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30 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Silently sighing over every strand of hair you are losing? Cursing that zit on your face? Wanting a potion that will calm your headache or stomach ache? Simply wishing to unwind and relax? Looking for an all-in-one elixir that can cure all your problems? Look no further!! We have discovered that magic healer that can cure any problems or discomfort from head to toe. It’s the gift of nature….Lavender oil!

Lavender Essential Oil is a miraculous ointment that is a natural healer and beneficial for an array of problems. It is like a magic wand, vanishing problems related to health, skin, hair and so on. Packed with countless benefits, this oil is a must in every household. Known for its rich fragrance, Lavender oil is popularly used for aromatherapy. However, you’ll be spellbound by the benefits this oil offers.

Here is a list of 30 amazing benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:

30. Gifted air freshener from Nature

Known for its scent and mesmerizing fragrance, Lavender oil is a gifted air freshener from nature. To prepare an air freshener, simply add half cup of baking soda in a bowl, followed by a few drops of lavender oil. Store this mixture in a mason jar in your room or spray it in your bathroom.

29. Stamp out foot odour

The fragrance of Lavender oil is not its only plus point, the oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which keep foot odour and foot infections at bay. Simply massage a few drops of Lavender oil on your feet. Wear socks and sleep overnight to rescue your feet from the clutches of odour and infections.

28. As a Toner

Lavender oil can also be used as a natural, chemical free toner. Lavender oil aids the process of skin renewal as it promotes blood circulation to the skin. This helps in providing ample oxygen and nutrition to the skin.

27. Serves as a Eau De Cologne

Not only does Lavender oil make an excellent air freshener, but also an amazing perfume. It is also an inexpensive and toxic free scent, which is sure to be used as a replacement for those expensive perfumes. You can apply the oil directly on your skin or dilute it with water. You can also add two drops of lavender to half a cup of water and store it in spray bottle, which can be easy sprayed on clothes. You can also add other essential oils like cedar wood essential oil or frankincense essential oil to the spray bottle to bring about versatility of scents. So welcome this astounding yet pocket friendly perfume with open arms and bid adieu to toxic, chemical-laden expensive perfumes.

26. Your own organic lip balm

Lavender oil is a healer of dry, chapped lips and sunburned or dark lips. Add a few drops of Lavender oil to a mixture of shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Rub this mixture on lips to heal dry lips and protect them from sunburns.

25. To tickle those taste buds

Another great use of Lavender oil is that is enhances and boosts flavours. Add a few drops of Lavender oil to salad dressing, brownies, cookies, raw chocolate, or simply water or tea and tickle your taste buds.

24. Insect repellent

Owing to its analgesic and insecticidal properties, Lavender oil can be used as an insect repellent. The oil has been used as a bug repellent and to protect clothes from being infested by moths and other insects. It prevents from biting insects like mosquito, etc and also help the spread of infection caused by bug bites. Dilute Lavender oil with grapefruit or eucalyptus oil as use as a repellent.

23. Enhances mood

Thanks to its soothing scent, Lavender oil also aids in improving mood. A study was published in the journal, “Phytomedicine” which revealed that inhalation of Lavender oil for 60 minutes per day aided in preventing stress in rats. Another study conducted, revealed that aromatherapy improved mood among people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

22. Elevates concentration

A lighter and relaxed mood helps an individual to concentrate in a better way. The calming properties of Lavender oil also improves and elevates the levels of concentration of an individual. Simply inhale Lavender oil for a few minutes in the morning and at night. You can also use it in combination with Vetiver.

21. Preventing nose bleeds

As a magical ointment, Lavender oil stands true to its name and helps with nose bleeding too. With the help of a tissue, inhale 3 drops of Lemon oil and 1 drop of Lavender oil.

20. Healer of burns, cuts and wounds

The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of Lavender oil helps speeding up the healing process of wounds, scrapes and burns as it increases cell growth. Application of Lavender oil blended with essential oils like cinnamon, clove and tea tree oil enhance its anti-microbial quality, which helps healing faster.

19. Improves Eczema

Being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, Lavender oil has been used since ages to heal various skin problems and infections. Its contains aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic and pacifying in nature. Coupled with cicatrizant properties, which heals wounds and also helps in formation of scar tissue. Thus, Lavender oil is ideal in the treatment of Eczema. Add 10 drops of Lavender oil to one cup of water. Add this mixture in a spray bottle and spray on the affected areas.

18. Restores skin complexion

The boons of Lavender oil are countless. Adding another miracle treatment to its kitty is the restoration of skin complexion and erasing age spots. Mix Lavender oil with frankincense essential oil. Apply this mixture in the morning and at night and see the miracle.

17. Reduces acne

The anti-bacterial properties of Lavender oil kill the bacteria on the skin which causes acne. Moreover, it also regulates the production of sebum. Add a few drops of Lavender oil to your moisturizer or cleanser and apply on the skin.

