30 Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas

Another Friend/ Family member getting married? Out of ideas to get gifts? Let me help you a little. I present to you a thoroughly researched list of 30 great wedding gift ideas enough to last you for a long listicle of weddings and engagements and maybe a few other occasions too.

30. Ms. Pacman.

We all know how well Monica and Chandler took this gift and Phoebe too. It’s still something that is worth a try, especially if the couple is an old school video gaming fan. So why not?

29. Champagne Glasses.

Champagne Glasses will always make the cut, be it just to add them to the shelves or to actually use them, they’ll always come in handy.

28. Cocktail Pitcher.

Who doesn’t love making a cocktail? Sometimes we make a lot of it and have no where to store it, so let’s just put the couple out of their misery and give them something useful.

27. A fancy bottle of wine.

After a long tiresome day, everybody looks forward to breaking open a nice bottle of wine and to spend their evenings with their loved ones. A bottle of wine will always do the trick, one of the best gift ideas.

26. A set of cook books.

Who doesn’t want to feed their significant others with different varieties of dishes cooked by them. Be it to impress them or just to make them happy, cookbooks will always come in handy.

25. Customised pillow cases.

We all know how cheesy newly married couples can get, so why not just add our little share into it with customised pillow cases. These pillow cases can have everything from a picture of their first date, maybe their their wedding invitation printed on it, whatever you prefer.

24. Customised set of mugs.

Another one added to the ‘cheesy couples gift list’ A set of customised mugs. The mugs can have disappearing pictures of the couple or whatever memories you know are really important and special to them.

23. Waffle Iron.

Waffles, I believe are one of the best Saturday morning breakfasts and well, easy to make. And so, Waffle Iron is a very useful gift, something they will definitely use.

22. Ice-cream Maker.

After having a bad fight or just on any jolly good morning or on a lazy afternoon, everybody needs ice-cream and hence, Ice-cream Maker to ease their way into making a whole lot of delicious ice-creams.

21. Bookshelf.

If the newly-married couple or any one of them is an avid reader or maybe just a normal reader, a bookshelf is a great idea. You’ll help them create a little space for their chattels to be kept.

20. Knife block and cutting board.

What’s going to be more useful than a Knife Block and a Cutting board to a newly married couple unless they fight a lot. 😛 Go for it.

19. A picnic backpack.

A gift for the couple who love to be outdoors. A picnic backpack will come in very handy for them since it’ll accommodate almost all of their picnic supplies.

18. Coffee maker.

A consummate gift for all coffee lovers. A coffee maker will come in handy for them to start their mornings smoothly and a little bitterly too.

17. An Album.

An album that contains the important and special memories of the couple with you and with each other will be a very special gift because it’ll have a personal touch to it.

16. A basket of all the ingredients required to make dinner for two.

Give them a basket for a date. A basket that contains all the ingredients required to make dinner or lunch for two so that can have a little date with your gift.

15. An all expense paid camping trip.

Not necessarily a camping trip, it could be any trip or even a normal date. Who knows, you might just help them sort a fight.

14. Spa day.

Give them coupons to an all expense paid spa day. The couple will enjoy a whole day just relaxing with each other and it’ll also be a great way to spend quality time for them with each other.

13. Marble Wine Cooler.

Now, who doesn’t need this. A great bottle of wine and now, a marble wine cooler. No need to get up and take out your wine from the fridge when you can just carry your wine cooler with you around the house or maybe, just maybe, somewhere else too.

12. Framed wedding invitation.

There’s a chance that they might have already done this or might be planning to do so, but take your chance. Even this gift has a personal and a thoughtful touch to it.

11. Scented Candles.

A set of scented candles will be a great gift to help the couple keep their house warm and welcoming and also refreshing.

10. Fancy China.

A set of Fancy China for the couple to use for when maybe the Queen of England comes over unless ofcourse, the husband is a version of Chandler who breaks it before that happens. Jokes apart, this is great gift and will be of use to the couple.

9. Name Plate.

Yes, this is a more common gift than you think and yes, it is something different. It is also something worth gifting. Give the couple an entrance into their married life with their nameplate.

8. Cutlery Set.

A set of Cutlery is also a good idea, because who knows the couple might just be at a lack of knives and spoons and forks too.

7. Money.

A great idea. Since you are out of ideas, why don’t you just give the couples money and let them buy what they want for themselves with their own choice.

6. A Trip down the Memory Lane.

Giving the couple written pieces of the memories they have shared from the day they have met or even photographed pictures chronologically will be a good idea for a gift.

5. An all expense paid date.

Give the couple something great to remember you by. An all expense paid date is a fantastic idea for a gift. It will give the couple a great chance to spend quality time with each other and also, have lot of fun.

4. Microwave.

Help make the newly married couples’ life easier and gift them a microwave to let them have a little easy time cooking for each other.

3. A customised hamper.

You could also give them a customised hamper consisting of things like a bottle of wine, wine glasses, maybe some food, some chocolates, etc whatever you feel like. Just make sure the things in the hamper are actually useful to them.

2. Mini-Fridge.

A mini-fridge is also a real nice idea for a gift. It’ll give the couple space to store extra stuff from their fridge here or they could for just put it in their room and use it for easy midnight snacking.

1. Give them something they can take care of together.

Like a cat, dog or a bird, or maybe you could give something small like a fish. You could even give them little saplings to take care of. Taking care of these will help the couple in taking a small step towards more responsibility.

Now, the only thing you have to worry about is what you’re going to wear at the wedding!