24 Awesome Gift Ideas for 16th Birthday

A birthday is always a memorable occasion. Gifts, cake, celebration – there is an air of joy that surrounds birthdays. Milestone birthdays are all the more fun, and the most important birthday milestone is the sweet sixteen! 16th birthdays are super exciting – the anticipation of adulthood, driving licenses and huge-blown parties! If you know someone who’s turning super sixteen but don’t know what to get them, don’t worry! Go through our fun list of 24 awesome gift ideas for 16th birthday, and let the celebration begin!

24. Sweet Tooth

Every boy and girl has a sweet tooth. Give the birthday baby a treat and rain chocolate on him/her! From goodie bags of bite-sized treats and artisan chocolate to personalized, printed delicacies and funny shaped pralines, the whole world is your chocolate factory! Try to write some sweet message on the chocolate to show your love.

23. Flowery Love

Every person deserves flowers, especially the birthday boy/girl! Gift your loved one a gorgeous bouquet of his/her favorite flowers, and inscribe a special birthday message in it too. You can also gift potpourri so that his/her room always smells fresh and divine!

22. Trivia

This is for all the TV/movie/book buffs! Find out your friend’s favorite TV show, movie or book and gift him/her personalized merchandise! This can mean t-shirts, mugs, posters, CDs, books, or even a room makeover!

21. Surprise!

Throw a surprise birthday bash for the party animal! No 16th birthday is complete without a birthday party. It can be an intimate party for just close friends or an all-out bash for the entire town! Paint the town red with this surprise party, complete with balloons, gifts and everyone the birthday baby loves.

20. Gifts Galore

If you’re still not sure about what to get as a present, get him/her a gift coupon. This is by far the easiest option on our list. This fits into any budget you may have planned, and this means that the birthday boy/girl can choose whatever he/she wants!

19. Caked!

No birthday is complete without cake. Find out the favorite flavor of your loved one and get a gorgeous birthday cake! Personalize it with a shape or wording that you know he/she will love, and watch as his/her face lights up!

18. Musical.ly!

Rock on with your loved one as you gift concert tickets for his/her birthday! At 16, concerts are super fun and are on everyone’s bucket list. Make this fantasy come true by gifting concert tickets of his/her favorite artist. And hey, throw in some backstage passes too!

17. Tote ‘em!

This is for all the budding fashionistas. Get the birthday girl a fashionable tote she can carry to school. Choose from a range of designer totes in her favorite colors so that she remembers you every time she uses it.

16. Down Memory Lane

This is the perfect gift for someone you’ve been close to for a long time. Gift him/her a collection of photographs, mix tapes or a box of memories. You can add childhood memoirs, old yearbooks and embarrassing pictures for a very thoughtful gift!

15. Bling it up!

Every 16 year old needs a bling stash! Choose from a wide array of rings, necklaces, earrings and charms and gift jewelry to your loved one. You can also gift a jewelry box to put the goodies in.

14. Be the Bomb

Bath bombs are taking over the internet and for good too! Gift a selection of bath bombs in different variants and add some spice to your loved one’s bath! This is a pocket-friendly option as well.

13. Put it in Print

If your loved one loves taking photographs, this is a perfect gift. Present him/her with a phone printer, which prints photographs directly from a phone. This is a one-of-a-kind present that is sure to be loved.

12. Light Their World

Give a makeover to your special one’s room with lights. Choose from a wide range of neon lights or fairy lights that can be hung up in the room, like headboard lights or floor lights. You can also get customized letter neon lights to brighten up his/her room!

11. Vroom!

16 is a special age because you can start driving! If the birthday babe has a car, gift some great car accessories like car fragrances, leather seats, cushions, sound systems and others to bling his/her ride up.

10. Spice it Up

Who said one person has to give only one present? For the 16th birthday, come up with 16 small gift ideas that you can keep around the house and present at different times of the day. Or better- organize a treasure hunt so that the birthday boy/girl can hunt for all 16 gifts!

9. Sashay Away

Clothes are a 16-year-old’s best friends! Refill your loved one’s wardrobe by gifting clothes and accessories that he/she can rock to school, parties, and malls. If your budget allows it, go for designer clothes and sunglasses, or hunt in thrift shops to find the best clothes for your bud!

8. Heels Go Click!

Damn Daniel! Shoes are a big trend this year. Show the birthday boy/girl’s feet some love and gift him/her some great shoes. Neon, sport, party shoes – the list is endless!

7. Skin Love

A person can never have too much makeup. Gift the birthday girl some great make-up products like lip kits, contour kits or eye kits. This could vary along the price range according to your budget. Show some skin love with makeup kits!

6. Artsy Bag

This is for the blooming artist. If your special one is a sketcher, a painter or a doodler, put his/her talent to good use by gifting art supplies! No amount is too much-from crayons, easels, paint, and canvas, gift him/her a box of art supplies so that he/she can draw away to glory! Who knows, their next masterpiece could be of you!

5. Pay the Piper

If the birthday babe is a music lover, this is the perfect gift! Be it a guitar, a drum kit, a flute or the keyboards, gift your special one a musical instrument! This will definitely have a positive impact and help him/her achieve his/her dream of being a musical sensation.

4. Say it in Words

If your loved one is a fan of the written word, look no further! Get him/her a great book which will change his/her life. If he/she likes writing, get a beautiful and regal leather journal and a smooth ink pen to go with it, so that he/she can pen down his/her thoughts with grace. You can also personalize the journal by embossing a name or message on it.

3. For the Lady and the Gentleman

16 is a turning point in every individual’s life. It is when boys and girls become men and women. Help the birthday boy/girl in this transition by gifting them a special grooming kit. Ideally, a grooming kit contains shaving accessories and fragrances.

2. Trring!

You heard that right! Gift the birthday baby a phone! Every year phones keep coming out with new, improved features. Help your loved one out and get him/her a phone that he/she has been eyeing for a long time! Besides the wow-factor, a good phone is a mini-computer in itself!

1. Lap’s Gift

Turn your loved one’s life around with this amazing gift! Be it a Macbook or a PC, a computer is a necessity. At 16, teenagers are bubbling with energy to discover and create. Aid this process by gifting him/her a laptop and making his/her dreams come true! Be it for video or music production, design or school work, a laptop will make their life much easier. This is a very meaningful gift for the sweet sixteenth birthday.

Which gift are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments section!