16. For those ear aches

Yes, Lavender oil provides relief for ear aches too! Pretty much a multi-tasker, this miracle oil has a solution to probably any and every problem in our body. The University of Maryland Medical Center, Lavender is the only oil out of all the essential oils that can be applied topically without being diluted. For ear ache, apply the oil on the outer ear and rub gently. Apply this as and when the need arises.

15. Detoxifying body

Extremely famous for its scent, Lavender oil calms the nerves and treats anxiety, depression, migraine and other related emotional stress. Mix Epsom salt in Lavender oil in a hot bath and soak yourself in it or rub 2 drops of Lavender oil everyday. This will help is relaxing, reducing stress, increasing mental activity and detoxifying your body.

14. Bid adieu to dandruff and head lice

Being a natural insect repellent, Lavender oil helps suffocate and repel the head lice owing to its smell. Mix a few drops or a teaspoon of Lavender oil to a carrier oil like coconut oil. Apply it in your hair and cover them with a shower cap. Let the oil stay for a few hours and then wash off. This oil gets blocked in the breathing tubes of lice, making them unable to breather and finally dying.

For dandruff, rub a little quantity of Lavender oil and massage to eliminate dandruff.

13. Promotes the re-growth of hair

Lavender oil used with shampoos, conditioners and other essential oils, is very helpful in improving hair texture, leading to healthy, thick hair. It also promotes re-growth of hair and prevents hair loss, owing to the nutrients provided by the oil to the scalp. It cures many hair-related problems and also helps in the re-growth of hair in case of alopecia.

12. Goodbye Insomnia

The relaxing, soothing and calming scent of Lavender oil helps treat insomnia and other sleep related disturbances. A study which was published in the ‘Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine’ stated the the immediate effects of Lavender oil of 5 men and 5 women with insomnia. Rub a few drops of Lavender oil on your palm and inhale deeply to transport the scent in the amygdala gland, which is the emotional warehouse, in the brain to produce a calm and soothing effect. You can also rub the oil on your wrist, feet, etc to give you immediate relaxation.

11. Reducing headache

With a struggle for power, territory, money and status in today’s world, people undergo a lot of mental stress, tension and anxiety which leads to frequent headaches. However, Lavender oil provides a solution for this problem too. Simply add 2 drops of Peppermint oil to 2 drops of Lavender oil and apply this oil on the temples, forehead and back of the neck, while inhaling it too, to provide relief.

10. Calms sinus

It is strongly recommended my aromatherapists to inhale Lavender essential oil to provide relief from sinus. Take a steam of hot water, mixed with 2 drops of Lavender oil and Thyme oil and cover your head with a towel as you inhale deeply.

9. Aids digestion

Lavender oil is very helpful in digestion as it promotes the mobility of food within he intestines. It also helps in the production of bile and gastric juices which treats indigestion.

8. Soothes stomach discomfort

Stomach problems like indigestion, upset stomach, overeating, under eating and food poisoning can be soothed with the help of Lavender oil. Simply apply a few drops of Lavender oil to a tissue and inhale. You can also spray the oil in the room for a soothing scent, which will help you with various problems.

7. For the treatment of Diabetes

Lavender oil helps the body from the symptoms of Diabetes like increase in blood-sugar levels, dysfunction of kidney and liver and its depletion of antioxidants, increase in weight and metabolic disorders. Simply Apply the oil on your chest and neck, spray it the air with the help of a spray bottle or add it in your food.

6. Treats cough and sore throat

If the benefits of Lavender oil had not surprised you enough, here’s another one. Lavender oil helps soothe cough, cold, sore throat and influenza. Apply a few drops of this miracle oil of neck, chest and back.

5. Treats urinary disorders

Lavender oil helps in improving urine flow by promoting urine production. It reduces the inflammation of the urinary bladder, reduces cramps and restores the balance of the hormones.

 4. Acts as a vaporizer

Lavender oil treats numerous respiratory problems like cold, cough, sinus, tonsils, etc. The properties of this oil help in loosening the phlegm and eliminating it. Its anti-bacterial properties also help kill the bacteria causing respiratory infections. Simply apply a few drops of Lavender oil to the back, neck and chest or add the oil in a vaporizer.

3. Relief from menstrual cramps

Yes! You heard it right! Lavender oil is not called a miracle oil without any consideration. It renders it services to every problem of our body. Lavender oil helps in providing relief from menstrual cramps too. Just rub a few drops o Lavender oil on the lower abdomen or add it to a hot compress.

2. Improves blood circulation

Lavender oil improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and treats hypertension. This leads to the organs increasing the production of oxygen and increasing the activity of the brain, which in turn prevents heart attacks.

1. Provides increased immunity

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Lavender oil shield the body against various diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, etc. Thus, regular use of lavender oil protects and provides resistance against various diseases.

So now you know the importance of having a bottle of miracles in your household. Reap these benefits and live a healthy and a happy life.