one Malayalam movie for one category or other.

10. Mohanlal and Mammooty aren’t the only actors

Yeah. Often I have heard people ridiculing these actors. They ask- are these your heroes, they are old and fat. Let us speak facts here, these two won the national award more than once. They have been acting for quite some time, however, it is talent that counts. And we have many other actors in our industry other than these two like Fahad Faasil or Prithviraj or Nivin Pauly. Watch Malayalam movies and then blame.

11. We are not drunkards

Well, alcohol definitely woos people. But that doesn’t mean we are 24×7 at bars or pubs and cannot handle ourselves. We do have our alcohol moments like anyone. But don’t make us drunkards for the same. We drink, like any other. We have fun and we return back to our normal self.

12. Lazy?

How can you just generalize? There are lazy people all around the globe. There are lazy Germans, lazy Americans, and lazy Tamilian. There might be Lazy Malayalis too. However, that doesn’t mean everyone falls to the same strata. So, instead of wasting your time, generalizing people go and do some work.

13. Big names?

Of course, I agree that Malayali names are a bit hard for your tongue. It might be because Malayalam is considered the second hardest language in the world. However, we are also fond of short names like Ammu or Devi. All names aren’t that long and hard to pronounce. And every name doesn’t follow the family name or caste name as you might think.

14. Look alike?

All of you look the same. Whoa! How is this even possible? We are as diverse as you are. There are skinny people, there are healthy ones. Some have curly hair, while some others long and wavy. Some are modern while some are traditional. Some have a small face, some have a round face. Makes sense now?

15. We do not know every other Malayali around

Yeah! Sounds crazy right? Once you say you are from Kerala, the other person starts narrating the story of his classmate or school time friend or headmaster who was from Kerala. Till then, its ok and then the question comes- Is there any chance that you know him? Kerala is quite large a state with an area of approx. 38,863 sq.km and it isn’t possible to know every other Keralite. Like you don’t know every other fellow beings of your state, nor do we.