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25 Fun First Date Ideas when you are on a Budget

Love is precious, but falling in love with someone shouldn’t cost a thing. We all have been through that phase when you meet someone, and your heart says you gotta know this person better. Your world is full of smiles when you are around that person so you keep thinking of innovative ways to spend more time with him/her. But we all have also known the phase when we are broke. Those end of  month times, when wallets refuse to yield cash and your bank balance curbs all your desires. But what if he/she is the one. You CANNOT let money come in your way! There are 99 problems of a life on budget but falling in love shouldn’t be one of them.

So here we are with 25 fun date ideas when you are broke.

25.Make memories on the beach :

Spend whole day on a beach, from dawn to dusk. Start with a morning walk, take a walk holding each other’s hands and let the silence build up the romance. Have sea food for breakfast. Play with the sea waves, get drenched in water and relive your childhood together. Build sand castles, while you talk about your dreams. And time will fly and as you watch the sunset together, you’ll realize you are gonna remember this date forever.

24. Rooftop prom night:

Imagine! A starry night on your terrace, soft music playing in the background, and the two of you dressed up, hand in hand, dancing to a super romantic song. And all this is not gonna cost you a thing. Now stop imagining and start preparing already! Clean up the terrace, set up the furniture, prepare a nice playlist, dress up/suit up, light up the candles and you are good to go. Don’t forget to learn some dance moves though.

23.Bicycle ride in the city:

Get adventurous, go fit, explore your city and fall in love; All at the same time! Rent a cycle and go around the city. Stop at interesting places like cafes, old buildings and parks.

22. A walk to remember:

Walks are therapeutic. One nice evening, take your date out for a walk in the neighborhood. Talk about anything in the world. You’ll realize how a simple walk with someone can make him/her really open up with you. You’ll actually feel the bond between you both strengthening.

21. Discover the artist within each other:

Buy a big white sheet of paper, lots of color, paint brushes and head off to a park. Spread out all the stuff and sit down together and let the colors do the talking. Don’t plan what to draw. Let the random brush strokes build up the chemistry between the two of you. Make sure you get the artwork framed as a memory which will be cherished forever.

20. Art gallery:

On a nice Sunday afternoon, take your date for a visit to an art gallery or a museum. Apart from a nice date idea, this can also be a peaceful day off from the din and bustle of the city. Appreciation of the beautiful artworks is a nice conversation starter too.


19. Local concerts:

“If music be the food of love, play on!” -Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Well! The Bard has spoken, and he could not have been more accurate. Discover a local band and immerse yourself in good music and love.

18. Watch the sunrise together:

Start your day with the rising sun and your special someone. Click as many pictures as you can.

17.Make bucket lists together:

What can be a better way to know someone than jotting down a list of things you want from your relationship together!

16. Volunteer:

Share the joy of expressing gratitude by giving back to the community together. Find an NGO or an orphanage. It can be something as simple as teaching unprivileged kids or spending time with old people.


One fine evening, head to a local lake and rent a boat. Get some fish food too. Watching those cute little aquatic creatures play around is real fun. All it costs is some 40 to 50 bucks and you get some real quality time to spend with your special someone.

14. Coffee shops:

A wonderful evening, a nice cup of coffee at an amazing cafe and an awesome company. Let the conversation flow. ‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee’ indeed!


13. Picnic:

Cook each other’s favorite dish, head to a park and build delicious memories.

12. Tennis:

A pickup game is a fun way to get to know someone. So gear up with your best sports outfit, enjoy the game and each other’s company.

11. Fun photo shoot:

Find a photo booth and unleash the weirdo inside you. Or you can just find or create props for a fun photo shoot.These memories will stay with you forever.

10. Drive:

Rent your dream car, pick up some snacks, turn on some music and go on a long drive, away from the din and bustle of the city.

9. Scavenger hunt:

Create a personalized list of things to find for each other, stroll around the city together. At the end of the day put your collections on display for each other. You never know what may happen, or what you find!

8. People-watch:

As silly as this sounds, its gonna be a real fun date. Head to a busy place—a mall, train station. Observe people and make interesting back-stories about them. Make good use of your sense of humor.

7. Fly kites:

Make lovely DIY kites together. One fine windy day, hit the terrace and have fun competing with each other.

6. Stargazing:

Behold a sky full of stars, as you cuddle your date while lying down on the grass. Get help from apps like star tracker, the night sky etc.

5. Camp fire:

Collect some twigs and wood and light up a campfire in your backyard. Use the fire for making coffee or soup. Get warm and comfortable with each other and let the conversation begin

4.Window shopping:

Go to random shops, select dresses for each other, try them on and pose for some memorable clicks. It is also a nice way to know what to buy for your date, when you are hopefully not so broke.

3. Truth or dare:

This the best way to skip the small talk on a first date. Use your questions wisely and get to know your date. Have fun with the dares.

2. A visit to an old memory:

Show your date how special he/she is for you. Visit a place from your childhood. Could be the school you went to as a kid, or an old house where you used to live. You’ll realize how much you have grown since then, and conversations about good memories will flow.

1. Amusement park:


Experience the thrill of roller coaster rides and live the romance on the ferris wheel with your Noah/Allie.Have fun!